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  1. Does anyone have a link to one of the Tidal offers i keep hearing about, such as £4 for 4 months?
  2. You can pick up Apple TV 3 (which has digital audio out) from ebay for maybe £20. That with a cheap Alinaba £5 DAC will get you a good sounding streaming solution. Or, get Chomecast Audio if you use Android. its not as good as a Bluesound Node2i, but sounds good. The Node 2i and Tidal HD was a big step up over the Apple TV 3 and Apple Music. But, different price points.
  3. Honestly, love it! I was using AppleTV3 with digital out to a good DAC. Huge difference in audio quality Tidal HD also helped, Its way betted than Apple Music I will do the power supply upgrade, but builders and electricians have currebtly got their hands in my pocket, so will give if another month or two stock
  4. Having recently bought a Node2i, and delighted with it, will be following your results with interest.
  5. I have an Apple Music subscription (family account) and a Tidal for Hifi. if the Spotify hifi service is up to snuff, i could replace both with one subscription.
  6. Saw that this is coming, could have a dramtic effect on Tidal And Qobuz subscriptions. Linky Direct from Spotify’s blog page.
  7. It’s fine as is, still straight as an arrow.
  8. I’ve got a few copies of it. I’ve got an A2/B2 in ok condition, I need to buy a record cleaner to give it a proper clean. A mint condition copy can fetch thousands! That’s crazy! I’ve also got and A3/B3, and A3/B4 in good condition, the recent remastered version, and two copies of the 30th, one still sealed. Oh, and the SACD foo. I buy a lot of vinyl. the sealed 30th Anniversary is worth almost 5 x what I paid for it, so it’s staying sealed. The remastered version you can pick up new for £25 is very good, despite what Hifi nerds say, get that if you want it in vinyl. the 30th is excellent, but prices are starting to get silly now. My favourite test recordings for trying new gear are Eric Clapton Unplugged MTV, George Michael - Liaten Without Prejudice, BC Camplight- Shortly After Takwoff, Yello - Baby, PJ Harvey - Rid of Me, and Massive Attack - Mezzanine.... and a few other that haven’t come to mind Regardless, DSOTM is an excellent record, but as was mentioned early, ‘a bit Marmite’ you either like it or you don’t Personally, I find ‘The Wall’ a bit miserable and boring, with only one decent song on it So, horses for courses
  9. Yes, absolutely. The power upgrade will make a huge difference.
  10. I’ve never like Quad Mono’s, I’ve had a few older pairs, even completely rebuilt ones, but they didn’t sound as engaging as the humble Leak Stereo 20, abs not a patch on the Radford STA25 or 15. The ELS57’s though, adore those!
  11. I’ve got a few Toppings. D30, D50’s, an TGS D90MQA. All the humble D30 is incredible value for money, abs does a cracking job across all 3 inputs.They can be picked up used for £70, and sound fantastic. I had an old high end pink triangle DAC I’d kept from the 90’s, and the D30 seriously embarrassed it. They’re honestly very lovely. The D50s is a step up, and i run my one with a linea power supply which does make a solid difference on representation of vocals. I honestly believe that the D90 is one of the best consumer focused DAC on the market, definitely my absolute favourite. It’s more detailed than my friends Chord, resolves more detail more accurately. I’d say the Chord is slightly softer, and has more charm to its sound, easier to live with on ‘challenging’ music, but the representation and detail of the D90 does it for me. Mu search for the perfect DAC stopped dead right there. Buy a used D30 for your Node 2i, I guarantee you’ll love the results. Best £70 you’ll ever spend.
  12. What’s your budget. The Mode2i can pas through MQA to an MQA enabled DAC, so if you had the budget, the Topping D90 would squeeze every last drop out of the Node’s capability. The D90 is an awesome DAC. But, not cheap You can pick up a D50s for well under £200, it’s not got MQA capability, but still sounds great.
  13. I’ve picked one up on eBay for a half decent price. @TheFlash will be seeking your advice and guidance shortly. Thank you for the offer of help, gonna mod the nuts off this thing!!
  14. They’re bound to have something in development, but god knows when it’ll be ready. I wish the made a version without a DAC, so those of us with good DAC’s can use their own. I bought a Topping D90 a while back. It sounds wonderful. It‘a even better once you turn off the Pre amp and Bluetooth functions, and use it purely as a DAC. Looking forward to hearing the Node 2i through it.
  15. If you’re patient, and have time on your side, then keep an eye on eBay for a ‘Flexson Vinylplay’. These are Rega P1’s that have been rebranded, and targeted at people with Sonos systems. Otherwise, identical, has an OK phono stage built in (same as RP1 +). Most people don’t know what they are, and they fetch much much less than the RP1. A great buy I bought one on eBay for £40, in mint condition. I’ve got five turntables at the moment, I bought the Flexon for my daughter, but ended up giving her something better. I gave the Flexson to my next door neighbour, lovely chap, and fellow music lover. For a bit more money, you can pick up a Nad 533 (rebadged RP2) turntable on eBay (around £100). It’s a much better deck with a lovely cartridge, and a few mostly inexpensive mods turn it into a great deck. A superb starting point for vinyl lovers. The cart it comes with is a Goldring Elektra, which is actually made my Nagoaka, and sounds quite close to the revered Nagoaka MP110. Match it with a nice step up (Schiit Mani etc), and it complexly blows the RP1 out of the water. Good luck Marlin edited for typos
  16. Upshot, if you do the work yourself, it’s the cheapest point to quality streaming audio. you can get better, but costs much more. howvee, new product coming soon, so might be a better option on the horizon from Bluesound.
  17. Thanks. I had heard that getting the parts was very problematic post brexit. fingers crossed!
  18. Really? Very interesting. may bide my time then.
  19. Just listed in the classified looking for one, but I’m guessing most won’t be selling