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  1. How about MusicCast CD-NT670D, CD player, streamer, DAC, Bluetooth Gary
  2. Dali Pico’s if you can find any. Gary
  3. I have some cs122 lying around doing nothing, let me know if your interested. Gary
  4. A bit left field perhaps, great implementation of digital volume control, just gamble £50 ish, you may just be surprised. Can be had from UK supplier, no waiting for Eastern countries.
  5. H20gna

    GL75 thoughts

    Controversial me, the arms fine when you carry out what you’ve outlined, plus arm V blocks are a must (when I checked mine they looked like rotten teeth.) . Do try the original arm set up properly, and decide for yourself. The original mat if in good condition works well too. The metal deck as supplied is not earthed, it’s a good move to earth this. Take all earths to “star” point. Gary
  6. I have a WXA-D10 too and agree sound great, two limitations, price around 4 times the price CCA and no choice of DAC. Gary
  7. 5v LPS eBay will give good choice, I think mine was around £50
  8. Nothing to touch it at the price........linear power supply makes it even better!
  9. Hi, Does this have the ESS IMD hump fix implemented released Q4 2019? If so I’m interested. Gary
  10. Right angle Z plugs, check eBay, personally I don’t like the spring type ones they can go slack over time. Just a personal view. Gary
  11. 90 degree Z plugs with 2 grub screws.
  12. H20gna


    Some cable manufacturers have cables in their range that corresponds to your last iteration, ie. the last 4 lines of your post. Gary
  13. H20gna


    Sorry I wasn’t picking you up on the coax terminology. i apologise if it sounded that way. Gary
  14. H20gna


    Hi, You may find that you get interference with an unshielded IC from TT to phono stage, all the rest will be good. Forgot to answer questions about durability. DNM is flexible and easy to work with don’t worry about capacitance. Gary
  15. H20gna


    I kinda disagree, while coax has a protecting effect on stray electrical fields, there can be circulatory return currents in the shield, and it doesn’t perform an effective shield for electro magnetic fields EMI or RFI. Gary