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  1. I've gone a bit bonkers on standmount speakers in recent years, and the original KEF LS50 is one that made a real impression - fantastic focused powerful detailed sound with holographic imaging, but... an aggressive treble ruined it for me From the reviews, the new one is more transparent. Hope they haven't lost the warm powerful midrange From the reviews, the new one has a more sophisticated treble or something. Hope they've lost the ear attacking harshness I'd love to hear a pair, and I'm keen to hear others views... (ps, I also just posted this on pfm)
  2. Thanks, but Rosewood not favoured unfortunately
  3. As I've just sold my big Harbeths ! Good condition, and light/medium veneers preferred Will be going to a caring home Thanks
  4. Yes strange that Falcon can't find that 30 mins of labour, which wouldn't add that much to production costs, and then sell the finished thing I seem to recall they had a transmission line speaker at a hi fi show recently that wasn't well recieved
  6. Dear Lord please protect me from buying vintage kit that i know nothing about... Amen
  7. It looks like the Marantz reference series met with Primare and they had a baby. But are the internals/SQ any good ?
  8. why actually buy the speakers, when you can listen on YouTube !
  9. WILL SWAP OR PART EXCHANGE FOR SMALLER SPEAKERS WITH APPROPRIATE CASH ADJUSTMENT EITHER WAY HARBETH 30.1 /30.2 OR C7ES3 PREFERRED, including 40th Anni's OR HARBETH P3ESR OR DYNAUDIO SPECIAL 40 (light grey birch only) OR ROKSAN DARIUS S1 (white) Must be mint condition Can travel to deliver /pick up in Southern/Eastern areas and Midlands depending on location Thanks
  10. Bigwig07

    Buchardt A500

    And on You Tube
  11. It's great to listen to Ride of the Valkyries during a big storm