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  1. My 80's and 90's CD's sound a bit better than 'good Tidal' but I suppose that is to be expected, and a lot better than the poor original recordings
  2. A genuine typo there - but very appropriate !
  3. I think the sh value has gone up on the back of 'genuine' LS£/5a's, but you still see them in the range of £800 - £1000.
  4. Audio Affair in Birmingham could be worth a day out to demo.
  5. I got the 851n recently and have been streaming mainly through Tidal Connect (HiFi Plus tier) - but i notice a great variability in sound quality. Most 80's and 90's albums sound flat and lifeless, whereas more modern remastered versions sound v.good. Is this partly down to the 851n's lack of ability to unpackage MQA I wonder? Thinking of moving to Qobuz
  6. Hi Totoro Well i have some Stirling Ls3/5a V2's but I'm probably too far away in Guildford. It would be good to compare the V2's with the Falcons actually, and any V3's if anyone has any ?
  7. Well to update - I have just procured a pair of Dynaudio Special 40's, and with my Primare i35 they are - very very good. Excellent detail & imaging, tight punchy bass, and treble is refined and not excessive. A different and full on sound compared to my usual Stirling Ls3/5a V2's or Harbeth P3ESR's. I can see why people love them.
  8. I too have been contemplating a pair of sh Dynaudio S40's this weekend, mainly on their reputation. I remember hearing them a few years back and was quite impressed, but having reread reviews and hifi forum postings I feel they will probably be too 'hifi' for me - ie detailed and trebley with a tight pungent bass -ie technically excellent but lacking in soul flow and warmth ? I'm sure others will disagree though
  9. Excellent condition, with original double boxes. I like this so much I'm looking to move up the Denafrips food chain. Can post, or collection from Guildford, Surrey close to M25 J10 £695 incl delivery
  10. Add Buchardt s400 to the list
  11. I have my Stirling LS3/5a V2's in a similar size space to that which you are proposing. They sound fantastic.
  12. If Spotify don't roll out something within the next 24 hours, it will be a serious dent in their credibility.
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