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  1. I must admit I rarely leave feedback now since ebay restricted the ability to leave negative feedback. I was scammed several years ago but couldn't even leave negative feedback to warn others !
  2. I've just sold a small item - Chromecast audio on the bay, and the buyer has requested delivery (on the order confirmation) to a petrol filling station rather than a residential address. Seems ok (with recorded delivery) ? or a bit dodgy ? Too many scammers around.
  3. May be worth checking out the new Roksan Attessa amp Cambrudge audio cxn series sh
  4. Yes I have had serious problems with UPS before too
  5. In the Denafrips thread ?
  6. You could add a few more to the list. Oh no, which one to choose ?...
  7. Hegel H390 seems good value when compared to the Cambridge Audio Edge
  8. So does anyone think that any of RA's (more reasonably priced) products are any good ? I agree that some of his prices are silly. I have a few RA power cables, and a Crystal CU interconnect, all of which I think are quite good. I hear the Kimber speaker cables are highly rated. Cable Believers only please !
  9. Well I've just bought an Ares ii on ebay. First impressions - it is unlike any other bit of kit I've got. It excels in warmth, tone, presence and i think soundstage. But i have to listen to it more. The previous owner upgraded to a Pontus ii - and sent me the following views on the upgrade (I hope he doesn't mind me reproducing this for the benefit of others - he may even be on this forum ofc!) I am - glad you like the DAC, and I wasn’t surprised to find that you did, as it’s a terrific bit of kit. It’s one you can certainly fall in love with, hence why so many speak so glowingly about it, and on the very rare occasion someone tries to diss it, you find they quickly come out strong in it’s defence. Owners of this DAC also invariably are motivated by curiosity to move to the next step, which is what I did. I purchased the Pontus 2 earlier this year from vinshine in Singapore. The difference? The Pontus is more balanced, has more authority, wider soundstage. Hard to fully describe, it is better sounding but not massively. Am I glad I upgraded? Yes. But strangely I do miss the ares 2. Bit like coming of age, but missing the nostalgic days of my youth. I found the ares 2 had life and warmth. The Pontus is more grown up, not lacking warmth, but it’s not as obvious as the ares because other aspects of the Pontus sound balance it up. Hope I’ve described it simply enough. You have a great DAC, which I kept hold of for as long as I could. Hope you get a lot of pleasure from it. The Pontus has ..more detail more space more presence. It’s different in character somehow. If you listen to more classical style music with more space then the Pontus is best. If you are listening to more easygoing music then the ares has the musicality. Pontus for serious detailed listening, ares for warm musical enjoyment. That’s my take on it. You may have your own expressions once you listen for yourself.
  10. To be expected I suppose, as the Azur range is getting on a bit. It could be nice new kit but the prices for Cambridge Audio seem to be heading skywards (ie the Edge), and I expect they will only do it in gone off grey. Interesting how you rate the DAC in the 851n - I think it is very clear, meaty and rhythmic. I prefer it to my previous DAC (Chord 2Qute) but have yet to compare it with the DAC in my Marantz SA14S1SE which i think will be a more comfortable sound. I'm also attracted to the Denafrips bandwagon.
  11. Hey RR what's the rumours on the new model ?
  12. By way of update, I'm just trying an 851n again Using a wireless network connection and Tidal Connect - it is excellent
  13. Hmm but the Marantz Model 30 is very very similar to the KI Ruby, which has received stellar reviews. Not all class D is crap (Marantz PM KI Ruby, PM30, Primare i35, Roksan Oxygene etc). I've not heard either but i am attracted to high end Jap amps - Yamaha is another possibility in this price range ? Or Sugden ofc
  14. Hey RR have you directly compared the two then ?
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