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  1. @Arvydas Miledazis your Cheviot restoration looks wonderful. Did you do much to the crossovers and other than the extra bracing did you do much on the internals? For example the foam etc.
  2. I may have an Akai GX-620 for sale. It is in excellent working and cosmetic condition (except RH channel down about 3db relative to LH channel- likely a simple fix). Plays and records. But if you are only looking for a reel turner our budgets probably don't match. Send PM if interested.
  3. I run Berkeleys and Eatons (original 70s stock, not newer Tannoys). I find they are both excellent 'all rounders'. Mostly listen to classic and jazz these days but also 70/80s rock at times. For this thread I played some Yes and Genesis - nothing lacking. For me Tannoys give me that 'being there' feeling. I could go on about coherence, detail, soundstage, blah etc - you get the picture. Definitely want the drivers raised (or tilted) otherwise significant HF rolloff and also as mentioned source/amplification important.
  4. RCA or XLR? I have a boxed set of -10db XLRs.
  5. Depending on the context I often find the music takes on a richer texture, is more detailed, the background is blacker and the soundstage is wider/deeper. The context is often not music related. For example this happens when SWMBO goes out and the persistent background whining noise is fully attenuated.
  6. I have a NAD 412 you are welcome to have for £40 picked up (West Sussex) or arrange your own courier. Alternatively a friend has an unused boxed Revox H6 but that is slightly above your budget. Both excellent in terms of sound quality etc (based on reviews etc).
  7. As a stereo amp this unit gives a remarkable pure and full sound - no doubt due to the massive transformers and number of caps on board. I also have one (in black with remote) which use to drive Mission freedom speakers. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Try Paul Baldwin at reelaudio. He use to service/repair Revox r2r machines so may well have VU meters in stock.
  9. Thanks James Wow, I'm sure the Emotiva amps driving the bass panels directly will be pretty awesome. I'm confused on how you are running the tweeters and mid bass just with your KT88 monos. Are you going via the original Mag passive crossover for those drivers? Or are the KT88 monos able to be run as stereo pairs? Or something else? By the way Roon is fully able to do active crossovers (in addition to EQ etc) by simply adding inputs and outputs and mapping accordingly with appropriate PEQ on each channel. Anyway looking forward to reading about how everything works once you have dialled in settings.
  10. This sounds very interesting. Particularly the improved sound quality relative to the DBX unit. Up to now I've experimented with active crossovers using the DSP engine in Roon and was excited about the results. The Monacor unit seems to give more in terms of flexibility (analogue/digital inputs, PEQ on both inputs and outputs etc). May I ask what is downstream in your setup? Specifically what amps are you using to drive the relevant drivers? Are you running 3 sets of Melody Dark monos to drive your Mag 20.1?
  11. Many thanks. Yes I saw that and very tempting. But I'm hoping for a private sale rather than a dealer priced sale.
  12. Thanks Ian. Will certainly bear that in mind. Still looking for a DAC. Feel free to sell me yours.
  13. Thanks sgee Yes indeed I've seen good discounts being offered. Also I fully expect prices for present pipeline stock to further reduce once the MK 2 dac comes out.
  14. As per title looking for a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. Ideally with the optional Bridge but not essential. Either black or silver fascia. Must be in good working order and ideally with original packaging. PM me with price etc. Happy to pick up (within reason). I'm in Sussex.
  15. The cable you linked to seems very cheap, especially for 50m. I see Kenable also have another external cable with gel filling. I've not used either but I imagine they will be just fine. You could also try Cable Monkey. It occurs to me that if you are only wanting to run one cable (from your router to your loft) then why bother with jacks and plates etc. Just go with an already terminated cable. Amazon seems to have plenty of pre terminated external 5e cable of different lengths. This assumes you will be able to route the cable plugs through whatever holes you create on both sides (where your router is and in your loft) If later you want to run more cabling then simply plug the existing cable (the external one from your router to your loft) into a switch box and run new cable from there.
  16. In my previous house I used cat5e which is more than fast enough for several simultaneous 1080p HD video streams. Music streaming only uses a fraction. Cat 5e allows for gigabit speed, (up to 100m). Even under test conditions I found it difficult to fully saturate a 5e network. I recently moved so have not yet done new cabling but I will probably go with cat 6 as the price difference is not much and provides for several years future proofing. Cat 6 allows for 10 gigabit speed (up to about 35m) while Cat 6a allows 10 gigabit up to 100m. But frankly 5e is plenty fast and anyway 10 gigabit network adaptors are still expensive. "Cat 7" is not standardised and is a mess. Cat 8 is effectively the standard above 6e and used for data centres and the like. If you are running the cable outside make sure to get external quality cable. Terminating ethernet cable is easy. Practice a bit. Recommend you use the T-568B standard. Also highly suggest you locate one easy place so you can run extra cables to other rooms. From there you can add a switch box. This does not need to be near your router. Hope above is helpful.
  17. I had a Neurochrome 686 built which currently being used at a friend's house driving 12 inch MGs. HPDs. He has nothing but good to report. He typically runs his Tannoys with valve stuff way up the food chain.
  18. take care - apples & oranges. The last period was for 15 months compared to 12 months previously. On an annualised basis total wages pretty much the same but staff numbers declined from 171 to 164 at financial year ends.
  19. Easier to download directly from companies house. This is the link to all of Linn's filings.
  20. Indeed. They do seem to be doing ok all things considering. And anyway I suspect that Ivor Tiefenbrun has deep pockets and willing to sail over troubled waters.
  21. The financial statements for Linn Products Ltd are available freely from Companies House. I just had a look at them. For the (extended) period ending Sept 2020 the company made an operating loss of £565,000. This was however more than covered by Grants received of £1,047,000 (presumably covid related grants). Further credit was received of a tax reversal of £523,000 leading to an overall profit of just over a million quid. This compares to an overall loss of £256,000 for the previous (shorter) period. The balance sheet appears to be very healthy. For example shareholders equity (of approximately £13 million) is significantly larger than fixed assets, there is no bank debt and working capital very healthy. The company invested heavily in R&D (£3.4 million) so underlying profits point to being very positive (as most R&D is written off immediately). As already mentioned Linn point to their Series 3 wireless speaker and their Karousel product as driving growth. They don't mention other possible products. Due to covid supply related issues Linn has a high £1.6 million order backlog.
  22. I've been in close contact with Anthony over the last 2 years or so and in particular his recent hospitals stays. Like you Chris I grew fond of him and will miss his unique sense of humour. In many ways he was an intensely private person and it took him time to open up to me and talking about various private stuff, helped no doubt by the fact I live close by. We often would be on the 'phone for more than an hour, him either at home or in hospital. Due to his difficult circumstances (health and wife in care) I've been in close contact with his brother and cousin. His funeral is next week which I will be going to.
  23. This is a priceless piece that can't be bettered anywhere remotely near the monies that it is selling for. I've had this very amp in my home for several weeks driving various speakers. This 300b amp simply took my breath away. Huge amounts of detail, air and bass. And the finish of this amp - well honestly it would not look out of place in a high end art gallery. A big plus is that the builder (David Coe) is very accessible in the unlikely event a problem ever developing.
  24. Thanks - interesting feedback you gave to the beeb. Did you get a response? I see anyway that the beeb will be broadcasting some (all?) of the proms this year. But I'm confused why the discussion on wasapi/ds etc. Surely that would be simply down to the local user's (listener) downstream implementation of the beeb digital source rather than what the beeb sends out? Perhaps I'm showing my ignorance here. Entirely possible! Also have you tried ASIO output? For me (based on limited testing) SQ on ASIO is the same as WASAPI but perhaps latency a tad faster.
  25. Welcome Like you I'm wall to wall networked Windows 10 here. I stream flac across the network (as well as externally across the interweb thingy) and it just works perfectly - every bit of it. Did you manage to take part in the BBC R3 flac trial? What were your impressions?
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