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  1. So if you set the DIP switches to 100k. If you have the MC Low switch (metal toggle) selected, you will have a load of 250 ohm. If you have the metal toggles set the other way to MC High, you will have a load of 1K or 1,000 ohm. The combination of the metal toggle switch set to MC High or MC Low, plus the DIP switch setting to the different values, give you the various loads outlined in the table. To simplify things, if you set it as described above, this gives you two settings in the lower middle and top of your recommended range. I would also try the DIP set to 47K and this will give you 118 ohm with MC low set and 470 ohm with MC High set. These are then at the bottom and middle of your range of recommended load settings. See which one you like from those four. You can them try tuning further at a later date with some of the other DIP settings in the table. I think most people won't hear much difference, but always worth trying if you have the time and inclination.
  2. I have the Remton 383 mark II as well. It is a terrific phono stage and performs up there with anything up to the £3k mark. I have run a range of MC and MM cartridges from Goldring, Nagaoka, AT, EMT and Benz Micro. This mean I have adjusted the MC settings for loads between 100 and 1K ohms. There is another recommendation for your cartridge at this site: http://www.lyraconnoisseur.com/Products/Products_Analog/Skala/skala3.html Recommended load directly into MC phono input: 95.3ohm ~ 816ohm (determine by listening) That seems a more reasonable range. It means that you will have to toggle between MC High and MC Low using the metal switches (make sure you have both at the same setting) at the back and making sure your input cables from your turntable are in the MC input section. Then use the DIP switches to set the desired load. I would start at 100 ohms and work up to 1K, seeing which setting you prefer sonically. Again, remember to have both DIP switches at the back at the same setting, otherwise your left and right channels will not be balanced. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for the complimentary comments. It is a wonderful DAC and there was quite a bit of interest in it, but it is now sold.
  4. I am selling my Arcam DAC which I bought off this forum a few months ago. My plan was to replace my DCS Bartok with the D-33 as I was mainly listening to vinyl. Plans change and I ended up keeping my Bartok, so I am now looking to pass the Arcam on for someone else to enjoy. Original posting is here: I can only echo everything that people said - this is a great sounding DAC!Some reviews: https://www.stereophile.com/content/arcam-fmj-d33-da-processor https://6moons.com/audioreviews/arcam2/1.html It cost £2,000 when new. I am looking for what I paid for it, £550 plus £20 courier delivery. You can also collect from just outside Edinburgh.
  5. For sale are my 3m pair of Black Rhodium Polar Gladiator DCT speaker cables in excellent condition. They come with banana plugs connections at both ends. These are fantastic cables which will upgrade the sound of any system. These were my first serious speaker cables and they completely transformed my system. It took Audioquest Castle Rock to eventually de-throne them. http://www.soundhifi.com/Black Rhodium.html They originally sold for £540, looking for £275 including delivery within UK mainland. I don’t have original box, but they will be securely packaged for shipping, or I am just north of Edinburgh if you prefer collection.
  6. For sale is my Leema Elements phono stage in silver. Condition is excellent with no marks or scratches, and it comes with manuals and original packaging for secure shipping. Leema re-badged the Elements as Essentials a few years ago when they were re-shuffling their products lines. It is exactly the same stage as the Essentials which currently retails for £595. This phono stage really punches above it’s weight and price point with a full and transparent sound. It has received glowing reviews. https://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/leema-essentials-phono-phono-stage https://www.stereophile.com/content/leema-acoustics-essentials-phono-preamplifier I am looking for £295 £275 including delivery within UK mainland or I am just north of Edinburgh if you prefer collection.
  7. I've got a CD-63SE from 1995 which I use as a cd transport. It is still a fine performer as a stand alone player. I have also tried it with various DACs including my DCS Bartok and it sounds great. I currently use it in my second system connected to a Rega DAC-r and that is a combination l can really recommend for sound per pound value - I paid £290 on eBay for the Rega and the 63SE can be found for £100. It has a lively and musical sound which just makes listening to music enjoyable and, ultimately you can't really ask for more from any piece of hifi...
  8. Thanks for all the responses. My first system was in 1989 - Pioneer A400, Linn Axis, pair of Rega ELA, then I bought a Rotel RCD 855. Suspect this was my first system upgrade, must have replaced the freebie Rotel interconnects with these. If only I had stopped there - I’d now be driving my Lamborghini round my own Caribbean island!
  9. Found these recently and have no clue what they are (no writing or identifiers on cable). I think I had them in my system in the mid-1990s and suspect they would have been a What Hifi award winner or 5 star product as that was my benchmark then - simpler days! Anyone out there recognise them?
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