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  1. Second-hand Rega Planar 3, well under your budget, and enough TT for most to begin with. If you need a phono stage, the very capable Fono MM MkIII would proabably just about still fit under your budget too!
  2. Hi everyone, and thanks for the replies. I am indeed connecting through the spotify "app" and selecting the streamer as per James' reply. All our devices are connected wirelessly to the same (BT Fibre) router, although this is shortly due to be replaced by a Sky router. When this happens, the location of it will change, and a cable to the Streamer from the router may be possible. I'll see if there's a difference then.
  3. ha ha! Bearing in mind my comments so far, what makes you think I understand any of that at all.... My laptop is not connected to anything (apart from wirelessly). The streamer is connected to one of the DAC inputs on my amp. The distance from laptop to streamer is around 2.5m I have spotify on my laptop and phone. But I only use the laptop during working hours, so don't want to be running any cable from it.
  4. I think you might be right... So, I guess if I want to remove the problem, I either need to wire laptop to DAC, or buy a different streamer.... Oh what joy..... not.
  5. Yeah... but I am not even a tiny little bit interested in a wired connection from my laptop - which is why i got the streamer. I guess I need to just accept that the signal will drop? Annoying though!
  6. Isn't that what I am doing? I access Spotify on the laptop and it sends to the streamer - it's that link that breaks.
  7. Currently using a Mitchell + Johnson streamer, and Spotify form laptop or phone. The issue I have is that the connection form the laptop drops way more often than I would like. Sometimes not once during the day. Other times, like this morning, 3 or 4 times in an hour or two. Is this because the music is being streamed first form the laptop to the player, and therefore if the connection drops, the music stops? Or is there another reason? Is there such a thing as a streamer that is controlled from a laptop or phone that doesn't source the music from that device? Does anything I have typed make sense? I'm at a loss a bit here.....
  8. I've also heard the Elex - it's remarkably good. If you can find one second hand, I have a Primare I22 - with the optional DAC board. There's no phono stage, but I use the Fono MM MkII - of which you have the newer version. I'd very much recommend it.
  9. Live Drugs - The War on Drugs. Streaming on Spotify because I can't be bothered to get up and drop the needle.....
  10. I was mickey taking the "BMW"... I've never heard those particular speakers, but what I have heard from B&W has been very good. I don't think I'll ever understand subs for 2-channel.
  11. I use a Rega Fono MM MkII - right on the money at £200, and I believe the newer MkIII is the same price. If you must spend all the budget, in my modest system, I love the Rega....
  12. Ha ha... £10k on wires £10k on plug sockets. I wonder how much he spent on fuses. Absolute clown.... Oh, and I'll stick to my half a pair of BMW i3's.... I've heard the 800 is all style and no substance.
  13. Don't know if it'll help, but HIFIX in Coventry currently have a pretty stonking deal on those.... I'm tempted myself!
  14. My KEF R3 ave no boominess issues and are around 25cm from rear walls, and similar from side walls. I haven't heard the R5 but if they are as good value for money as the R3, you should see if you can hear some.....
  15. chris_bates1974


    I hope not - you'll damage the wood!!!