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  1. I have one of these - good piece of kit for a start in streaming. Equally impressive whether streaming or using radio. GLWS
  2. That's Texas Crude. Apologies for not being clear, the Saudis will care very little about that price. They will not permit their own output to go negative. The big advantage to their type of economy (plenty of cheap/slave labour, and no planning restrictions for govt projects) is that they can increase storage very quickly. Or just unilaterally turn the taps off.
  3. Sorry! Didn't read it correctly.... The listening position can't really be changed either. It's a very limited space, for a number of reasons...
  4. I can only actually move them closer to the back wall - the speak on the left is compromised by proximity to a folding door in from another room.
  5. I just looked at those Gaia's online... Am I right? £200 for 4? That seems awfully steep for modified feet. If I had £400 to spend on my hifi, I'd be after a new cart I think.... Thanks for the suggestion though.
  6. Thanks for the pointers everyone... and David, thanks for the kind offer, I've got stuff that will do the trick if needed. Cheers
  7. Thanks everyone - the size of the room is biggest limiting factor. Whilst I am very lucky to have a dedicated hifi room, it is quite small... I would say around 10ft across and 12 ft long. The listening position is in the middle, around 8ft from the speakers as they are now. They are also toed in to point pretty much at that position. They are close to the wall at the side and rear as there is nowhere else for them to go - the other speaker (not pictured) sits just out of the way of the door to the next room. I'm going to take the bungs out and see what happens!
  8. Thanks... Luckily, the unit is not an IKEA one - it's actually much more dense. It's very solid, so any vibration is minimal....
  9. My tonearm has developed an intermittent fault - more of an irritation than anything to be fair. When I put the lever down to drop the tonearm to the record, the little platform doesn't drop unless I apply pressure on it with my finger. This happens around 80% of the time. Can anyone tell me if this is user-serviceable, and if so, what do I need to do to fix it? I'm not scared of basic maintenance tasks having recently replaced the bearing and subplatter assembly and finding it to be simple even for me!!!! Thanks.
  10. My speakers currently sit atop the following: concrete floor, underlay, thick laminate, granite plinth, Atacama speaker stands on spikes, the isolation pads that came with the stands. They also have the bass bungs in the back port. I am happy with the sound, but my question is this: if I was to muck around with stuff, what "should" I hear as I, for instance, remove the granite or the bungs? In your many and varied opinions, do I have them set up right? Thanks.
  11. As much as the Saudis are trying to re balance their economy (and cause the Russians pain) there is simply no way the biggest economy int he ME would allow that to happen.
  12. So, as a cheap first pass at actually trying to clean all the records I have (many in excess of 40 years old and handed down from parents) I have gone for a cheap manual wet cleaner - from Spincare. Cost was well under £40 with an introductory discount... Will post my findings once I've had a go with it.
  13. Wow... If was in the market (and had the cash!!!!), I'd be all over these. My I22 is amazing - and I'll second the comment on build quality. Someone is going to end up with an absolute treat. GLWTS.
  14. I have the Ortofon one - it came with the cart. Seems to do the trick, although I am at the lower end of the scale in terms of cost to replace should I make a mess of things!!!