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  1. Grimm LS1 BE next to the new GGNTKT M1 loudspeaker, both share a common form factor. Keith
  2. Malcs your ignorance is showing again, I hope now you have a clearer idea of the relationship between phase, delay and frequency you just have to read up on speaker placement. I would start with Neumann or Genelec both have informative guides. Keith
  3. Inherently poor design remains poor design even after eq. Keith
  4. Subs and speaker should always be placed close to the front wall, contemporary designs allow for this. Keith
  5. https://www.stereophile.com/content/meadowlark-hotrod-shearwater-loudspeaker-measurements-part-2 Changing these rather than dicking around with subs would have been my first priority. Keith
  6. It is a bit of a faff far easier to choose, full-range, phase coherent/ perfect impulse/group delay loudspeakers in the first instance. Keith
  7. This article explains the phase, frequency , delay relationship. https://www.mixonline.com/live-sound/understanding-phase-368380 Keith
  8. My point was that a very inexpensive processor can properly integrate a subwoofer and then correct any room mode peaks caused by the new low bass extension, phase is just one of its available parameters. Keith
  9. If I recollect delay is one of the adjustable parameters in the MiniDSP software if it is needed at all. Keith
  10. If they are properly engineered contemporary oversampling designs ,which they both are ,the only difference will be the choice of reconstruction filter and even that may not be audible. You can confirm this for yourself by accurately level matching ( to .1dB ) and comparing unsighted, this is of course a faff ,hardly anyone does this and that is why manufacturers are able to market increasingly expensive products. Check out the measurements at ASR. Keith
  11. How very dare he, what do you do for a living Griff? Keith
  12. How to integrate, https://www.minidsp.com/applications/digital-crossovers/subwoofer-integration-with-minidsp Keith
  13. Super full-range active ‘Revolution’ loudspeakers from Gradient of Finland. Keith
  14. Vega V2, https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/auralic-vega-g2-streamer-and-dac-review.10986/ ASR have measured a few of the Auralic units and they are good, I wouldn’t expect there to be any improvement in sound quality though, only price. Keith
  15. No that’s complete nonsense, the larger the room the lower the main axial fundamentals will be, but you can enjoy low bass in any sized room, you may have to use Eq to lower any standing wave derived peaks but that is simplicity itself with contemporary equipment. Keith