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  1. Malcolm you continue to confuse a live performance and the reproduction of that live performance they are completely different, I like accurate loudspeakers which reproduce as accurately as possible the record/cd/file because that is all we have. You may prefer loudspeakers which add colouration but that is nothing whatsoever to do with ‘recreating a live experience at home’ it is simply adding distortion, effects which you may enjoy. Keith
  2. Peter O’Toole one of my favourite actors, Floyd Toole is the man you are thinking of. I am not sure what you mean by ‘guess’ but if the speakers were designed to have a bass lift when measured anechoically they would have far too much bass ‘in-room’. Keith
  3. A ‘how to’ integrate REW with Dutch&Dutch’s 8C and latest firmware, https://dutchdutch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Active-Room-Matching-with-REW.pdf Keith
  4. The record/cd/file and the live performance are entirely and completely different things and shouldn’t be confused, if you want ‘live’ go to a concert. Keith
  5. The record/file/cd is the only artefact we have, in terms of hi-fi one can only try to reproduce that file as accurately as possible, I understand that some listeners might prefer to add their own choice of colouration/effect if they choose. Keith
  6. The room dominates the sound you hear below a few hundred hertz, creating cancellations and reinforcements ( the peaks we hear as boom)but if you EQ down to the ‘correct’ level you have deep, tight bass with no boom. Keith
  7. If the loudspeaker has a flat anechoic response then it will reproduce the file accurately, the music will be reproduced as the artist intended. Keith
  8. It is generally accepted that loudspeakers ‘should’ have a flat ( on-axis) frequency response when measured anechoic , when you move that speaker into a room, there will be some reinforcement of the bass. Engineers prefer a flat target-curve because of the translation of their mixes, most domestic listeners prefer slightly more bass, the downward sloping target curve, that isn’t wrong just a preference. Loudspeakers with a ragged off-axis response ie one that doesn’t match the on-axis add colouration, although because of the subjective nature of the hobby some listeners may enjoy that. Keith
  9. When you reduce ‘room mode’ bass peaks you are simply adjusting the FR ( at those frequencies) to what it ‘should’ have been without the room reinforcement. Keith
  10. The 8Cs just play what is on the file, having said that their are in-built tone controls ( bass/treble) and 24 PEQ filters so you can tailor the sound to your taste, they can’t make a poor recording sound good though. £5500 is a bargain I am surprised they haven’t been removed as retailers if they are selling at that sort of discount. Keith
  11. A flat target curve is only used in the studio, most domestic listeners enjoy the downhill ski slope of which there are many with minor differences, changing the FR can’t make the sound more detailed or analytical, although a flat response may sound that way. Keith
  12. More measurements of the Geggantakt M1 have been added to the ASR thread, from post 86 onwards, https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/ggntkt-model-m1.12959/page-5#post-471401 Keith
  13. First Klippel NFS measurements of the new Geggantakt M1, Keith