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  1. What are the ‘well-understood limitations/downsides of that mechanism’? Keith
  2. Soundstage reviews Dutch&Dutch 8C with measurements! https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/1270-dutch-dutch-8c-active-loudspeakers Keith
  3. Available now from Purité Audio, https://www.hedd.audio/en/heddphone/ Keith
  4. The second part of Doug Schneider’s look at Dutch&Dutch’s superb 8C loudspeaker, Keith
  5. Well Hi-Fidelity isn’t for everyone, regarding Trinnov they were initially developed so that a mastering engineer could transplant his acoustic into an unfamiliar studio. They are powerful, my concern with all of the room correction software I have tried is that they are correcting regions of the FR which really shouldn’t be corrected ie non-minimal phase. I feel It preferable to get a decent pair of speakers and then just adjust the very gross errors with just a touch of EQ. Keith
  6. These are my favourite loudspeakers that I haven’t owned, I am still working on it . Keith
  7. We were the first Uk Trinnov importers, back then the units corrected to a flat ( horizontal ) target curve which no domestic user enjoyed, I understand GLM,Dirac,Trinnov etc for studio use but am not convinced for domestic reproduction, where I feel ( with a good pair of speakers) less is more. Keith
  8. Well early next week, Hedd’s new ‘Heddphones’ reported sound quality are extremely encouraging. Keith
  9. ATCs are extremely traditional, with no adjustability whatsoever, and their measurements are really no better than the B&Ws , there are speakers available which are designed to ameliorate the effects of the room. But firing across the room looks to have improved things considerably. Keith
  10. If you push the speakers right back against the wall you will increase bass reinforcement , which you can ameliorate with EQ, on the positive side you will be removing the speakers own rear cancellation. Every ‘pro’ manufacturer recommends placing the speaker between 10-60cm from the front wall to void cancellation. Keith
  11. XQDI’s arrive next week in all three colour options. Keith
  12. Doug Schneider’s ‘Introduction to Dutch&Dutch’ video, Keith
  13. If the OP uses a touch of EQ to reduce that 45Hz peak, ( create a filter, -re-measure , listen repeat) then unless he is prepared to install massive bass trapping or subwoofers in a sink/source arrangement that is the probably the best sound quality he can achieve in that room, the B&W’s aren’t bad speakers. Keith
  14. The point is that it is trivially easy to make any pair of loudspeakers work in any room , not to be constrained to purchase bass limited loudspeakers. Keith