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  1. But not so open that your brain falls out, I am reminded of this quote supposedly by Mark Twain , ’it is easier to fool someone than convince them that they have been fooled’ Keith
  2. The Mytek designer has stated that an external power supply will improve his dac’s sound quality ( I would never stock Mytek purely because of this) and the ASR measurements of certain DACs show power supply noise on the output so they could be improved by an external power supply. Alan Shaw is quite correct when he states that any low distortion solid state amp will sound identical to another similar design with the proviso that both can properly drive the loudspeakers in question . All a digital transport can do is deliver bit perfect data so in that regard they will sound identical, you would discover all this for yourself if you actually conducted unsighted comparisons. Keith
  3. That was going to be my next gambit! Keith
  4. The ‘belief’ that an additional external power supply will improve sound quality is not new, some twelve years ago I ordered two Paul Hynes supplies to conduct some comparative tests for myself, I compared two components that used stock SMPS , a Weiss INT converter and a Metric Halo DAC, I was able to compare Unsighted two units directly one with standard supply one with linear, I could perceive no difference. That is not to say that a heroically poorly designed component may not be improved with a ‘better’ power supply ASR has shown that even today extremely poorly designed equipment is still being manufactured but properly designed equipment will not benefit from a ‘boutique’ external power supply. Keith
  5. From the RME- ADI-2 manual, 6. Power Supply In order to make operating the ADI-2 DAC as flexible as possible, the unit has a universal DC input socket, accepting voltages from 9.5 Volts up to 15 Volts. An internal switching regulator of the latest technology with high efficiency (> 90%) prevents internal hum noise by operating above audible frequencies. Internally the switching regulator is followed by standard linear regu- lators, followed by super low-noise linear regulators. Therefore the ADI-2 DAC achieves its technical specs even with less optimal power supplies. Or in other words: the choice of power supply is not critical. Keith
  6. These are our ‘home’ speakers, Hedd’s ‘Towers Main’, available for evaluation at Purité Audio now. Keith
  7. Soncoz SGD1, warranty with everything paid, shipping, parts is one year but Soncoz will repair after one Year but charge for parts and return shipping. Keith
  8. The Soncoz SGD1 order has arrived, packaging is super smart, Keith
  9. Keith would say you can’t hear anything because there is no difference to hear. Keith
  10. Loudspeaker specs are notoriously uninformative as Toole states there is far more information on a car tyre. Pro monitors are usually slightly more accurate, giving the frequency limits and then the amount in dB+/- , another’s specs may look superior but they may use a higher =/- value 6dB for example. The more solid the construction of the room the more bass is reflected so greater bass reinforcement , just treat them as a very rough guide, when you measure the speakers in your room you will determine exactly how much they roll off and where. Keith
  11. Soncoz XQD1 available soon at Purité Audio. Keith
  12. Wide/narrow dispersion explained using examples of both MBL and D&D8c amongst others. Keith
  13. You can have ( more or less ) any size speaker you like, it is the speakers bass extension and how that interacts with the room that causes the issue. Traditionally when a listener encountered ‘boom’ they would simply swop the speakers for smaller and smaller pairs with less and less extension, eventually finding a pair with such limited bass that they wouldn’t excite the room, this is the situation with ‘most’ listeners today. Sort out the bass peaks and enjoy the speakers you have. Keith
  14. Sorting out the bass will bring a huge improvement. Keith
  15. Geoff Martin of Bang &Olufsen On Acoustics, this is part 6 but the whole series is worth watching. https://youtu.be/t-O75hfxLyo If this is inappropriate for 2 channel please move thanks. Keith
  16. What is important is good design. Keith
  17. Audio myth, ‘switching power supplies are noisy’, John Sian of Benchmark. https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/152143111-audio-myth-switching-power-supplies-are-noisy Keith
  18. This application note written by John Siau of Benchmark explains , power supply noise and the advantages of a well designed switch mode power supply. https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/inside-the-dac2-part-3-power-supplies Keith
  19. Nigel Palmer of Lowland mastering reviews Hedd’s ‘Tower Mains’. https://www.audiomediainternational.com/2019/04/01/review-hedd-tower-mains/ Keith
  20. It will be interesting to see any before and after measurements and any subjective thoughts on change in timbre or imaging . Keith