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  1. Here are the jitter measurements of an admittedly well engineered dac with and without reclocker, https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/auralic-leo-gx-dac-clock-review.11001/ Keith
  2. GGNTKT M2 site, https://ggntkt.de/en/model-m2/ Keith
  3. Gegantakt have just released further details of their M2 loudspeaker, we have their M1 here and it is superb, cardioid , constant directivity, active of course, flat bass output down to 35Hz from a small enclosure. Here is the M2 update, https://ggntkt.de/en/model-m2-status-quo-teil-2/ Keith
  4. Absolutely correct, he should of perhaps added,’ low distortion solid state amps which are capable of properly driving the loudspeaker’, obviously a highly distorting SET will certainly sound different. Keith
  5. For the last ten years competently designed dacs have used asynchronous USB. Keith
  6. Peter has dealers! Keith
  7. It is only that one person that matters, if they previously perceived a difference from a sighted comparison which disappears when unsighted... Keith
  8. It is trivially easy to remove the sighted bias you just can’t know which component you are listening to. Keith
  9. We are discussing electronic components governed by the laws of physics, belief doesn’t come into it. Yes I must update my site. Keith
  10. I am surprised that someone with a scientific background refuses to acknowledge the importance of cognitive bias. Perhaps read up. Keith
  11. Completely necessary of course to remove sighted bias, audibility is always the question. Keith
  12. On the contrary I would very much welcome listeners learning more about their hobby. Keith
  13. Eq is available in playback software, roon/jriver, dacs and even loudspeakers. Keith
  14. Two links on the very first page of the ‘forum’. Keith
  15. I prefer linking to measurements as they actually tell you something, measuring is the new sexy ask ‘Flash’ he has a new t-shirt. Keith
  16. I don’t believe you are deaf/cloth eared, I will put you down for a ‘large’. Keith
  17. Was the one review based on the actual measurements and the other 10 purely subjective? Keith
  18. Dark gloomy Friday, offers invited. Brand new never been opened Hedd ‘Heddphones’. Keith
  19. Offers welcome, a brand new pair of Gradients active ‘Revolution’ loudspeakers. Keith