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  1. I am afraid if there is no evidence, then there is only belief, religion, homeopathy, faith healing no actual evidence just belief. If subjectivists would just conduct unsighted comparisons for themselves, but I guess if you have invested heavily both financially and in a belief system. Keith
  2. Subjectivism is entirely belief based, much more similar to religion, ASR simply asks for evidence not anecdote. Keith
  3. Speakers bring the largest gains and the 90’s are superb loudspeakers. Keith
  4. We received our first post-brexit Dutch&Dutch 8C delivery, so we have D&D8Cs, Kii THREE, Hedd ( entire range including Main Towers) GGNTKT’s new M1 loudspeakers (almost full range, cardioid or monopole response, external amplifier/dac/adc) £5500 and the brand new Mesanovic RTM10’s 28-20kHz with a true aluminium tweeter. All available for evaluation in your home, we can walk you through acoustic room measurement and the implementation of EQ filters. Keith
  5. I can’t find any measurements of ‘Living Voice’ loudspeakers to compare to, but their in room response does look bass shy, what is the construction of your room? Keith
  6. The target curve is very flat ( horizontal) usually there is more bass a downward sloping target? Are there any other measurements of Living Voice speakers you could compare to? Keoth
  7. Our first Dutch&Dutch 8C post brexit has arrived without incident, although shipping did take a little longer. Keith
  8. Yes, of course open/sealed enclosures, extension, crossover , driver characteristics, there are lots of variables, but to improve the bass quality in your room with your current set-up... Keith
  9. Your room is in almost complete control of the sound below a few hundred hertz , you can hugely improve bass performance by initially acoustically measuring your room and reducing any bass peaks ( boom) , cancellations are more difficult to treat, bass does sound fantastic in a fully treated room. Keith
  10. These are my ex-dem Kii Three/BXTs pictured next to the Hedd, Main Towers, Keith
  11. You stated that the amplifier is working harder to create a room mode derived bass peak it isn’t, the peak is purely room derived re-inforcement. I would always advise treating, then measuring, adding limited frequency passive absorption can adversely affect the off-axis response of your loudspeakers. Keith
  12. Really you would suggest applying passive treatment willy nilly without any form of corroborative measurement ? Keith
  13. Alex can you post an REW plot of your room? Is the right speaker closer to you? Thanks, Keith
  14. Sound isn’t unlike ripples on a pond at some frequencies waves will meet creating a reinforcement at others a cancellation, acoustically measuring your room will reveal all and that should be your first step. Keith
  15. A filter is completely transparent by removing the excess 12dB at 70Hz you are simply returning the output to what it should be, removing or reducing the reinforcement caused by the room’s dimensions. Resonator, is a Helmhotz resonator, same principle as lowing across the top of a milk bottle. Keith
  16. It is extremely difficult to absorb low bass passively, resonators, membrane traps work but you need lots of them, I have a wall of membrane traps here and they bring a 5dB improvement, which is good, doesn’t reduce the length mode enough, EQ is very effective. Keith
  17. The ‘ideal’ room and no one can actually agree on exactly what the ideal should be, would have massive amounts of absorption out side the room, ie a room within a room. Unfortunately this just isn’t practical in the majority of domestic rooms, the really gross issues are cause by low frequency bass peaks based on the main axial modes of the room, these can effectively treated with EQ. ROON/JRiver, some dacs and even some loudspeakers noe have built in parametric EQ, which allows you to enjoy completely full-range reproduction without boom! Keith
  18. Dom it is incredibly difficult to totally soundproof a room, ie stop the transmission of sound from one room to another, the interior room has to be totally isolated from the inside room and it to stop the transmission of low bass it would have to be mae of an incredibly dense material lead for example, not really practical in a domestic room. Secondly you must make the distinction between sound proofing and a construction which will be beneficial in terms of sound quality , remember the more solid the construction the more bass is is reflected, a ‘limp’ construction will return less bass
  19. Adam fear not, https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-benchmark-hpa4-headphone-amp-pre.8141/ Keith
  20. John Atkinson measures Benchmark’s HPA4 https://www.stereophile.com/content/benchmark-hpa4-headphone-amplifierline-preamplifier-measurements Keith
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