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  1. You know that crocodile moat is crying out for a bridge
  2. Got out my secateurs for the first time this year and trimmed things a bit.
  3. I'll keep noisy geese and farm the smelliest of goats. I'll chase your dog in my cat sized tank. I'll let Ikea build on my land if it blocks your view. Expect accordion and fiddle music all day.
  4. I'm going to move in next door to spoil it.
  5. A great tool of a moderator , don't you think ? No need to ban anyone any more, just launch a mini Trident at where they live All from your button console, as you sip your martini and stroke your white cat in your big swivel chair.
  6. You got miniature Trident submarines in there ? Maybe a Lego maintenance base too ?
  7. Are there crocodiles in that moat ?
  8. God, what a human like smile !
  9. Well I don't watch two channel much as I'm too busy trolling and being deaf.
  10. Definitely needs wheels for that beach path. Bring it in to my laboratory for fitting. I use only the finest skateboard and in-line skate wheels.
  11. I found Inception to be too much of a mind-bend, to the point it became boring and I wanted it to just finish. Around the same time ( approx ) another reality bending film came out called, The Adjustment Bureau - a film that was simpler, had a great story, was enjoyable to watch and quite endearing too. If you missed it, give it a try !
  12. You could trade in those valves for some Lemsip.