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  1. Nopiano

    5G foo

    It’s scarily reminiscent of some snake oil audio claims, isn’t it?
  2. I think this is the most important point. Many of the (few) measurements, graphs, and diagrams that are provided by manufacturers - especially of cables - show superior performance of an irrelevant or highly speculative parameter. I found it highly informative, many years ago, to have the use of a signal generator and oscilloscope to test an amplifier. But correlation once we get beyond the certain basics such as low noise and flat response is far from ‘agreed’! And I’m pretty sure we each tend to ‘tune into’ different things when listening. I might hear the performance space (ambience) more clearly; you might hear better instrument overtones!
  3. Hi Barry, it was Linn Sondek LP12, Syrinx PU3 arm, Goldring Electro MC cartridge, Meridian MLP preamp, Musical Fidelity Studio T power amp, pair of Celestion SL600 speakers. Basically it was the year’s BADA award winners, plus the turntable to make it a system. It was about £4,000 value iirc. Unilet of New Malden assembled it and I collected it from there. You can see some of the kit in the picture. Here’s the turntable many years later...
  4. I think it’s more like semi-retirement as John Atkinson seems to be keeping up the measurement side. I’ve fond memories of meeting him at Link House, Croydon when he was editor of Hi-Fi News. It wasn’t so many years later that he took up the Stereophile job, so that must’ve been late 1980s. John Atkinson, left. Yours truly, right. 1986. I’d just won a Hifi system at the recent Heathrow Penta Hi-Fi show, and was presented with it in their boardroom. Hence the bubbly!
  5. Nice choice! I think Parasound is a real ‘sleeper’ brand over here. I was very tempted by their integrated amp a few years ago as it had everything I’d ever need.
  6. I was thinking the same. (Cars don’t often have CD players now either!). I’m guessing smart and wireless speakers have taken over?
  7. When I had to run some speaker cables close to mains cables, I found that empty egg boxes were a useful and free lifter, at regular distances apart. I’d not like to say whether Tesco boxes sounded different to Waitrose ones!
  8. Nopiano

    Wharfedale Wars

    Well, with 35 watts per channel the Linton’s sensitivity approaching 90dB will be a big advantage with your fair sized room. As long as you don’t need them too close to corners or walls they should work well. The looks are definitely a bonus!
  9. Nopiano

    Wharfedale Wars

    What do you currently use and what have you heard that you like? The new retro Linton has been reviewed well and pretty universally reported as tending towards the full and rounded sounding - that is, very different to most modern slimline speakers. If you want analytical then they’re probably not for you. But if you hanker after a richer sound they might be perfect. The Evo range is interesting because of the ribbon type tweeter, and an audition is essential really. There was some discussion here a few months back about the Linton... I suggest completing your profile with all your kit, and checking that Marantz amplifier model, in case the power output becomes relevant. (It won’t be with Lintons though). I’d personally choose KEF R3 or ATC SCM11 in this price range, but that doesn’t mean anyone else will like them!
  10. Yes, that’s him. Apologies for being cryptic. Many have used his services, and I found him most helpful when I had a Syrinx arm.
  11. Like this..,
  12. Ruark do some lovely all in ones, but around £600 for one with a CD player. Or maybe one of those Richer Sounds bundles of Denon, Marantz or Yamaha mini system with a pair of Dali, QA or Wharfedale speakers?
  13. Ports certainly dominate today, just as sealed boxes did when I first got serious about Hi-Fi in the 1970s. Whole ranges by KEF, AR, Wharfedale etc., were infinite baffle or acoustic suspension types. Then ABRs came along - remember them? Ports with an undriven cone in the way! The KEF 104ab sticks in my mind, though I never liked them. The trend for slim and tall boxes has surely been the biggest factor here? Despite the lack of big diameter cones, two or three smaller woofers can still woof quite well if properly designed. Plus they seem to take less effort to stop and start quickly, so can be more satisfying in a typical living room. But I agree overall that sealed box roll off naturally seems to fit better with room reinforcement. Another factor aside from looks was the availability of CD and now streaming as digital sources, whereas reflex designs and warped LPs didn’t sit well together. I was delighted with the crisp, articulate bass from my (sealed box) ATCs when I first heard them at home three years ago. And, yes, my ideal is the active version. I just need the money!
  14. Maybe some of the ideas in (greybeard) Colin’s post above will help? I’m sure it’s fixable. Have you called Johnnie as he’s very knowledgeable.
  15. And the fascinating thing for me is who would have imagined in, say, 1958 that an LP would end up proving to be a better archive than a master tape?