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  1. I understood the significant measures to be the distances from boundaries - floor, wall, ceiling - and to listener. Obviously the room dimensions dictate where modes/nodes are - that’s been long understood. The port location, if applicable affects the tuning that SO offers if your speaker is on the list. Thereafter the toe-in, room construction aspects, and temperature etc are presumably somewhat secondary. I’m as curious to know what telling SO your preferred position does. Perhaps SO says:- “Aha, if you like that, try this for size!”
  2. Mmm, interesting. I wonder what he upgraded to?! I will follow this one to what mine might fetch.
  3. Well, increased ‘detail’ is associated with intermodulation distortion, I gather. I’m not sure about fatter bass, nor whether that is the opposite of smoother. These are not Ethernet cables, but digital signal connections, and there’s some detailed reviews and measurements too. You’ll soon see a theme about a smoother and darker sound. I’ve not heard them myself and I’m not sure if it would translate to Ethernet but it might relate to the OP’s experience. I’ve followed their development because they’re made by a fellow Wammer. https://www.wavehighfidelity.com/home-2
  4. I think some of us find it hard to attribute tonal differences, that we have probably experienced with analogue interconnects, to an Ethernet cable. It’s more like imo that a reduction or increase in unwanted noise alongside the digital signal might affect the DAC or other circuitry within. A reduction in RFI has been associated with a smoother sound and clearer bass, if I recall correctly.
  5. I’ve scratched a few itches by visiting fellow Wammers to hear their kit, attending the Wam show, and going to dealer ‘open days’ and demos from a single manufacturer. Once I got to listen to some great gear while dropping off my old Krell CD player for a service - thank you, Stone Audio. But I’ve never booked a demo with no intention of buying. I think that’s a step too far.
  6. I’m glad even Linn get confused about all their different versions!
  7. I see that Audio Note also fit Shurter, though they silver plate them. I’ve never quite understood silver plating external items - surely they tarnish?
  8. Probably because they’re relatively sensitive and tend to be a little forward sounding. Not all valve amps have high output impedance, but @tugahas given a masterclass above on why care is needed. If you look at the Home Theatre review, the author makes a similar caution in the Comments section in response to a reader query.
  9. In my yoof, the popular low stands for speakers were always on trolley wheels. Spikes came later, I’m guessing in the 1980s. we expect them by default now, don’t we? Just a few years ago I heard the rather wonderful Wilson Audio Sabrina at a hotel demo. When they wanted to swap to another speaker, the Wilsons were just wheeled out of the way. I was quite surprised. It’s a lots easier to tweak, and with no chance of spearing your hand or foot! Once you’ve found your preferred spot, I’m sure you can mark that, and swap in some spikes if you feel the need.
  10. Indeed, and he ends up recommending spending a couple of hundred dollars to upgrade each crossover. He doesn’t quite say the Revel isn’t worth four grand but despite admiring the lush cabinet he’s obviously not wowed. The Wharfedale is certainly a stupendous bargain and a fine design. My only complaint is he makes no apparent attempt to listen to the end result. I’d suspect his preferred flattened HF response might be rather ‘hot’ in many setups.
  11. Grimm Audio MU1, a ‘music server’.
  12. Yes, I posted that at the very beginning. Their sticker is on the speakers I pictured too. Have you ever heard any there, because I couldn’t tell how keen they were about them?
  13. I thought of that too, until I saw the thread began 9 years ago, and I suspect Kallax wasn’t made back then!
  14. I cringed at the word ‘feelists’ at first. Then I realised that these things are often about how we feel, which includes many senses, rather than simply what we hear. Playing an LP is undoubtedly an experience. As I grew up with LPs they are my first idea of playing recorded music in the home. If I’d grown up with a smartphone I suspect I might feel differently.
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