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  1. Sheer speculation on my part…but having just last week attended my first full orchestral concert for almost two years, the colour, vividness, character and power of even a flute, let alone a cello or a tuba. Wow! Admittedly, the vivid scoring in Prokofiev’s second suite from Romeo & Juliet is stunning, but everything seemed like, CinemaScope, IMAX, Dolby Atmos times ten, compared with home audio. It makes me wonder if adding something, whether we call it distortion, seasoning or moussaka, is an attempt to remind us of the drama and scale of the live event. After all, a normal domestic system can only hint at this, albeit persuasively if chosen with care.
  2. Browsing on eBay, and this rather nice pair look like the later version I remember. They had black, smooth grille cloth, and veneered baffles. Earlier ones had grey speckled cloth and probably painted baffles - much older.
  3. I couldn’t be sure. Do complete your profile some time, as it can be helpful. That’s not it then, burning in. I can’t take seriously 168 hours, I’m afraid. If it were that important they should use their burner at the factory, imho.
  4. I’ve never heard a Sugden a21SE at home, but when I had a mad moment during lockdown and considered Sugden, everything I read backs up your statement. @JJohn Is the amplifier brand new? Do they mellow with age? I’m afraid a modestly powered amp and very insensitive speakers is a compromise, and ‘improving’ things has detracted not improved. I’m sure you will find an answer without reverting back, and the vDH cables are deliberately tone controls, so might help. (I have a pair of unused Linn Black copper ICs you’d be welcome to borrow if you pay the postage).
  5. How to play if you want to win one of the most prestigious piano competitions… Rather special Fazioli piano too, if that’s of interest.
  6. I’ve never tried any system myself without a preamp because I’ve never owned a setup with a suitable configuration. But when I was researching Linn streamers there were numerous Linn owners with the top-level Klimax pre-power configuration who felt something was lost when using a Linn streamer (with a digital volume) direct into their power amp. Later streamers from this marque have full preamps inbuilt, perhaps for this reason. Your subjective impression of ‘drive’ is exactly what I’ve read too. I’ve no obvious explanation other than greater gain and/or impedance matching as already suggested.
  7. As long as you buy a pair, why wouldn’t they be suitable for stereo?
  8. I recall a dialogue not long ago - possibly on Facebook not here? - about 442 models or 44 mark 2, and can’t be sure what versions there were. Unfortunately, after four decades the variation in condition and desirability makes estimates next to impossible. These snippets from the 1980 Hifi Year Book show the last version I remember. I hope they help your search.
  9. I’m sure that’s right in the UK. It was those two prong, unearthed US sockets in the 1970s, but they’re history surely?
  10. Nopiano

    B&W 802d

    Great news! Some pictures will be interesting when you get a break from listening!
  11. Well they’d obviously play much louder for a given volume, and they aren’t a difficult load as far as I can tell. But I’ve never owned Living Voice, so I’m sure the owner @Talwaror other users like @rabskiwould be more help than me. Definitely worth auditioning if possible.
  12. I agree, and yet 20 years or more ago lots of folk ditched their turntables and LPs, and yet there seem to have been more new turntables launched in the last couple of years than ever! And CDs are £1 in a charity shop, while LPs are much more. As you say, the laser shelf-life is an issue but I wouldn’t rule out polycarbonates having a revival when streaming dominates everything else in a few years.
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