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  1. Actually, that’s made me wonder if it must’ve been Droitwich, because MW and LW transmitters are there I think, whereas perhaps Wrotham is only FM. It must’ve been AM to play in a vacuum cleaner, rather in the way a crystal set works. I can’t thing FM would decode! Spoils the joke a bit but that’s my logical side coming out. What do you reckon?
  2. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an apocryphal tale that near Wrotham, home to some of the most powerful radio transmitters, it wasn’t unknown to hear radio programmes ‘playing’ in a vacuum cleaner. I can only guess that the motor windings were being excited by the radio frequencies.
  3. I’ve a hunch that background noise in a typical home is dominated by distant traffic rumble, wind noise from outside, and devices operating elsewhere, like refrigerators and central heating pumps. Obviously I’m excluding noisy children and TVs in adjacent rooms! I don’t think this ambient noise is anything like -85dB, but nearer -65 or so. I believe it’s often a problem in recoding venues where they will choose to record at night to minimise the issue. Incidentally, the mains might well be cleaner at night due to the reduction in other users. My system is silent on all inputs except Phono, where there’s a slight hiss and even slighter hum at a loud setting but with nothing playing, ear to speaker. There’s a trace of transformer buzz from the amp, audible a few cm away. Nothing whatever at the listening position. On my crude iPhone app the living room currently measures about 31dB on the Z weighting. So that would need a 96dB peak with the 65 range I had assumed. It is quite windy outside, and we are double-glazed.
  4. I guess that’s a relief otherwise all manner of strange effects might arise. I can almost feel myself levitating as I turn up the volume!!
  5. I may have looked in the wrong place, but the Totem Sky apparently costs £1800. Its hardly comparable at UK prices, so perhaps the review above is from Canada or the USA where they may be more price equivalent.
  6. It’s when you think you’ve left cable X connected and are enjoying it the next day, then realise it’s actually cable Y that’s connected. If you’re lucky Y is the one you’ve used for years, and X can be returned!
  7. Oh, sorry, the spell check must’ve got the better of my efforts. Rewireable is what I meant!
  8. ...which reminds me, I went to junior school with Bruce Foxton of The Jam. I even played in same football team a few times! Paul Weller now lives in the same village as my Dad, not far from where Eric Clapton used to hang out.
  9. ...but the evening is young...!
  10. Today, I’ve spent more time reading this forum than listening to music.
  11. There are a few musicians in my family; I’m not one of them! On one side, my cousin performs, writes and broadcasts when he’s not teaching music. He’s a Danish and Soviet composer specialist and was trained by a Russian pianist with a lineage to Liszt. He’s not much interested in Hifi though has a reasonable system for reviewing. On the other side my uncle was a drummer in a rock n roll revival band, who toured the USA with David Bowie and played with the likes of Chuck Berry in a long career. Now with hearing aids he seldom listens, though he still jams with his brother on guitar at family parties. In the early 1900’s my great, great uncle was a professional clarinettist, who trained in Paris and moved to London, from his birthplace in Spain. He helped found the LSO with Henry Wood (of Prom concert fame and before he was knighted), and was their first principal clarinet. He died years before I was born, but I suspect he didn’t have much experience with records!
  12. I do too, but by the time I looked they were gone. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them! One of the few truly different designs out there, ime.
  13. That’s fair comment, Richard, and I’m still very much of the view that mains issues are location dependent. Maybe your mate’s regular mains is excellent? That said, although I’m unclear how EMI is related to hum - which I thought was DC related in many cases - I think if someone hears a hum reduction I’d be inclined to believe it, rather than impressions of deeper blacks or whatever!
  14. I just had an email from a dealer about a Puritan Audio power conditioning unit. What caught my eye was that the dealer measured it, published his results, and tried it in his system. Blimey, something sensible to admire! I realise this thread isn’t about conditioners, but if the test is this simple, maybe it’s applicable to cables too? Extract from email... Those who know me will know I get a bit passionate about a product that "really works" - having played with the Puritan Audio PSM136 over the past few days I can honestly say this is one of the most cost-effective upgrades for any decent hi-fi system! The unit itself looks like something out of a school physics lab, no beautifully finished stainless-steel or hewn-aluminium here, just a rather plain looking steel black box! My first task was to give it a quick technical test using a Line EMI Meter - this would test the reduction in mV compared to the mains electricity. I had previously carried out this test with a similarly-priced competitor product (albeit in a rather beautiful/expensive case!) Readings were as follows on the Line EMI meter: Straight mains: 302 mV Other Product: 230mV Puritan PSM136: 14mV My meter also has a little speaker built-in which buzzes to varying degrees of volume according "dirtiness" of RFI/EMI on the mains. With "Product X" the buzzing reduced a little, with the Puritan the meter was almost silent! The real-test is of course testing in a real-hifi system, I can confidently report that the Puritan PSM136 reduced transformer-noise significantly in my Hegel system and the music just snapped into focus, silence were more silent and dynamics improved considerably..... The Puritan Audio PSM136 is hand-made in Oxfordshire by skilled technicians, it really works and will bring additional clarity and detail to your system at a very modest price. An honest product built with passion and integrity, not marketing hype and pseudo science!
  15. Nice! Were they the lovely walnut ones that didn’t last long on eBay today?