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  1. It’s a silly price isn’t it, but the original foam was prone to crumbling away. It was part of that fluted look, like the original Sondek. I never quite got how KEF’s finest B139 and 110 drivers, plus a Hiquphon? tweeter in a complicated box made it so desirable, but some people still seem to revere them.
  2. You needn’t feel that, really. Your sources are in many respects as good as one can get. And although ‘source first’ as an approach to system building dates from Linn’s advocacy of their LP12 turntable, it’s hard to argue with for long-term satisfaction. But even modest digital sources can sound very good, and your pal’s Naim is way better than modest. Others have mentioned that even your relatively compact room can handle larger speakers, and you presumably like the Harbeth sound? There’s plenty of scope there. And even better amps are available. What you do, aside from trying not to fret, and trying a streamlined version of your source, may depend on domestic matters. For example, if you are in an apartment then wider-range speakers might simply irritate neighbours. If that’s not the case then maybe your dealer - post lockdown - could lend some alternatives. However, it depends what you are seeking, long-term.
  3. What speaker cables will you be using, as if you’re going for broke you may as well choose the same?
  4. @Iceman 16 this just came to my attention... A VPI Prime with warranty and under £2500! Plenty of budget left for a great cartridge.
  5. Hi @newlash09 Just to be 100% clear, are you powering up for the first time via the external crossover? Then, perhaps a few days later, planning to go via the Dayton crossover electronics? If so, then you’re effectively beginning in passive mode. As you’ve been away for a while, I’m presuming the system is dormant. If so, I’d suggest connecting your PMCs for the first switch on, until everything has stabilised. Then switch off, have break, return and switch cables to the new speakers. Lastly, switch on again, with power amps last, and enjoy new speakers. The designer will be able to advise you if there is any element of protection in the external crossovers If that’s not a complete misunderstanding on my part, then I hope it makes sense! When are you due home?
  6. I’m sure you’re right. That doesn’t concern me too much, and I quite like the quirky Frenchness of Qobuz, but I can see how it wouldn’t be a universal choice!
  7. I think this cropped up in another thread. Their desktop app is supposed to solve this, assuming your using your computer per your profile. But I think it wasn’t available for Windows until recently. Have you tried that? I know a Chromecast can’t do gapless with Qobuz.. I’m fortunate to be able to stream natively - I think that’s the term - on my Linn DS.
  8. Returning to the headline comparison, I see that Alan Shaw of Harbeth has spent some of his R&D budget on some recent LS3/5a products, and measured them versus an original spec BBC model made by Harbeth. He has published the results in his Harbeth User Group, here. See post #170... I was particularly interested in descriptions of the bass cone bottoming out, as that’s what I remember in the originals, bearing in mind our highest quality source in those days was far-from-perfect LPs. They seemed both inefficient and lacking power handling - not a great combination! I’d love to hear some new ones as I’m sure today’s clean digital sources are much more akin to the original outside broadcast feeds they were designed for.
  9. I heard the regular Prime a few years ago in Tiverton, at Audio Destinations. Very nice, and a deadly serious product from a turntable specialist. Lots to tweak, especially the anti-skate!
  10. That’s an interesting comparison. Just for the record, I’ve clarified that the Harbeth speakers use a variety of the blue cable - see Stereophile review of SHL5+ and Harbeth User Group. The regular models use the 0.75mm and the Anniversary models the 1.5mm. Alan Shaw points out the resistance is tiny with such short lengths. Based on your perceptions, the Blue sounds a bit Harbeth like, perhaps!
  11. They should sound lovely, and able to cope with an analytical front end. It looks a bit disproportionate on paper:- £11,000 source, £4,500 amp, £2,500 speakers. But in a smaller room it could be amazing. Was the Naim better at anything, or just not obviously inferior, would you say? Did you know that Wave cables are made by a Wammer, who might have some tips on setting up?
  12. I’d be interested in how you came to choose this luxury streaming solution. Naim is renowned for its engaging sound, which can be exciting and enjoyable, or forward and tiring depending on your preferences and the rest of the system. As radiant red says, it would be handy to know the rest of your kit. Welcome to the Wam!
  13. @plasticpenguin it looks a bit like the BSR MP60 or Garrard SP25 to me, but not exactly clear! I’d bet the Garrard if I was the betting kind.
  14. Good spot! I thought it looked a bit more luxurious than the Zero 100 that I initially thought.
  15. I do appreciate that some genres are not well represented, but as my main interest is ‘classical’ I’m well served, and the SQ is top notch. I guess we should be glad there’s a choice!