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  1. Thanks! I’d forgotten I was registered there, so I’ve downloaded the manual.
  2. Nopiano

    Formula 1 2021

    I should’ve watched more closely! I wonder how much margin they have, and what effect restarts and safety car running has.
  3. Wow, that’s astonishing! I’m not sure whether he’s a genius or crazy - but maybe they’re pretty much the same!
  4. Fascinating names, as I’m not familiar with many of the emerging companies. Do the names influence you at all, because I’m slightly put off by something like rockna waveform? Psilon model 1 would sound more authentic to me!
  5. Any idea how the ST-570ES compares, as I bought one for a tenner a few years ago from a local eBay-er. It sounds fine for about half an hour, but then seems to drift off tune. Of course the digital display says everything is good - but it’s not! Slight distortion, but no opportunity to retune as in the analogue days. Just wondering if it’s worth fixing?
  6. Nopiano

    Formula 1 2021

    Not many seasons ago I recall cars being stopped the moment they crossed the line for fuel preservation reasons. That seems to have ceased recently. Similarly, drivers use to coast off the racing line after the finish to pick up marbles to add back weight. Again, nobody bothers any more. Maybe the rules changed?
  7. I guess it is, but surely the critical difference is that we can find out what an orchestra sounds like by attending concerts. You can’t do that with music that is entirely a studio creation/artefact, however enjoyable it is. Hence we can determine how a speaker responds to orchestral sounds, but we can’t with electronica.
  8. No indeed, ‘bad’ isn’t the issue for sure, and you’ve summed it up nicely. I recall for many years Naim users pretty much kept their kit on continuously, and claimed if they turned it off for a holiday, it needed several days to ‘recompose’ itself. Seems like it might be more a feature of high-end components - and Mundorf caps particularly - rather than mainstream ones.
  9. I wish I could afford one*, and that wasn’t quite my point as I was more interested in the phenomenon and it’s applicability in more mainstream products, because as you know, ‘burning in’ isn’t universally accepted. I was trying to grasp if it was more a feature of the very high spec capacitors used in the DC4 and ARC6 only. And by extension, if they really do get better or we have to consider to the acclimatisation alternative explanation. I realise it may be unanswerable if there’s nothing measurably different from factory to the user after one month. * or even something to which I could attach it!
  10. I’d no idea it would be like that. I suppose I thought such a costly product would be soak-tested for several days, if necessary, and that the buyer would get something stable. Maybe as it’s still being developed they’ve not worked that out yet. Fascinating that it’s so clearly audible. Do you know what an unsettled capacitor performs like - does its rating vary, or what exactly? (And does this possibly translate to more mundane, mass-produced products, like amplifiers?)
  11. Do power supplies ‘burn in’? What happens?
  12. Oh, I’d thought the DS models were all similar. Even my old Sneaky could adjust the line out! I’ve no expertise in the values you’d need to make your own ‘voltage divider’. All I’d do is ring up Rothwell, who are experts in attenuation. However, on the main forum, a number of Wammers build their own kit, so somebody might be able to help. Here’s the DIY section… https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/forum/19-diy/
  13. It’s been great to read about all the kit you’ve tried, Dom, and you’ve ended up with some great stuff. Envious of your return to Portugal, and hope we will hear from you once settled there. All the best.
  14. Does that mean you think any promotions will only apply to DS or DSM models? They better hurry up as Scotland’s summer will be over in a fortnight!!
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