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  1. I am curious to hear the Meta too. There’s a slight contradiction for me, versus what I heard with the original LS50 at home. While the Meta has a more uniform response on measurements - though a more demanding impedance curve - the ‘flaws’ in the original don’t equate to what I heard. Pace other comments above, I found them more redolent of speakers with a BBC dip, and with a nice bloom to disguise their stature. But that’s not supported by the frequency response measurements. Either it’s my ears, or there are some variations in production models. Or perhaps amplifiers react more th
  2. Yes, I think that was the old CBS records at its lowest ebb, though the song was saved by the beautiful melody. I always include it when I audition kit as it sorts out the wheat from the chaff far more readily than luxurious recordings.
  3. Funnily enough, just before I read your comment I was thinking:- “If I was buying now, I’d choose the new Marantz Series 30 over the older SA-12.” The new machine is also a streamer, like the Arcam. https://www.hifinews.com/content/marantz-sacd-30nmodel-30-sacdnetwork-playeramp
  4. It’ll be the same magazine I referred to. They don’t used the full title much, but it still appears on the cover. Iirc, Record Review was actually a separate journal many years ago, but from the 1960s perhaps? I’ve only ever known it as Hifi News & Record Review, or just Hi-Fi News. https://www.hifinews.com
  5. Record Review. It’s the full title, uzzy is right!
  6. There’s a great review of the LS50 Meta in the new June 2021 Hifi News. They even got a new pair of the originals and measured both, comparing them. I will have to dig out my original review, because unusually they showed the older model having a slight but distinct 3dB lift and peak between about 2kHz and 6kHz. That surprised me, because I’d associate that with sibilance, which I found not to be a trait at all of the pair I had. But the new ones are as flat as a pancake, and extended down to 40Hz with a -6dB limit. Anyway, it’s a rave review with an 89% score, which about the be
  7. I listened too, and they didn’t draw attention to my ears. I’d have to admit my HF sensitivity isn’t what it once was though. My sibilance ‘go to’ track is Simon & Garfunkel’s “Song for the Asking”. Not only is Simon’s vocal hissy, but the strings are wiry too!
  8. @uzzyis your man, as he used to work with Bob Eubank at Guildford Hifi.
  9. It means extended as it says - as in not limited by capacitance - not boosted or enhanced. That supplier makes a lot of cables for turntable users where capacitance is critical.
  10. Nopiano

    SACD player

    You beat me to it! Oppo is a good choice, especially if you might enjoy its wide range of functionality. I also have a SACD player in the guise of a more heavyweight Marantz. I’d definitely recommend that. Personally, I like a machine that does everything and outputs a good analogue signal. To me, the best SACDs are as good as if not better than the best streaming, or any other domestic source. A bit like the drive and solidity of a good CD combined with the refinement and sheen of a hi-res stream. Trying to output a SACD digital stream seems like a bodge, and was obviously neve
  11. Chris, I may be misremembering, but I thought that ‘back in the day’ Rothwell did just that. By that I mean sell a capacitor loading plug. When capacitance loading a MM was the thing to do, and Ortofon sold those little clip on devices too. Might be worth contacting Rothwell to ask? They might supply ‘empty’ plugs if you ask.
  12. I think your estimated price is in the right range, Paul. The conundrum for me is who will buy it. Let me try to explain:- 1. A few months ago, you’d know you were buying the top model. Now it is superseded, so you buy it presumably knowing the replacement is three times as much. And it’s no longer the top dog. 2. You don’t know (yet) if it’ll ever be upgradeable, and for about half the price there’s also an Akurate DSM/3 secondhand. You might gamble on a £5,000 upgrade in a years time? 3. Is it a sprat to catch a mackerel, because you can px it against the Organik and get
  13. I’d not heard of these, but they are admirably discrete and eschew bling. At £65 for a metre set, they look like a sound choice. http://www.rothwellaudioproducts.co.uk/html/rivers.html
  14. Great story, thanks! I think the Gem and Salon were their launch products in 1995-7, setting out to show their ultimate abilities as designers. Very much intended as high end designs. Would love to hear them too. They’ve had a patchier coverage over here in the UK though Karma AV distributed them for a while. I can’t actually find their current importers, beyond the in-wall designs. But I assume they’ve fallen under the wider Harman banner, along with JBL, Marin Logan etc.
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