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  1. I’ve not heard one, but like you I’ve admired them. They get good reviews and sometimes come bundled with good cartridge deals - project’s favourite Ortofon if that’s useful to you. They seem remarkably good value too, given they’re imported by Absolute Sounds rather than Henley.
  2. Nopiano


    I believe there is, but it’s not something I’ve ever done. If you search for ‘Umik’ in this forum, you will find lots of references to how you measure your room, and what devices can help improve the results. Here’s a recent thread, but there are dozens more! It would be worth starting a new thread if you need to, because it’s nothing to do with Yamaha really, but a lot about your room and your speakers - and you have so far told us nothing about either! A few pics can help too. Good luck!
  3. They’re great images! Roughly what magnification is that?
  4. I appreciate that English isn’t your first language, but I think it would be more appropriate if you used English when posting here. Thanks!
  5. But isn’t attempting to compensate for mild hearing loss pointless, as our brain quickly fills in the gaps. I remember having my ears syringed when I was about 35 for the first time. As I walked back to the car all I could hear was rustling noises from my jacket. When I started the engine it sounded like a helicopter taking off! Hifi should reproduce a facsimile of the live event or the venue, and I’m sure you don’t notice any problems in a concert hall. ‘Correcting’ the response at home doesn’t seem to me to be the answer, at least not until we need hearing aids perhaps.
  6. I’d never have thought the transformers were made here for Krell. One lives and learns!
  7. For looking at dirt accumulating I agree, but I think it’s not enough if you’re looking for signs of wear. What that needs to be, and how we each measure the usage is probably another topic!
  8. I used to get that too! I wish I’d not thrown them all about 12 years ago, as I’m sure they’d be amusing now. Do you remember Hi-Fi for Pleasure too, and Practical Hifi?
  9. I guarantee it won’t be. One thread is over ten thousand pages!
  10. I'm guessing that the LG tv is modulating the mains with its own power supply. But I’m sure it shouldn’t, so I suspect it has a fault. The fact two items are noticeably affected suggests to me it’s well out of spec.
  11. Nopiano

    Pesky 3-pin plugs

    It would make sense, and they could include a voucher for 50% off at Russ Andrews, QED, Chord or Atlas!
  12. Worth highlighting for potential buyers that ATC’s generous 6 year warranty attaches to the product, not the owner, so the next owner will benefit from the balance. GLWS!
  13. It is a PITA. Here’s mine from MCRU. No wonder they sell it as a kit! Not even sure it’s legal as mains cable without the correct colour coding
  14. The stuff @uzzy suggested is fine, and I think he has reported external wiring too in the past. Van Damme speaker cable is popular here, and I use their 4mm Hi-Fi version. The Studio and Tour grade probably has greater protection, but some say is less good sounding. I’ve never compared. The longest cables I have ever had are 7m, and terminated, Cable Talk 3. Think about how much protection yours might need where they pass through the garage, and whether you want trunking.