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  1. As at today these two are not really comparable at all. I suspect that, like me, you were thinking they are both around a grand. I checked them out, to be sure. The Clearaudio Concept is currently £1456.00 with mm cartridge; The Technics 1500c is £899 including a 2M Red and a phono preamp stage.
  2. To my delight I just found that the Linn app offers genre choices for the first time when using Qobuz. I never missed the chance to moan about this basic lack of functionality, which Lumin managed to offer years ago, so a big thank you to Linn for getting it sorted at last. Here is a screenshot of mine, with Classical selected.
  3. That’s an interesting thought…so you’re suggesting reversing the absolute phases, by swapping + and - on both speakers? I agree it is worth a try. My other thought is to get away from the ‘ultra symmetry’ approach, and deliberately introduce some difference, just a couple of inches maybe, just to see if it makes a difference. I’ve never had a symmetrical alignment of speakers that I can recall. Even in my current room that looks symmetrical, the wall to bay window distance is far from equal left to right.
  4. With a suitable amp, or amps, the Isobarik can be exciting, but it’s a long time since I’ve seen any in decent nick. Bear in mind that the drivers aren’t exactly state of the art, and most will be 25 years old at least. What kit will you be driving the with?
  5. That’s kind of you. I can’t actually see anything, so maybe it didn’t save? On most devices you’ll see Personal Info and Wigwam Info against each user.
  6. I’m happy to have your reassurance as I’m pretty happy with my 14. I’d like to try Primare’s latest CD35, not least because my Primare amp and the Marantz CD remotes talk a similar language so it’s not easy to make use of all the facilities. For example, I select a particular CD track and it simultaneously changes inputs on the amp - not helpful! The newer one uses a different protocol to avoid clashes.
  7. That was probably the AKM factory, the brand know for their high end DAC chips amongst other things. (RME have apparently reengineered their popular DAC so they can use ESS chips instead.)
  8. Perhaps we can persuade you to add your kit in your profile? I think I see a very nice MBL amp there. Do you use their speakers too?
  9. Not quite the same, but I had a Krell KAV-300i for twenty years, and successfully added a Rega Fono Mini when I returned to turntable use in 2011. I used one of the unbalanced inputs labelled S on my model. I think it stands for Single ended, to contrast it with the one B connection for the Balanced input. I had no such issues as you report, which does sound like using the wrong connection, as already suggested In this picture, you can see the Fono tucked behind the turntable, and the CD player - which once stood on the top shelf - temporarily relocated atop the amplifier.
  10. We will have to agree to differ then. I managed pretty well with legislation when dealing with employment law for a couple of decades, where sadly the consequences and the sums involved were much greater. But as suggested in more recent posts, it’s hard to imagine arguments over Hifi ever reaching the courts. I’d be curious if anyone has ever encountered such a case.
  11. I don’t think you can assume that, Nick, as quoted a few pages back by @MartinC “The extent to which you can handle the goods is the same as it would be if you were assessing them in a shop. Source: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/i-want-to-return-something-bought-online-aqsD32m9r5P3“ Hence my view is that because you don’t try the amp in the shop for a couple of weeks, you therefore can’t expect to do much more at home beyond opening the box and seeing how it looks - with maybe a twiddle of the knobs. The wording is almost the same in the Regs. The legislation itself covers this at 34, paras 9 to 12, as below… (9) If (in the case of a sales contract) the value of the goods is diminished by any amount as a result of handling of the goods by the consumer beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, the trader may recover that amount from the consumer, up to the contract price. (10) An amount that may be recovered under paragraph (9)— (a)may be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed under paragraph (1); (b)otherwise, must be paid by the consumer to the trader. (11) Paragraph (9) does not apply if the trader has failed to provide the consumer with the information on the right to cancel required by paragraph (l) of Schedule 2, in accordance with Part 2. (12) For the purposes of paragraph (9) handling is beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods if, in particular, it goes beyond the sort of handling that might reasonably be allowed in a shop. My bold for clarity. Full text here: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/3134/regulation/34/made Now if that particular shop encouraged customers to set up their own demos on the premises it might be different, but I’ve not found one of those yet!
  12. I don’t want to flog this to death, but that extract makes no reference to the item having been opened, handled, or (especially relevant here) to being used for a few days and then repacked. That seemed to me the essential point you’d hoped the Regs would provide for. But they don’t when they refer to handling as in a shop. It would be the same with a shirt - up you can feel the fabric and look at it in good light, but you can’t wear it a few times and them wrap it up to return. The Regs simply make no provision for demoing Hifi at home in the way we would all see as being of help in deciding to keep or return. Hence we rely on contractual offers of trial/return going beyond the Regs, or not, as the dealer chooses.
  13. I don’t see anything there which says you can use something and still return it. Can you be more precise? I actually looked at the legislation last night and the Which? Article quoted further above pretty accurately reflects that imo.
  14. So the hiccup arose because you said I want to demo it? What if you just bought it, but returned it within 14 days?
  15. Yes, it seems this is covered by the point about ‘handling’, which I’ve opined on above. I’ve certainly read quite a few returns policies that say unused, so they’re probably trying it on. But I’d not expect you to be free to return a mail order telly after unpacking it unless it had a fault, using just the Regs as guidance, because it didn’t suit your room, say.
  16. That’s surely the critical sentence when we are talking about Hifi? ‘Assessing’ in the meaning here can’t possibly extend to playing the item in your existing system to see how you get on with it. It might mean popping it on the shelf to see how it looks, or twiddling the knobs. Even then, I’ve seen how useless many people are at repacking something, and were I the dealer, the returned item would be far from ‘new’, hence the opened box sales we all see - often 10-20% reduced. As already mentioned above, savvy dealers offer a broader ‘returns policy’ because they’ll know that if, say, 1% come back*, they can absorb that loss. Look at Richer Sounds’ bumper sales of returns and old stock for your evidence. But you aren’t going to be offered that on a £15k turntable by a higher end dealer, are you? * I believe this is the return rate on those expensive, but excellent, Serious Readers specialist reading lights. They say so in their blurb, iirc. https://www.seriousreaders.com
  17. I’m not intimate with the Regs, but I think there’s a difference between a home demo offering from a traditional bricks and mortar Hifi dealer, and a mail order business who is obliged to accept returns on unused items within a limited timescale. A dealer who won’t offer home demo products isn’t wriggling out of the Regs, imo, but simply not engaging in mail order sales. I completely agree that some purchases definitely need a home demo, or at least an opportunity to return.
  18. Glad I could help. One never likes stating ‘the obvious’, but nothing is obvious unless you’ve experienced it already!
  19. Hard to know what you already know, but here’s a few points:- 1. The little brassy coloured clips/tags prise off the old cartridge. Then they attach to the new one. The new cartridge might have its pins in a different place but you’ll need all four regardless. 2. If the new tags are too tight or loose, then prise open gently with a cocktail stick, or squeeze closer with tweezers or small pliers. Obviously great care is needed not to pull a tag from its wiring. 3. the new cartridge has captive nuts I think, so you probably need just two screws provided to secure it to the head shell. Does this help?
  20. No, not even seen a pair. Have they actually delivered any or is it just a advert for something unavailable? They seem overstretched, based on some recent forum comments.
  21. Ah, yes, I can see now, thanks. I’d seen it as sitting on a top-plate stand, and therefore couldn’t imagine how it could be ported.
  22. These look interesting, but I was a bit puzzled as label on the box says reflex, but the cabinet looks like a sealed box.
  23. I’m pleased that my Marantz has a DSD DAC, according to one review… ”In the listening, the Marantz’s DAC surprised by the way it scaled audiophile grade, digital sound. For the record, it’s a reference calibre DSD1792 DAC that resolves data to 192kHz/24-bit and does DSD decoding with SACDs as well.”
  24. I’m slightly reassured that you’re as confused as me. I know the relatively few SACDs I own sound great, so maybe like you I shouldn’t think about it to much? But you’ve sort of confirmed that many are PCM sources.
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