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  1. I was going to ask what the particular attraction was of the SCM20ASLT over the SCM40A especially as the latter is about £2000 cheaper. I realise the 20 has the S tweeter, and a wider choice of finishes, but given how exceptionally good the 40 actives are I’d be interested to compare them. I must admit I find the curved cabinets a deal more attractive for home use, but that’s just what I’m used to. I don’t believe I’ve even seen the 20s let alone heard them!
  2. Gaia isolation products are not often reduced more than 10% so this looks like quite a good offer...
  3. Just in case you’ve not seen it, there’s a dealer sale on eBay, silver DS3. £6950. Was upgraded in April 2017 so should have over a year’s warranty left.
  4. Sadly I don’t think I’ve ever heard these, but as you can return them it’s a great opportunity to hear at home. If they’re from Elite Audio, check if you pay return carriage as a few folks have been caught out by this before. If you want passive floorstanders I’m bound to say that ATC are worth a listen, at £3750, and even the actives at £6800. Personally I think PMCs are overpriced now, though interestingly they look very similar to the APs. ProAc seem better value. The AP look like they offer a wonderful variety of finishes!
  5. Now that’s it’s been edited it is!
  6. The trouble is you’ve an ear for great kit, and if it’s more expensive, you buy it anyway. I like your style!
  7. I suppose it’s pretty academic whether it’s considered part of the crossover or not. What matters here is surely the total load, in all its dimensions, that your amplifier sees. That will include the crossover, the terminals, the connectors, the cables themselves and any boxes with components inside that are part of the construction. Oh, and of course the drivers themselves!
  8. Does this thread help?
  9. Nopiano

    Harbeth XD range

    I’ve not heard the XD in any guise, but it seemed to me like a way to ‘add value’ both for the consumer and Harbeth’s profits, following the success of the 40th anniversary models. As most of their sales are overseas there’s clearly a market for premium products of all types, and the slight crossover tweaks that AS has made probably offer a more modern take which buyers like. Personally, I could see a benefit in offering a couple of the smaller models in unimproved versions at a lower price point, but whether there’s actually a demand I cannot say. As Harbeth have had a record year they must be pleasing a lot of listeners.
  10. That’s good advice I reckon. If I recall correctly the Neat demo I enjoyed so much used a modest Naim Unitilite all in one jobbie, not fancy monoblocks with whopping power supplies. Funnily enough, I’ve been less persuaded by Neat’s much costlier, more upmarket offerings, although they may not have been ideally set up. For me these Alphas are one of those designs that transcend their physical size and measurable weaknesses just because the seem so enjoyable.
  11. I don’t think there’s a location stated.
  12. Welcome to the Wam! Does your dealer not supply and fit the Karousel in your location?
  13. I’m sure that’s a big factor. There’s an engineering works a short walk away from us and I can hear the hum as I approach it on foot. To the south there’s a trunk road within half a mile but we are screened to a large extent by various properties, trees, woods and the shape of the valley. Otherwise I think we reap the benefits of living in a National Park in terms of night skies, air quality and general calm.
  14. I’ve looked at Hifi Shark quite a bit, and I’m sure if was more comfortable with languages I’d have found some great value from the EU. It’s interesting how different the favoured brands are across different countries. I’m sure for particular items, like your tubes, it’s a great resource.
  15. Thanks for the further explanation. I had supposed as the cable was labelled Isolda in the paper, it would be the product I could buy. But now you’re saying it was compared without your boxes in the test. Obviously I’m curious to know how the boxes affect the outcome, because that’s what I’d be buying if I’d been persuaded, isn’t it?
  16. Well, I appreciate that might be easier for a quick estimate, but perhaps unsurprisingly my fairly standard 4mm2 shotgun cables measure almost exactly the same as your Isolda on that basis, yet your graph in the paper that began this thread suggests they are significantly different in your tests. Don’t the boxes you add to Isolda affect the results?
  17. Sorry if I came over as a bit pedantic on that. Not that it isn’t confusing enough already!
  18. That’s great news, Dom. I was beginning to worry about my memory as Neat’s demo had been a stand-out experience a few years ago at the Bristol Show. The care you’ve taken has reaped rewards!
  19. There was a wood finish pair that sold yesterday. Did you buy them?
  20. I think you are getting a bit muddled with the terminology. Capacitance isn’t measured in Ohms. Resistance and Impedance is measured in Ohms; Capacitance in Farads. I mentioned 7 amps is modest, and if you read the links you would have seen the other extreme is 100 amps - and that is extreme! In popular models 7 amps is modest compared to 12 or 15, but is obviously greater than 5. It’s not super important for most buyers of mainstream gear, but it helps to understand the design if you’re curious. The point has already been made that no speaker has a fixed impedance. The 4, 6 or 8 ohm rating you commonly see is a nominal figure. Again, if you look at Hifi News speaker reviews this is always tested and explained.
  21. I remember that too from about fifteen years ago, I guess. I must find my copy! I too would find the lack of price list disconcerting, but as there’s supposed to be no resale price maintenance here it strikes me as odd when many dealers advertise identical prices. It’s a tricky issue because I realise if dealers were to simply compete for the lowest price then there will soon be even fewer in business.
  22. The easiest way is to look up a test report where this is measured. Hifi News do so in all their amplifier tests, many of which are reproduced for free on their website. To illustrate this, here’s a quote from the first one I found, the Hegel H95, their least expensive model:- “It's certainly very comfortable driving 8 and 4ohm loads where its 60W specification is bested to the tune of 2x73W and 2x106W, respectively, and there's a useful amount of headroom to sustain 108W/8ohm and 196W/4ohm under dynamic conditions (all <1% THD). But with just a pair of output devices per channel, and modest power supply, current-limiting restricts its output to 79W/2ohm and just 6W/1ohm.” They go on to say it is limited to 7.0 amps, which is fairly modest. However, it would be fine with speakers rated at 4ohms and above. You can see how their narrative explains what aspects of the design affect these figures, as already covered in earlier posts. Here is the full review:- For the opposite extreme, try this:-
  23. Since when does a manufacturer quote resistance of their cable by calculating it using wire tables?
  24. Posting on a Wam thread which began on April Fools Day over 13 years ago.