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  1. That’s exactly what I experienced years ago, but the appliance in question was a filter coffee machine. The ‘half flask’ setting padded down the heating element, and my old Musical Fidelity power amp let you know about it!
  2. So if our mains carries no DC* then this device will make no difference, yes? Or have I misunderstood it’s purpose? * Is that achievable in practice, or does every mains supply have some?
  3. Yes, it’s had an array of great reviews, the 390, and frankly makes the 590 seem pretty pointless unless you’ve money to burn. Similar findings according to Hifi News with the Rotel Michi X3 integrated amp, where this more affordable model effectively outperforms the top X5 model. https://www.hifinews.com/content/rotel-michi-x5-integrated-amplifier https://www.hifinews.com/content/hegel-h390-integrated-amplifiernetwork-dac Integrated amplifiers can be extraordinarily good these days!
  4. And in the UK at least, it would be accompanied by other brands handled by importer and distributor Absolute Sounds. So a typical system might be dCS source, D’Agostino or Audio Research amps, Wilson Audio speakers and Transparent cables. Similarly, Naim seem to favour their Wiltshire neighbours Chord Cables.
  5. I love those old Harman/kardon receivers. I had a 75+, the quadrophonic model, with the very costly option of a beautiful wooden sleeve. I sold dozens of those 330B, and the stereo 630 and 930s. Always had lots more punch than supposedly comparable brands to my ears.
  6. How can Willow Tree claim they are the sole UK suppliers if you do so too, Rick? Do you act as an outlet for Willow Tree or do you import them direct? It’s a bit confusing for potential customers. (I’m not buying, but I’m curious!)
  7. Perhaps @westlower44 will be able to answer you? I’m afraid I don’t know. Welcome to the Wam, by the way!
  8. I recall several CD players had phase inversion switches back in the day, but as far as I know they’re pretty much nonexistent these days. Serious question, is positive phase still positive when, say, one driver in a speaker is deliberately inverted? (I haven’t read the Archimago blog yet, so apologies if it’s mentioned).
  9. You’ve “cancelled” her then?!
  10. I’ve no idea, I’m afraid, but it got me thinking does each company ‘hold’ or host everything they stream - like on their own servers - or maybe there’s a central repository and they simply direct us there? It’s all bit of a mystery now I come to think of it! Assuming they upload to their own servers or cloud service, that cannot be a five minute job with zillions of tracks.
  11. There are still quite a few wires for a pair of active KEFs. And won’t you miss those coloured marbles on the Chord?
  12. Thanks, Richard, that is very reassuring. I hadn’t realised there was a limited company or I’d have looked it up.
  13. Perhaps slightly off-topic, but in due course I for one would welcome some clarity about who owns and does what around here. It’s always been a mystery, and queries often go unanswered. The mods are brilliant but it’s been clear they are often kept in the dark - not a good sign in any organisation. But best wishes to whoever is doing what they can.
  14. I’ve only ever borrowed from dealers I’ve met face to face. I’m guessing that with a down payment by card, many dealers today will post an item out. But as noted, not everyone opens and cares for things similarly. Even the shop experience I had some decades ago showed me how some folks tear open boxes and packaging when others will carefully open and repack as if from the factory.
  15. Here it is… https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=113122&start=24
  16. I’ve seen a very good graphic, a sort of family tree, that shows the Linn, Ariston, Thorens and AR, along with something I’ve never heard of the seemed to have come before even the Acoustic Research. I think it’s on Vinyl Engine. It’s not so much that they were related, or necessarily copied, but we’re clearly adopting that ‘isolation by spring’ concept.
  17. Thanks for the pointer - I’d not read it yet! I’d also happily keep the current rate if musicians got more, but I believe the deal is with the labels who seem quite happy to royally screw their performers.
  18. It’s not exactly what I’d call a ‘station’ but Linn’s streams are all good quality, and there are Jazz, Classical , and a general one I didn’t realise existed! http://radio.linnrecords.com/index2.html
  19. Yes, your Rega io has a decent phono stage.
  20. Ha, yes, and as you probably realise by now I don’t*. Furthermore I agree that all the information is simply another piece in the jigsaw. In fact, we are fortunate if it is indeed another piece, and not somebody scrambling the jigsaw when we aren’t looking! *And I naturally push back at ASR’s often snooty sense of superiority, even though the contributors can be enlightening.
  21. That really is stretching credibility, but I know we are trying to explain or justify how the AV version could be meaningfully different to the Audio version!
  22. I love that somebody can be bothered to create these extreme over-engineered devices. I struggle to imagine how it would even fit into a remotely normal room, but I guess that’s pretty irrelevant if you have that magnitude of disposable income. (I doubt that the path to my home would even take the weight!) I somehow think that replay of music at an equivalent quality level could be achieved with far lower expenditure. But as I said, it’s still fascinating to see the pursuit of the unlikely.
  23. And of course, anything on ASR is no more ‘the truth’ than any of the stuff we spout here! Educated guesswork, plus a bit of a hunch is about as good as it gets, mostly.
  24. I’ve personally never been drawn to mixing and matching DACs, though it’s a very popular pastime here and in other forums. You’ll know from the huge threads about power supplies that many feel they make a big difference too, if you are into modifying things. That isn’t something I’d want to do on a new item. I tend to prefer to choose something that does the job in one box, hoping it will be supported for a good few years. Probably the most important things are the compatibility with your chosen sources - streaming providers, NAS devices, etc. And the ergonomics of any app or control point. Personally, a nice app on my iPad is all I need, as long as it deals with Qobuz. Obviously it has to have the sound quality you want! Linn tick all these boxes for me, though they aren’t budget items. They do however have a five year warranty, and most models are upgradeable when newer configurations are released. (For example, I can upgrade my Akurate to the newer Katalyst version, and in doing so I get an AKM DAC rather than my current Wolfson. Plus a renewed five year warranty. But it costs £1800.) I have never auditioned streamer modules, and I’m not sure that’s even possible. For every buyer who says they’re surely all the same, there will be another who is sure a more lavish design should offer more I see the same opposing views with CD transports. I’m inclined towards the heavy duty models being superior, but maybe I’ve just been taken in by the industry!?
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