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  1. Is the source disk a digital copy? The Serial Copy Management System prevents the copying of digital copies.
  2. Barry,you gave this link http://audiophile.no/en/articles-tests-reviews/item/2103-onkyo-cp-1050-en to a review that mentions the slack in the bearings. He used a small screwdriver to tighten things up.
  3. Bart Locanthi, designed the HPM-150. He had formerly worked for JBL.
  4. Bazzer, the stock EU version of your Oppo UDP-205 is not multi region. However, multi region non EU versions are available for about £100 more than the stock version. So as you you can see it is not just older players.
  5. Players intended for the the UK market are not multi region. However, there are sellers, who sell non UK versions of the same model, that are multi region. Sometimes, hacks can be found but it is harder to find these for newer models. Hack remotes can be found on ebay for about £15. However, this solution may not be best for your parents.It may have been best to have payed a bit more for a multi region version.
  6. If my understanding is correct the underlying OS is a version of Linux called Fedora. You Could hook up to a TV/monitor via HDMI attach a mouse and keyboard and move/copy the files via Fedora's File Manager.