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  1. hi , is this still in your rack ? do you accept paypal ?
  2. love the name, Nobsound , how great a hifi brand name is that , have a free bump Its either a great description of what you get for 200 or a damning indictment on the mugs amongst us, including me who spend thousands on a box that fundamentally just turns the sound up and down
  3. Sad side effect of Brexit is that it will now price virtually all used goods from the UK to the EU out of the marketplace. All of the main couriers add a admin charge based on value usually a minimum of 20gbp and rising hugely as the price goes up and beyond reason a second handling fee for collecting the vat and duties from the buyer and paying them over. Then its like knitting fog, every SOVEREIGN country in the EU, and they all are, just like the UK and always have been has different rates for VAT, roughly between 19% and 25% that the buyer has to pay then depending on the item i
  4. sorry just saw you have an active link, nice speakers
  5. Hi, its required to have photos of the items for sale when advertising. GLWS
  6. Hi, if i was you this is what i would do. buy your new or used active ATC speakers, very easy to sell on if they don`t work out for you. Find your old oppo box , stick 2 xlr cables out of the back and there you go a complete system. Then evaluate what you think is missing from the sound, if anything and try to match up a dac to fill the gap. Personally i think virtually all DACS over 1000 perform very well, like all mid and top range hifi they just offer different flavours to the music and if you buy one that allows you to play with different filters, like the oppo 205 th
  7. not upset , a tiny bit annoyed, maybe, but nothing to write home about. After 5 years of trolls, mostly of the Corbyn Labliar, Tory thug and Brexit variety trying to control every discussion i suppose i`m even more a freedom of info, say whatever you think is appropriate kind of guy, plus i did see the relevance of the tv thing to the atc thread. But there you go, no hard feelings and lets all be hifi atc buddies once more
  8. i think to describe discussing tv and ATC in the same thread as "polluting" is a bit ridiculous. Lots of people use their ATC speakers for TV and music and today there is a direct relationship just as much as discussing amps`pre`s etc its all part of the hobby. Personally i was happy to state categorically for people here thinking of using or buying ATC for use in home cinema that it works superbly. I was interested in reading your posting where you described how you linked your optical out from your tv into the chain and were very happy with the results, certainly people previo
  9. Don`t agree, well i do agree the oled is 83" and megabucks, But i don`t agree that including a discussion about tvs on the ATC thread is not appropriate , personally one of my significant reasons for using ATC actives is because in the real world most people don`t have "tubes and horns for jaz"`, "ss and B and Ws for rock" and a seperate home cinema surround system , ok some do, but back to reality and i like to think of my ATC actives as perfect for the real world most of us live in of multi use, music/home cinema, and therefore finding good compatable tvs to work with them is a very im
  10. yep this was top of my wanted list a over year ago, couldn`t find one for love nor money then and i placed a wanted add here. Its only the total screw up that is Brexit will would add over 600 and a whole load of bizarre paperwork to the export price that stops me being tempted now have a bump on me and glws
  11. All the oppos are good with similar ins and outs but obviously the higher up the range the better it sounds, i`ve seen a few 105s for sale around 600 and in my opinion at that price its a steal, the new Cambridge Audio stuff also gets decent reviews and deliver very similar things. write down what you want to use in total, bluenode etc and make sure whatever you buy is compatable, ins/outs etc
  12. its a very well reviewed preamp for music and other people have used it and reported very impressive results with ATC speakers Regarding maintenance, not sure how automated this is, some regulate themselves, others you have to adjust periodically, you will hear when thats necessary ,you will also have to change the valves every few years, baring failures because they slowly wear out. This has an unusually high number of valves for a preamp, 10 i think. It has 5 or 6, sorry can`t rememeber how many, look at the for sale ad RCA inputs, if your kit has rca outputs its fine with everythi
  13. well done matey, we both managed to sneak the "ATC" bit in at the last minute
  14. Hi did it, a bit of youtube from the experts , switched off a few motion settings and set the brightness to taste, very very happy with the picture now, bar keeping reflections away , sad fact of real life in my bright house, i really couldn`t be happier with either the tv picture, upscaling is amazing 4k even more so, and i love my atc music,, lifes good for the few moments i escape the reality of covid .brexit and Tory corruption.
  15. yep, i have a graveyard full of boxes , pres amps cds, record decks, , but now i keep it simple, oppo205 into W4s pre into atc actives, 2 pairs of xlr cables, with a tv sitting inbetween and i mostly use my pc to feed everything,,, the w4s is because it gives much better control over volume levels and doesn`t damage the sound in any way and leaves me with the option of connections to the graveyard if i ever want to dig vinyl out etc i think the above with or without a tv receiver is about as low as you can get to give a tv/music/streaming solution this hobby is rarely cheap, but qua
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