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  1. sure you are and i`m equally certain you voted Tory and Brexit and think covid is a big joke
  2. Personally i am equally as concerned by this lunatic government isolating the UK from the rest of the world as i am by personal lockdown Stay safe folks
  3. maybe extravagant, but it sure sounds good
  4. hi, you say lightly used for a year, do you mean they are a year old ?
  5. This would be a marriage made in heaven with the tannoy canterbury GR also for sale here, sadly my budget has long gone this year. I think one of the things even the very best makers do that doesn`t help resales is to launch new versions, i heard the mk11 version of this great amp. Personally i don`t believe makers should ever do this and i`m surprised at Kondo, never understood why they don`t give it a new name and in the adverts and document refer back to the previous great amp it was based on. glws
  6. if only i could invent a product called `Cognitive bias`, little box with a few inputs and a couple of outputs, an old pc motherboard in the middle that just tweaked the sound a little bit, a few reviewers to spout garbage about it, a straight out of college kid to market it for me, perhaps called it a `Distorted Audio Corrector` charge a few grand for it , I COULD HAVE BEEN A SQUILLIONAIRE, but thats way off my topic which asks it it worth spending a shite load of cash on XLR cables when my conclusions during testing is that they are all very similar , except the duff ones
  7. super glue works well, but isn`t called hypersonic bass enhancing super glue mkiii so audiophiles don`t buy it
  8. i don`t collect music, i listen to it, right now louis armstrong and ellla Fitzgerald, LOVELY stuff
  9. to be honest since I moved to 2 balanced systems i mostly use mogami gold and have found other cables similar or marginally worse, i believe what the pros say that worse equals poor production standards, but never really bettered them. The only thing i`ve enjoyed more to listen to is good old tubes, my CJ set up was nice, like a good cigar or a hot bath , but thats different story, hot baths go cold and cigars run out of puff.
  10. nice, just missing the electric chair
  11. personally a big fan of some of the pro audio sites , gearslutz etc. The consensus there is that theoretically and in the experience of many of its professional members, sound engineers etc there should not be any significant difference and if there is its more likely to be an issue with the worse cable, poor manufacturing, poor quality materials, bad soldering etc rather than another cable sounding better, this is for general wiring. As an alternative they seem to all agree that better quality cables, usually but not always more expensive are superior when connecting instruments.
  12. stevebrown

    xlr cables

    HI, over time i`ve moved to a system utilising only xlr cables. Basically active Atc scm50 speakers which only have an xlr input, fed by either my w4s stp-se stage 2 or nuforce p9 preamplifiers, both with xlr outputs. so basically good quality and very revealing kit. Main inputs are all xlr fed into a variety of dacs or an oppo udp205 into the preamps. So i buy mid price xlr cables mostly neutrik connector standard, say max 100 pounds. i look for solid heavy feeling well shielded cables with good connectors. Recently i took an amp for repair and the dealer offered me the chance to try other xlr cables, usual box of goodies, so i`ve been testing them. Some of the cables for a .5 meter or 1m are very expensive, a mix of prices but some upto and indeed over 1000 a pair in the box i was loaned. Basically i could hear only subtle differences, very subtle indeed, so my conclusion was why the hell would anyone pay those prices. Whats your opinion ?
  13. Kondo make some of the most beautiful equiptment available, amazed to see, in my case for the first time, that their speaker cables look like the wire coming out of the back of my fridge. WAF zero glws
  14. pm sent, kindly let me know tomorrow, good night
  15. are there any significant differences between the mk1 and mk3 ? Do you feed a dac or some form of player UPnP/DLNA ? etc