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  1. The oppo 95 103 105 203 205 and I`m sure probably other models all purpose blue ray sacd cd dvd streamers and players with at the high end true hifi quality dacs built into them along with the ability to run as a preamp , most with additional digital input possibilities take a huge amount of beating, especially when you can find the earlier models on ebay for a few hundred squid. They are a bit of a no brainer test wise , buy today and sell on tomorrow sans problem if you don`t like it
  2. So we now have Brexit law. If ever you get nicked either follow Cummings ` honest guv I followed the spirit of the law`, which until now was simply called bollocks, or a joke defense or shout ` I got a baby` or in his case `I got a child` which apparently is a get out of jail free card
  3. So in these desperate Brexit and Covid times of food shortages , the speakers are several bags of sugar times a banana wide would you consider an offer for the grocery items throwing in the beer as a sweetener. If only you had measured them in toilet roles and included them I`m sure they would be long gone. Otherwise good luck with the sale of your speakers
  4. Hi thanks both for your replies, I did check the aTC forum, but its very quiet, not a lot of postings and nothing matching atc and McIntosh. I have atc scm aslt50s , active towers and really like the bass and mid, 100%, occasional issues with the treble, but that could easily be down to my sources, they have original seas driver not the atc new version , so I might upgrade that over time. I had tubes previously, cj qnd wondered what adding a little warmth to the ATC`s would do and really like the Mcintosh feature list on the preamps, if the sound is right I could see keeping the pre for life as I probably will the speakers, hence the possibility of the purchase. one question hifimad1 does the c2200 run hot ?, I live in Portugal, 32c today and around that for 6 months of the year and I could not cope with a room heater cheers Steve
  5. The sound of red wine, the lovely popping sound as you draw the cork from the bottle. The wonderful glugging as you fill the glass. The subtle swish as you turn the glass to relish the aromas The first quiet slurp as you taste the wine the long sigh as you realise its a beautiful red wine The happy glug as you neck it what kind of corkscrew did I use,,, LMAO , cheers
  6. My kit is totally different to all of your kits , but here we go, cables a review So, I tried cable A, was it better with the rest of my kit, in my opinion, NO. So I tried cable B, was it better in my opinion, A little bit. So I tried cable C, was it better in my opinion with the rest of my kit, YES. So I tried cable D,, E,,, F,, blah, blah blah Then I tried a red one , because I like red, but I don`t like blue or pink, etc Cables , they do all sound different, and we all form a different view of what that means to us But I would bet if I was a real reviewer I would be raving about the red one regardless of cost and the kit I tested it with
  7. or a nice and very highly regarded Portuguese Moscatel, especially from the Setubal region, music to my ears in fact
  8. obrigado gelado com queijo inglês, Stilton e creme com molho de vinho do porto, but I like your translation better
  9. y`all no wot I meen, spellink s not my stongist sweet, anyway the sound of rupture might be interesting, bit like an avant garde soprano, which does indeed leave some in a state of rapture
  10. just made it up, seemed like an interesting idea, I make recipes up a lot, comes from living abroad and not knowing what everything you buy is , let the cream freeze on top of the ice cream before you eat it, pour it thin
  11. Take one scoop of vanilla ice cream, scoop out the centre and put a nice piece of Stilton in the hole Poor a little Port around the edge and a spoon of cream over the top. Best of all worlds Its always the combination, not a single piece that matters,,,,,, just like cables if you see what I mean
  12. I drank a 1958 Tawny a couple of weeks ago, almost 30 years in the wood before they bottled it, superb, would have gone very well with the Stilton, before I moved to Portugal I was a Leicester and Rutland lad for most of my life so real Stilton was readily available, as unlike the supermarket muck as chalk and cheese . I also have a 1958 vintage port, I let my guests choose which we opened, they choose the tawny.. Also likely to be superb, I wonder aka cables which would be the best combination with the Stilton.
  13. I don`t hate you Sir, just the stupid and corrupt half of the country. Science lover here and delighted to share the fact that like all Science I will invariably always be proven wrong sometime in the future, But written language might rescue me by being a very approximate science if I `m lucky
  14. I just did and I`ve yet to see a better answer. They all do simply sound different, even the scientists the UK now hates would agree with me and indeed easily prove it. When I read this endless tosh about cables the `Emperors new coat` always springs to mind