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  1. big fan of Cassidy live at blues alley, some of the tracks sound awesome through the ATC`s
  2. Personally disregarding the additional inputs that a preamp make possible, its simply a choice of personal preference and current matching the rest of your kit. Some dacs with volume control and some preamps will always be better or preferable to you than others. Feeding an oppo 205udp, which has a great dac plus volume control directly into nuforce v3se amps worked wonderfully well, but somehow seemed a bit lacking in current and losing the treble direct into aTC active 50s, adding a preamp resolved all of my perceived issues. I tried other dacs and basically i reached the conclusion a preamp was better, albeit only marginally in all cases,,,to my ears, my room etc. Same old hifi questions , same old answer basically, suck it and see.
  3. i have the same speakers and my first preamp decision was it would make life easier and give better quality with XLR outputs. My history is SS to Tube to Class D to ATC actives. If the ATCs were only for music i would have considered Tube pre`s, but in my real world the speakers double for music and movies. I already owned a nuforce v8.5 and nuforce v9 pre , tried both and i was happy with both of them, just a little bass heavy and slightly shrill on the treble on bad quality recordings, i have nufoce 9v3 se mono amps so i decided to leave the pres in my second sysytem. I then decided on trying passive preamps so i bought a Music first baby ref and liked it, really good in every way, especially great on detail and volume control, downside was the price. I then saw an interesting pre here and decided to try it , a w4s STP SE stage 2, bought it, loved it, in reality its a semi passive that does other things at very high volume, very similar to the mf baby ref in many ways, biggest difference it has a remote. I sold the MF and kept the W4S and i am very happy with it in every way. Try what you can then decide whats best for you, good luck
  4. man of few words, what are we talking, early Cream, MTV live, greatest hits ?
  5. so whats your favourite music to really show off your atc speakers ? my current fave is 100% Billy Eilish , amazing detail, fabulous bass and great stereo image through my 50 actives. Feels like she`s having fun in my living room when i play it
  6. you youngsters always take the mickey out of us blind old folk
  7. sorry i can`t help directly but in my zillion years of hifi i didn`t hear a single Mcintosh integrated i wouldn`t rank somewhere between very good and fantastic, SS and Tube. my recent favourite was an ma8000, absolute beast but with a realy nicely balanced sound, slightly warm , lots of details, l can`t imagine any speakers it wouldn`t drive, lots of inputs and a great DAC thrown in, if you do go for one of the top end Mcintosh don`t forget you will need some big buddies to help you move it, they seem to be 100lbs and upwards good luck, i think you are starting with a great short list of brands, what speakers do you have ?
  8. last time i talked to an Italian about persistent filth he said it was his dream girl, no translation necessary. regarding cleaning i just use a microfibre gently on everything and it works fine
  9. as i said i found it useful for home cinema and not so good for music, as you say each to his own. i do believe it can help some systems especially where you are doing the traditional mix and match approach to hifi, but i like to hear what atc actives deliver "au natural", theres a big difference between tweaked or voiced if you prefer hifi speakers and atc style studio monitors.
  10. i used room correction-DSP for home cinema and it was a help, not really convinced its significantly helpful for stereo music listening, personally i find it creates as many issues as it solves especially with ATC where the ambition is to hear what was actually recorded by the best professionals in the world, not what someone playing around at home thinks is best
  11. Personally i thought the video was great, nice to understand the science why you might have issues and great tips from the studio especially about cancelling out reflections that are easy to apply at home, properly placed furniture, bookshelfs or curtains are easy fixes for bass issues, i thought it was very worthwhile. i find most minor issues and they are very forgiving speakers can be fixed by pulling the speakers slightly further out into the room, mine are on wheels specifically for this purpose, out to listen, back towards the wall for the wife dogs and any little visitors that might prefer it enjoy your speakers, i have the same and love them.
  12. Personally i loved my Cyrus gear, took me a very long time and a lot of money to improve on it. Some of the up their own bottoms "hi_fi" queens here look down on cyrus, must be the hot air generated by their tubes, but seriously 500 for this great amp and its own seperate power supply, what a fantastic bargain. Bump on me
  13. hi , is this still in your rack ? do you accept paypal ?
  14. love the name, Nobsound , how great a hifi brand name is that , have a free bump Its either a great description of what you get for 200 or a damning indictment on the mugs amongst us, including me who spend thousands on a box that fundamentally just turns the sound up and down
  15. Sad side effect of Brexit is that it will now price virtually all used goods from the UK to the EU out of the marketplace. All of the main couriers add a admin charge based on value usually a minimum of 20gbp and rising hugely as the price goes up and beyond reason a second handling fee for collecting the vat and duties from the buyer and paying them over. Then its like knitting fog, every SOVEREIGN country in the EU, and they all are, just like the UK and always have been has different rates for VAT, roughly between 19% and 25% that the buyer has to pay then depending on the item import duties may also be payable ranging from 5% to at its worst 29% Bit of a nightmare to find any exact details so you can give your buyer an exact total price, i`ve spoken to HRM customs and excise twice and to be honest they were totally useless with simple questions and almost had heart failure when i asked them about sending to or buying from auctions. Basically they said `the buyer pays` so don`t bother us anymore with questions , pathetic really. Then you have the forms to fill in , and they are another nightmare especially if you try to send more than 1 item, and to find the appropriate commodity codes required a degree in code breaking. Then to add to the fun a single error or even `whim` of some of the different excise people can see your goods on hold for long periods of time and to ice the cake if your goods are held they make an additional charge for it which can be sizable. They will also hold your goods if they disagree with either the description or valuation and thats a whole lot of fun to sort out, especially if they suspect rightly or wrongly fraud. Selling a used 10k amp for 1k for instance gives a massive scope for them to decide somethings afoot. For anyone who thinks i simply have a downer on Brexit, i previously had a small business that imported/exported from the EU, including the UK to the USA and i had so many issues over time and so many items taking weeks to move through the system in spite of it being profitable i gave up. fundamentally you try to trade in a system where everything is outside of your control and customers really don`t like that. This is now the situation the UK is in with its relationship with the EU and for me importing/exporting UK/EU is now a very definite No Way. Good luck and kindly give an update if you manage it
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