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  1. Many thanks radiant red, my failing eyes were reading an E83 and not E88. Good thing the A12AX7s didnt damage the amp. Will look at those Genalex Gold Lions.
  2. Hi Folks, I have a Copland CSA 14 which I really enjoy and would like to know from those who have recapped and replaced valves what replacements work best. Recapping - I am not sure which caps would need replacing but assuming that its all of them. Valves - I have recently purchased a pair of Psvane 12AX7 T MKII but they don't work so not sure if its a minor difference in spec between the Tesla E83CC's and the Psvane 12AX7's that I did not pick up. So, if anyone has tried the Psvane 12AX7 valves on the CSA14 your views would be much appreciated. I have included a pic of the amp if that is of any help. Thanks in advance. Justin
  3. Sorry if this is a repeat. I just got pulled over by the cops. The officer asked me if I had a Police record. I said no but that I do have a Police CD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hello Justin. I have what may be just the thing for you - a 300b amp with really good components just needing finishing off. It is built to a high standard by an audio engineer and uses massive Hammond OPTs, mains and choke. Very over-specced. It was previously working - just needs setting up again. I was going to do it myself but in fact I have two such amps and I can finish off the other one which has similar transformers. I can give you a better circuit and parts, including a really good input valve. I was building and rebuilding 300b amps all though lockdown and learned a lot. 

    I'm in Kensington so not far away. Contact me on performanceandmedia@gmail.com. Andy

    1. justinhd


      Hi Andy, 

      Many thanks for the offer of your 300b amp. I am very interested. 

      I do envy you having the chance to work on your amps during lockdown. I was very busy but did manage to build up an amp camp amp (a Nelson Pass design) which I use in my study. Very much looking to move to valves now, despite needing to be a great deal more careful with the higher voltages.

      In terms of taking a look at your 300b, when would be a suitable time for you? I will send an email to you as well because this part of Hifiwigwam does not come through on Tapatalk.

      Kind regards,


  5. Many thanks again for your wise counsel PMCUK. A lot of the Chinese kit comes with 300b tubes and the prices look very good (which may not be the case once landed in the UK with custom duties etc.). Been flat chat at work again so had limited time available but really enjoy the building and basic tweaking so am going to look for a 300b amp (a kit, or one needing TLC, or good used if priced ok) and just get it.
  6. Thanks MotherSky, a great example indeed. I followed up with the seller but it turned out he had a buyer teed up and I was a couple of hours too late but am keeping an eye out.
  7. Thanks Cable Monkey, a valve pre is certainly something that appeals to me and part of why I went with the Copland CSA14.
  8. Hi PMCUK, Many thanks for your reply. Your considered and thorough feedback alongside a mine of information is much appreciated my way . I was looking at the 300b after an initial recce on what was available and what worried me with this valve format was the cost of the valves which makes tube rolling a costly pursuit. I will say that your reply has got me thinking hard about getting one - albeit one that needs some TLC. The models you sent me would fit within my budget. There is so much material online (including youtube) and loving going through the various formats and options. In terms of speakers, I am aware that the SFs will be better suited to the Copland amp that they are currently setup with. I am looking at high sensitivity speakers (possibly single driver), or one of the Troels Gravesen 2 way designs. I would prefer to build but also open to options as they come along. I don't listen at loud level but I at medium levels I am looking for something that is musical and does not lean towards the V sound signature (elevated bass and treble) that many non-paper cones seem to exhibit. Many thanks again and apologies for the late reply. Justin
  9. Thanks Rabski, I would be happy to include a speaker build that is more suited to a low wattage tube amp. I have looked at some of the Troels Gravesen kits although I have some ground to cover there with many options available. I could also look at a pre-owned Audio Note AN/E speaker.
  10. Thanks Jack. I was looking to start with the Sonus Fabers but happy to look at building or getting a speaker that’s easier to drive. Space is not a huge limitation so I can use a larger enclosure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. justinhd

    DIY Tube Amp Kits

    Hi Folks, As someone who prefers their sound on the warmer end of the spectrum I would like to build an integrated valve amp. There are a number of valve build kits around (I am UK based) and it would be great if any of you are able to share your thoughts on the following kits: 1. World Designs - KEL84 XL 2. Caledonian Audio - Classique 6BM8/ECL82 SE MKII 3. Baby Huey - on the DIY Audio forum. 4. Elekit - TU-8200R (possibly too much on the neutral to cool side from what I have read). Many thanks in advance. Justin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I went yesterday, and i really enjoyed it. Covering many tastes and interests I will certainly be back next year even though I suspect it will be a lot more crowded. Aspects that I thought were really enjoyable was some live music on the entrance level, also on the next level (where the headphone section was) the Yamaha room had some musos playing various guitars, drums, etc. which was great to watch. Then there were the interviews with recording studio stars with interesting stories about their times in the studio with some of the worlds best bands. Another talk on the story of Beatles Mono and Stereo vinyl pressing was interesting and not being a TT person, listening to the differences was something of a surprise - in a good way. The various systems that I enjoyed were: the Devialet Phantom Golds (active speakers) - impressive sound with quirky look. The Vertere TT system was really a joy to hear - with the TT coming it at 78k (total system in order of 220k) it lived up to the shows name. The Cyrus One - not particularly a Cyrus fan but listening to them via headphone and the Totem speakers I would have this on the top of my shortlist if i was in the (500-1k) market for an amp. Clever marketing in that they had only one product but setup in different ways (headphones specifically) that could give folks a good sense of what the sound was like. The PMC Twenty5.24s sounded good but somehow prefer the Twenty5. 23s. The Mark Levinson/JBL combo also sounded good as did the MSB kit. The Musical Fidelity & Kef setup also sounded good. Headphones - the Audeze LCD-X were great (1300quid) and while connected via a Chord Mojo, they sounded equally as good directly connected to my iphone 6s (note this was with my music so with other music the 400GBP Mojo might be well justified). also on headphones, the Focal (i think they were the Utopias at 3400GBP) were great sounding - fed by Naim kit. The star of the show (for me) was the Smyth Realiser A16. A very clever system and one well worth taking a closer look at if you get a chance.
  13. Thanks for the welcome Steve and Paul. The bake offs sound like a very good idea and a lot more effective than opening a cabling thread :-) - Steve, your bake off on the 8th sounds great and if I did not have a prior engagement that Saturday I would certainly be putting my name forward (I had rather hastily agreed with SWMBO that we would to go and watch a string quartet in return for her having to endure Whittlebury),
  14. Hi Folks, Having been a follower of topics on Wigwam from some years back (2005-2006), my recent move to the UK has allowed me to rekindle my interest in things audio and I have been fortunate enough to find two core components of my system on the Wigwam classifieds in the past month that have long been on my bucket list since hearing them at the Heathrow show back in '96. Back then (in '96) it was the Marantz KI63 cd and KI66 amp that kept me going with some MS, then Polk, finally MA speakers (i.e. a budget system in Wigwam parlance). Apart from upgrades to the Marantz kit, a Topping DAC, and the occasional cable upgrade, I have been pretty happy with the setup but had to dispense with most of it before moving to the UK. Given my lack of knowledge and experience with much of the hi-end exotica gracing these forums it is unlikely that I will have too much to contribute but I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn. best regards, justin
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