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  1. Been having a few Brewdog ,jet black heart.Milk stout.£3 a can .So stops me having too many,and no hangover.Other half got a big bottle of baileys last night .Had a couple of big glasses .Felt crap today.Dont seem to get a big hangover,just a medium that lasts most of the day.
  2. My Croft has no remote.So a good one for me.Asked ,because im sure i read years ago,could be a bit harsh with max volume on.But not sure the set up it was being used with.
  3. Having a little play with my Marantz cd5000 last night.Did not know ,it,s got volume control on the remote.Do any members own cd players have this.If so,do you set the volume to max.or turn it down,and use more amplifier volume ?.
  4. You should try .Times all gone album.He is great.
  5. Marantz cd 6003 for my Croft amp. Marantz cd5000 for my Sony es amp.One box is plentyfor me, im not a cheater ,or cheatah .
  6. When i went to buy my Marantz cd player.The guy had a stunning house .He had a marantz streamer ,all in one,and i rember Quad m2 ,or q2 speakers .Bookshelf .They looked realy nice.Said to him ,any good ,oh yes he said.Put fleetwood mac on ,and turned it up real loud .Now this sounded so crap,i found it hard to stay in the room .The guy was smiling ,and clicking his fingers,like he was in hifi heaven.My other half commented .Wow those speakers are crap.No i said .The volume was too much,and they would be lovely on lower .
  7. That room is much too big for the p3 .Used to have bronze 2 speakers.No way can they even touch the p3,had mine in a much smaller room than yours aswell.Those ma speakers ,sound about right for the price,but nothing better.
  8. Got my p3,s set up with a Croft integrated.Most of my listen is quite low.So ive gone for clarity.But if i turn the volume up a fair bit,then it all gets shouty .But no screeching.When i swap my Sony ta f670 es amp in,it,s smoother sounding,and i feel i could turn the volume up just as high ,but with less shout.After tring so many amplifiers with the Harbeth.My findings are .Not a speaker to be played to loud,and the close monitor tag in a small room is right.But overall they sound amazing for me.
  9. You cant mention Elliot smith,and morrissey, who even in there own busy periods of making ,were not even the best then .The beach boys legacy is done and sealed,no mater what you think.Top ten bands ever,they will always be in the list.Elliot smith in the top ten song writers list of all time ,ha ha ,dream on .
  10. Think you will find that Beach boys picture is iconic ,not absurd.
  11. Would have to sell my Harbeth.because who needs two sets of speakers .Love my Harbeth.
  12. Thanks for your lovely words mate.Pretty grounded and happy as most now.Used to get a dig .Your one of those guys who blames the parents for your way .But i was never adding to my grief,and how crap i felt was so real to me ,and a lot of it should never have been there to feel.But we try and move on ,and put the scars in our back pockets.
  13. Yes Rabski.That it so true.My ex ,when i was going through ptsd.Told me to just get over it .ok then,i will after i leave you .
  14. It,s only a thought.If your wife wants to shout at me .£40 per 10 mins,could do with the cash .HA HA .only joking mate