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  1. What i want to know is this.Why was there so many weapons,brand new ,in lock ups etc ,just left behind ,when the troops left.Saw a reporter ,talking to a taliban leader,and he showed all these weapons.Like the taliban ,were not going to use them.
  2. Just want a graphite Sugden a21se.So much change for music ,happy days.
  3. My Croft was only warm ,as it always is,might have to turn it on soon.But no,it was 84.4 in my room,and the Croft integrated ,was just warm,not hot.
  4. Thanks Phil.Forgot to update,on friday they phoned me,said would you like to come over on the parks and street scene team.Yes i said .Started today.Hot out there,but better than the bins.
  5. New Deafheaven song.Nothing like the old stuff.But very good.
  6. True.Was a post man for a few years.Just thought i still love walking,and the outside.Then had a rude awakening,of just how brutal this job is.Dont think it,s fair ,for a new working in agony to have two choices carry on ,or by by .But this is the real world,the crap side of it.
  7. Update,and a crap one.At the age of 49,i cant walk 17 miles aday flat out.Cant be loading up 26 ton of rubbish is 8 hours.Feet are now blisters.blew out my shoulder blade ,and an achille.You get this attitude,your new,but you should keep up with someone who has don it for 20 years.So you,ve got these injuries.Do you want to carry on ,for another 10 miles,or see you later.Realy devastated.Have been walking coasts at 15 too 20 miles at least twice aweek.But this pressure on my body,then on my mental health was to much.They tell you after your jobless .We have guys ,just out of the Royal marines who only last 2 days .So it,s not an easy job ,and it,s not for everyone.Just i feel ,ive let my other half down.Plans were being made ,for moving out etc .Was feeling so positive,thinking the way life could be heading.Try again i guess.
  8. Ryley walker. Course in fable album.
  9. Sterling will get a hatrick today ,thats if they stop off at the joke shop on the way to the game. england 3 germany 2
  10. Got a induction on friday for garden waste collection crew.Staring monday £370 a week.
  11. Thanks Eddie.Your words meen alot,and wish i could meet up with you one day.Have 6k savings left,and my partner is saying ,lets just move out.But not easy ,with no job ,and no proof of income.But i know she is thinking of my well being at heart.
  12. Thanks Eddie.Been down before.But i think nearly two weeks ago,it kicked my ass .so fast ,and so strong,it was like an overload that i needed to stop.Had ptsd before,and depression.But that seemed like a slow builde up from my younger years.Then a bad bike crash.Antidepressants ,did not help me back then ,it was more of a change in personality ,and left me more confussed with how to heal.Promised myself ,never again ,will i take these types of medication,and was so chuffed,about 8 years ago,i was free from them .Then over time,started feeling like the happy mat i know i am .But this sage ,of constance banging above my head in flat,dad ill for 4 years with demenitia,the passing.Moving to my mums ,feeling it was all love,and chill ,seemed to backfire,like a giant boot to the gonads.Plus seeing my partner,who is a strong lady,being disrepected,after all she had done for my mum ,hurt like hell,and i could not think how this was going to be better.Been getting out more,and trying to rise above.Both my partner and i agree.Mum is not easy living with,and more than just a little change in her behavior was thrown on us from day one.Used to see her most days for a couple of hours,do her food shopping etc,but i feel she was hiding her true feelings for so long.Then ,just used the ,your under my roof now,like we are naughty teenagers,to rip us apart.So was ,and still is a big shock to mine and partners system.THIS IS JUST ONE THING .Was Helens brothers birthday,she has four brothers,four sisters,all very close.We were invited to his house from drinks.My mum ,when i told here ,went off .Alright for you two going out,sorting your lifes out,i dont have a life etc ,so you and your f ing cat can f off,and said in such a nasty way.Stopped us both in out tracks like ,wtf is all this .Now my partner ,has always gone to family parties etc .She said ,im not going now,and since then ,just a downward change in both of our moods.Got to work ,got to move on .Might beable to breath easy then.
  13. Still the same.But does not feel like the end of the world.Trying for jobs with no luck.Realy need to do this,money ,well being ,being able to move on.Cant say how thankfull i am for your positive help on here.Hifi forum yes,but i know a lot of you guys, have had life experience,good ,and bad ,so good for me to listen to real situations,and how you changed them .Thank you.Mat.
  14. Could be perfect .Would love to try the 30.2 one day.
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