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  1. You could try discogs.Put in artist,search for relese name,see how much they are selling for.
  2. Him .That finish love,realy goes with your hair.Her ,your a knob Rodger,my hair is black.Him ,sigh.
  3. My sister in law has been on Hydroxchloroquine for a few years .Did not stop her getting covid 19,and being very ill for ten weeks.Think from what ive read ,it needs to be taken with Zinc to work against this virus.Zinc is magic,or maybe ?.
  4. Had the p3esr for a few years.Would say your right.Top speakers,that still do everything so right.My mate has the Denton 80th.To both our ears .No where near as engaging as the harbeth.Very wooley flat sounding when compared .But they do look,and feel nice.
  5. Got a ta f670es here.Sleeper of the es models .Loads of power,but would say ,maybe a little brighter sounding than some of it,s older brothers .But too me thats a good thing.Let it warm up for a hour ,then what a great sound.
  6. My sister in law has it.She works in a care home.Felt unwell .Cough .pains in her head for a few days.Got tested and is positive.Then came out in a rash ,and was bed ridden for 7 days.Breathing was ok ,but could only take four steps ,then had to go back to bed.She said it,s like the worse shit ever.Weird spaced out,then like a alien with poison is smashing around her soul.Saturday she was able after 7 days to get herself in the shower,and eat a little meal.Little bit of positive news ,and i hope this is the way it will keep going .So scary this virus.
  7. Not a Nad ,but it,s throbbing, 145 wpc .
  8. mattykyuss


    Been using a panasonic fz 200 with Raynox m250 add on macro lens.Use it out on walks for bugs,insects etc.Would like to go back to a compact instead of bridge ,just easy for fitting in pocket.Would like to ask ,are there any compact cameras that would better my Raynox m250 for this job ? Thanks.
  9. Are you getting the remote with it ? .Got a ta f670es,supposed to be a es sleeper .Swap it in and out with my Croft ,just for a change.Needs an hour to wake up.Then its so very nice sounding,and power seems to be endless.Enjoy your 707.
  10. Been out getting food for us ,and my mum .But just leaving it on her door step.Got a 16 year old son ,he does not live with me .He came over yestuday.Just pluggeg our guitars in and jammed most of the day.Would like to ask opinions on if i should just stop him coming over now ?.He has always spent most of the school hols ,weekends with me.but im worried if i just let him over for the same amount of time,im doing the wrong thing ?.Makes me sad,and could tell ,he feels the same.Last night ,just a few albums ,and watched a bit of the pink panther on tv.take care all of you.
  11. Got this Abbey road remaster.One of only 500 released on cd.
  12. Ecc 83 .Mullard m8137 or Telefunken ecc83.But depends on amp ,ears.Found these the best in my Croft .Not sure on Ecc 82 ,but maybe the same.