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  1. Don't bother, they're both shite, you'd be better of with one of the Nobsound Tone amps.
  2. Bought my Node2 from SSAV in August 2016, they provided a free 5 Yr warranty (only this found out when Node went down at 18 months old and thought the repair would cost me). I contacted them and had the Node back with me within 10 days of sending it off, repaired FOC. I'm guessing it was the surface mount fuse that went, have had no more problems with it since and did the mod late last year even though I still had 10 months warranty left. Well I figured if it did go down I would just swap the std psu back in and send it off for repair if needed.
  3. Whilst there are many good/excellent budget speakers out there, I would say you wouldn't go far wrong by grabbing a pair of the 30xx series of speakers from Q Acoustics, they are strong performers at your budget and superb vfm.
  4. The difference is really only the price. Talking of price you could save yourself a few quid on the Node by grabbing this. I'm sure he'd be happy to hold it and post to you once your in the UK.
  5. @Tintin12 Do you want this bloody cable or not? It's FOC by the way. If so PM me your address, if not then atleast let me know.
  6. Yes I have a Question. As it appears to be free, would you be able to give it to Robin to bring back for me when he delivers your Pre on Tuesday?
  7. Atleast 1 Photo is required to conform with sales advert rules or the Wam faeries will disappear your advert.
  8. Lurch

    Telefunken ECC83

    I'm also a fan of TFKs, have an 1951 ecc83 and 2 pcc88s in the BB3 + 2 70s 83s in my Jolida DAC and a pair of 81s in the Lector. As you say, wonderful sounding valves, only got into them following the recommendation to use them in the BB3, and each time I've slotted them in they've given an easily heard change for the better (to my ears). Sent from my I3312 using Tapatalk
  9. Yep all good. And your not to far from me. Check out the Bake-off section, I have a BO with room for a couple more bodies if your up for a, music day and meeting a few of us nutters, just stick a post on the thread and I will add you to the attendee list.
  10. @Tintin12 here ya go, found this in a draw. PM me your address and will get it posted off.
  11. Thurs available without the brand name on ebay for under £2.
  12. The switch is only and earth lift (we'll on my baby ref it is) both pairs of pre outs are live at all times so the rca outs could be used.
  13. There's been a guy trying to move on a pair of KEF Blades for a while now in the classifieds, might be worth a look as are within your budget. https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/132255-for-sale-reluctantly-kef-blade-speakers-reduced/?tab=comments#comment-2359496
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