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  1. Be good if you could fill out your profile with personal details and kit. Especially as once the restrictions are over there will be Bake-offs you can attend or you could host your own to get other ears, involved. If we know whereabouts, you are then locals could offer assistance.
  2. Yep, had this with my Node2 at 14 months, rang SSAV who supplied it, and they said send it back its warrantied for 5 years. Duly returned it and had it back working within 10 days.
  3. Yeah I love what the deck does but still hanker after another arm. 12" Conqueror or Enterprise, though do like the look of the Kuzma 4 point. Depends how low. The one Petrat has on AoS is fair considering its sub 70hrs. I paid £650 for a 150 hr cart, so anywhere between the 2 really, depends how lucky you get.
  4. @DomT I have a 2mt pair of TQ Blue Ultra here doing nothing, your welcome to try them if they're long enough for the job.
  5. Quad 989s it is then 😊 Well my listening room is only 13' x 13' and they work very well in there.
  6. I know what you mean about an endgame deck, was lucky enough to grab mine, a Brinkmann Bardo, for £2.5k (no arm) early March last year, stuck my Encounter3C on it and subsequently a Transfiguration Axia S (another right time right place bargain buy).
  7. These? Did a quick £2.8 - 5k fleabay search, several more on there.
  8. @Beobloke come on Adam, thought tts were your speciality.
  9. AQ Sold. Happy to also let the TQ go as 2nd Sys not used at the mo + it's an 80s rig so will grab some QED 79 for it kprob have some in a drpmewhere).
  10. You could also look at one of the Origin Live decks (similar looks to your current one). With your budget say either a Calypso mk4 with Encounter/Illustrious 3C or the Resolution with Zephyr/Encounter 3c. If ordered, online OL does a 30 day RTB gauruntee should you not like what it does, but would be surprised if you returned it, they're superb sounding tts & arms.
  11. If its an SME Turntable your considering, how about this.
  12. Is it possible for the mods to change the rules and insist that during this current situation only ads with delivery are permitted. With adverts without delivery being simply deleted, and the author being told to resubmit with delivery costs/options. I have just seen a new advert that has collection only, which is totally wrong at this time.
  13. Many inexpensive modern dacs have coax aswell as analogue outs so shouldn't be too expensive to sort a source interface.
  14. To make this as easy as possible you could grab a Rega mm, they have a 3 point fixing so would simply be a case of using the 3 screws provided with the cart and all will be good especially in these times of no visitors. Other than that it's a, case of reading and YouTube videos to learn how to install a regular 2 fixing point cart. Other MMs to consider are Goldring E3 & the 10xx range, Ortfon 2M Silver/Blue or something from Audio Technica.