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  1. Usually it's buy at the door, but you could always pm Peter to see what he has to say.
  2. No wonder you were chasing after one of those shonky old SME turntables.
  3. @Maverick only the 2 end conference rooms are shared if I remember correctly from the pm confab us bigroom boys had. The 2 middle rooms (7mx5.5m) were solo rooms for myself and Stefan.
  4. Have rung OTA and chewed them out. They have arranged courier collection of the offending speaker on Wednesday, as luckily enough Robin and I went halves on a pair of 989/2905 boxes about 18 months ago.
  5. Cheers kieth. I'm pretty pissed about it, but having blown £500 on a 5 panel rebuild (6th was done Feb 20) + 2x 320 mile round trips to deliver & collect (£75 fuel). 10 days later the same one has, gone tits up, have blown £1450 + 8 round trips, so around £300 in fuel I think it's time to give up on them, can't keep throwing good money after bad. Definitely looking forward to hearing the 4 box Lector and having a drink with you.
  6. Following ongoing problems with my 989s I've decided I can't risk bringing them and am very close to moving them on. Will probably look to get a pair of 2905 or 2912 at some point, even so, I'm not prepared to move those about and risk another bloody trip to Coventry and subsequent repair bill. This also means I'm not gonna do a big room now, just a standard one. @Maverick please change my room request from big room to std exhibitor room. Also change speakers to read KEF 104ab or QA 3050 thanks. Did try to edit sheet but didn't seem to save it.
  7. Poxy LH Quad gave up the ghost about 3pm 😬🤯😧 Bloody thing has, only been back from OTA 10 days, am fed up driving to Coventry think they're going to get chewed out when I get hold of them. So the day was finished off with my 104ab.
  8. Will do Jamie, and was good to meet you. Oh and help you decide to keep the John Wood amp, it really is a lovely sounding thing.
  9. Thanks Nick. Look forward to having you here again, maybe see if you can persuade Nigel & Phil to travel south of Watford and have an East Mids posse day out.
  10. No worries on tt at we have the 3 arm Simon Yorke coming. Have you had any joy quieting down the Cambridge pre??
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