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  1. The tt being of European manufacture I would say they would be metric csk machine screws. If you can't get the exact length then buy longer. Add two nuts (one locks against the other) adjust their position to achieve the length you want and the cut to length. Back the nuts away from the cut end and gently file the tip to clean it up. Removing the nuts will act like a thread die, cleaning the thread so it will engage correctly when inserted on the tt. It's also worth running the last nut 1/2 off and fully on a few times to ensure the thread is cleaned/cut properly at the end.
  2. You want me to come over with the MFA Baby Ref in a few weeks once you've got used to them?
  3. This is true (Baby Ref V1) I had it here for consideration even though, if I liked it, it would cost be money I didn't really have. Within 30 seconds of firing it up I also knew it was a piece of kit I couldn't let anyone else have, it was going nowhere.
  4. Cheeky sod!! Was me, using my phone.
  5. Having Just acquired an early Garrard 401 with series 1 3009 my Ariston RD80SL that I use in my 2nd system is now surplus to requirements. There is a crack in the rear left corner of the lid (which I've glued & taped) and the badge on the front is missing. Other than that this is a really good sounding deck. PLEASE NOTE: The A&R P77Mg cartridge shown fitted in the photo is NOT included in the sale. Looking for £170 ovno collected from Chichester. Or + shipping at buyers risk & cost, though happy to box and post.
  6. Please fill out your profile with current kit, it makes it easier to advise if we know, where your starting from with your 2 channel kit. Audio T in Portsmouth cover AV and 2 channel. As for getting to listen to different kit to see what sort of sound your after/like, there are several wammers within an hour of Guildford who'd be happy to have you/you + owner around for a listen. I'm in Chichester and more than happy to accommodate a visit. I currently have 3 tts, beltdrive, idler drive & direct drive, valve and ss amplification + electrostic, and box speakers so plenty of variety.
  7. Just got myself a new toy (we'll two in one really). Nice early serial number on the 401 (# 1205) & the 3009 is a series 1. Even came with a cart (Pickering V15 AME2) + 2 spare STYLI, and a Garrard SPG3
  8. Add this amp And all you need is some speakers, to whit I have a pair of JPW Sonatas £45 shipped. You should be able to pick up some 60cm stands cheaply and complete the setup near as damn it to budget.
  9. This package is great vfm and you'd be hard pressed to better it for the money.
  10. Once again, atleast 1 photo of actual item for sale is required or Mods will remove your advert.
  11. @Gazcarp Atleast 1 photo of the actual item for sale is required to comply with classifieds selling rules.
  12. He's using a pimped MK2 Jolida (now Black Ice Audio) Glass fx dac, with his pimped Node2.
  13. @Griff500 once you get your new speakers, grab yourself a pair of xlr leads and give me a shout. I will pop over with the MFA Baby Ref, pimped node & Jolida DAC so you can hear what the MFA is capable of.