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  1. Yes it's a great cart from the off, though a little upfront in a hey look at me sort of way to my ears during break-in. However you wait until it gets to the 60+ hrs point, it really opens up and smooths out, keeping the detail and party spirit but doing so in a more mature manner.
  2. I do believe Jack @Non-Smoking Man may be the man to help you here, he's headed up to W Yorkshire from Chichester via the M1 20th Nov returning 21st. He's already put a wam taxi offer up in the classifieds (is now a sticky) so all should be good if the timing works for you.
  3. Here you go @Pure_Carbon just what your looking for.
  4. Lurch

    Newbie Intro's

    Welcome Zak. You've certainly packed it in, in your shortish time in the hobby. It's good to have some young blood onboard. Well it helps bring the average age of the membership down to around 60 .
  5. As your not that far away both myself and wizmax could probably pop over sometime with our pre amps, 1 passive and the other ss active for you to try in your system.
  6. Don't know what resolution it would lay at, but if you have a digi out on the AV amp then that could be passed to the DAC and into your 2 channel amp. Unless ofcourse you have hdmi in on your dac, in which case you should be able to play direct.
  7. Am I right in thinking you connect to your AV amp via coax spdif? If so then you could put an spdif switcher (1 in 2 out) inline and then swap outputs depending on your needs at the time. If it's hdmi to the AV amp then the coax out should be all good.
  8. I would say your looking at £400 upwards for a retip and service. Personally for that sort of outlay I'd much rather buy a new mid range mc. I note from your profile you have a rondo blue, the current iteration of that cart, the quintet blue is only £349. I believe Ortofon does a P ex deal so you could put the rondo in and move up to either the Q Bronze or Black for the cost of a retip.
  9. @mbabst I know it's not in the league of what your looking at, but if you'd like to try an Arcam Alpha 8P power amp in your system for the price of postage then give me a PM. I was using it as a summer amp in my main rig where it sounded superb and did sterling service, however having changed from 845 monos to Nord class D monos, its now surplus to requirements.
  10. Whilst I understand the pull of new boxes, in this instance I would say upgrading your cart is the best & most cost effective option. The 10x5 is NOT stretching your Dino. As I said earlier, a LoMC between £500 & circa £1.3k, would make the most of your arm and phono. Once you have a better cart you will then be in a position to realise the benefits of a BB3 or similar. Your 10x5 is your bottleneck not your Dino (I'm assuming the Dino is mm & mc).
  11. There is no formal review to my knowledge as the whole BigBottle & BB3 thing started life within the DIY community. However there is plenty of user comment on this forum within the owners group section + if you goggle it then user reviews will come up from within other forums. Again, if your near the Southcoast pm me and you can have a listen to mine.
  12. Get it finished a bit half sharp Jules, or the local scrotes will nick it all to use on bonfire night.
  13. The BigBottle BB3 is definitely worth serious consideration. I have one and it kicked my £8.4k Tron Seven Ultimate into touch, at £1k there's little to touch it. Where abouts in the country are you? If near the Southcoast then I'd be happy to let you hear mine. One thing to consider though, if your intent on moving up, is your cart. As good as the 10x5 is for an HoMc at its price point, you won't get to realise the full benefit of an upgrade without a better cart, think AT OC9xML/Hana SL as a minimum starting point. Infact sticking with your phono and swapping to something like a Hana ML, AT ART9, or Benz Micro Wood/SL would breath new life into your system as your arm is capable of supporting this level of cart. Going to a circa £1k cart would also mean once you upgrade the phono the signal it will receive is worthy of the upgrade.
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