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  1. The difference in my 989s from when they were Robins I think shows that whist they sounded very good driven by his 18w Ming Da 845s. The extra 72w that my IAs shove up them has taken them to another level. Not sure what the output of your current amps are Richard, but the MB 90s are also 90w if I remember correctly, so should make a good match for the 2805s.
  2. About the only part of my system that is unobtainium is my cartridge (Transfiguration Axia S) at least in unbastardised form, so I would have to look elsewhere. Everything else except the Node 2, uses proper sized components inside so can be repaired.
  3. You now need to get the psu module to turn it into a 36.5 DM, so that it sounds a bit half decent.
  4. I always remember lusting after a Gryphon modular Pre and Krell kma100s in the late 80s. The, Gryphon I seem to remember was £9k at the time and I was just a postman driver so no chance of either. Did hear them though fed by a Goldman reference/Air tangent/Keseiki lapis lazuli combo, with a pair of big old appogees. They were owned by a disabled chap I delivered some parcels to and he let me have a listen when he realised having seen his rig, I knew what the kit was. Took me at least a week to be able to get back to enjoying my humble Manticore Mantra/RB250/A&R P77Mg, Rotel 840 BX2, Celestion DL6s.
  5. Will sort when I back from my mates, as away all next week. Amps or currently on their way back from a service.
  6. A bit of nostalgia, connecting me back to the beginnings of my hifi journey. Also now having a more educated ear, I can descern that it's a much better amp setup than I realise and know I could happily live with them longterm as the basis of a cheap system if I had to sell my main rig.
  7. It has to be my Stan Curtis era Cambridge C50/A50 Pre/power combo which I've owned for 31 years now. Bought new from Hopkins hifi in Fratton Rd Portsmouth, along with a 0.5m pair of Monster IC which I still use with it.
  8. @This boy can wait Here you go stef. ve_rega_arc_baerwald.pdf
  9. Is there a line front to back through the centre of the bullseye? If so, don't worry about the cartridge body just sight through the cantalever to this line, and set the cart so the cantalever is inline with this. If no front to rear line through the bullseye then add one yourself by careful measurement with a ruler and very sharp pencil/fineline pen. When twisting the cart to align the cantalever with this central front to back line, do not undo the screws to much, just enough to allow the cart to twist left to right with slight resistance is sufficient. Once aligned do each screw up slightly in turn until both tight being careful not to move the cart on the headshell or you will have to repeat the exercise.
  10. Yep same as app. Node can be operated by your phone, tablet etc + will learn any remote you have in the house.
  11. Once again the Node2i does the job, although the analogue in is via a 3.5mm jack. As for Tidal it's native to BlueSound so you can use the app direct within BluOS, and there's regular analogue out.
  12. Are you bored Jerry?
  13. Lurch

    Cartridge Setup

    If there is no more than 5-6mm of bar exposed between the yoke and inner edge of ball then all should be good.
  14. I would suggest contacting whoever your returning it to and get them to state in writing who they're happy for you to use, or even better get them to book and pay for it. That way if it turns up buggered it's they're fault not yours, and up to them to chase for compensation.