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  1. I know the show is still 4 1/2 months away, but the one thing I hope improves is the exhibitor list, it's looking pretty thin at the moment.
  2. This phonostage originally had an rrp of £8.4k. I didn't pay anywhere near that.
  3. You are going to have to sneak your whole rig aboard ship at some point 🚢 and put your name down to exhibit at the Wam show 🤔😀😀
  4. Go for it Ward. If my Bardo actually gets back from Germany in time (sat with UPS in Germany nearly 5 bloody weeks now) then the 401 will only be running an RB250/A&R P77Mg and be good to see how good the mm stage in my 80s Cambridge C50 is compared to a good stand-alone mm stage. Could even get my MFA SUT plumbed into the 834 to see what happens.
  5. Hit the 3 dots top right, it's then one of the options
  6. This is all she'll ever need, I assume it's still available.
  7. To get the speakers further apart, put the triffid between the rack and the LH speaker.
  8. I find editing the photo on the phone (cropping usually works) tends to reduce its file size.
  9. Lurch

    Newbie Intro's

    Hi and welcome Hammy. Please fill out your profile so we know where you are, who we're abusing 😀 and what your kit is should you ask for advice. Also keep an eye on the Wam show in October and try and come along if you can.
  10. Photo of unit for sale required to comply with forum selling rules. Otherwise the Wam faeries will disappear this advert.
  11. Will be easy enough to organise another PS shootout at a later BO. There's a good selection of phonos amongst the Southcoast BO posse, and you'd be more than welcome to come along.
  12. Zebs still bouncing especially at the new price of £3,000 Inc UK Delivery
  13. Selling my lowish hours Transfiguration Axia S. I bought this from AoS February last year with around 130 hrs on it, and have enjoyed it immensely, however I have now changed carts just for the hell of it, as you do. I was going to leave this in the draw as a spare but have my eye on another audio toy so selling to assist with funding. This is an original 2018 cartridge with original cantalever and stylus NOT a retip, and as such has 276 hours on it so still plenty of life left. There are no accessories (how it came to me) except the 2 mounting screws which hold it in i
  14. Does this mean that we'll need to bring paintbrushes & records to your Bake-off?
  15. Nice! Now you need to TFK the 88s if you haven't already done so. What cart are you running? Only its not mentioned in you wam info.
  16. This SME 3009 S2, (serial # 30314) came to me as part of a Garrard 401 package. When I first got it the rear stub was sagging so I replaced the rear stub coupling, fitted an A&R P77Mg and had a play for a couple of days. I've since replinthed the 401 and added an RB250, so it's just been taking up space in my hifi bits cupboard. The arm comes complete with the following: 2x arm leads, original (was soldered to a socket on the plinth) and one terminated with RCAs. Replacement bias weight filament Headshell, finger lift, lower can and spare baseplate grommets
  17. There are a few of us on here with MB845s. I'm currently running Quad 989 electrostics, originally ran them into Usher Dancer Mini 2 DMDs.
  18. I'm running mk1 MB845SEs fed via an MFA Baby Reference passive pre and they are stunning. You will be smitten once you hear them, the 845 valve is a glorious thing and the amps do power, dynamics and subtlety like nothing else.
  19. Well Jane seems pleased with your numerous experiments.
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