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  1. I had something like that when I was a kid Shaun, it was called meccano.
  2. They've shocked me, they perform at the same level as the Icons but are different as opposed to better, trading richness for extra detail. Though by no stretch of the imagination are they cold/clinical or overtly hifi sounding.
  3. Lurch

    Vinyl Storage

    Whilst keeping the outside in prestine condition is a good idea, I would say the sleeve the actual record lives in is more important. The heavyweight opaque anti-static ones as sold by Spincare, MCRU, etc are worth having as the paper (unless they have an antistatic plastic liner) and cardboard sleeves can wreck havoc with your records over time. The inside of paper/cardboard is quite abrasive and besides leaving paper powder residue can also introduce micro scuffs adding to surface noise.
  4. These turned up this avo, to stand in for my MB845SE Monos after the LH amp went down over the weekend. Nord One UP NC500 Mk2s
  5. Yep that's right folks, it's been 5 years since I started these BOs. As you know we had to miss out on last years 4th Anniversary BO so lets make this a good one. Sunday 14/11/21. 10am to 8pm. I will set the number of attendees at 14 and see how we go. Usual format with my rig in main room (with yet more upgrades) hopefully my kit will behave itself this time, and I can run my tier 1 system all day. Playroom, whatever you can cobble together. To get things started in the playroom we have: Garrard 401/RB250/A&R P77Mg & Mk1 Marantz CD63SE. Cambridge C50/2x A50, or NORD One Up SE NC500DM Mk2 Monos. Kef 104ab or QA 3050. My now famous Extra Crispy Maris Piper Chips will be in attendance along with fishfingers (as long as the current predicted food shortages don't interfere). NEWBIES WELCOME AS ALWAYS Ateendees Brook Baggawire wizmax Karma67 Lawrence001. ??? KIT Sony TTS8000 JW KT88
  6. Bough ya self an ex BP oil rig have you shaun?
  7. Nah, just being a twat as usual[emoji1787] Sent from my I3312 using Tapatalk
  8. Where's locally?? No info in your profile to say where you live.
  9. Have two options for Digital here already. Lector CDP7TL which is no slouch as CDPs go + a pimped Node2 into a pimped Jolida Glass fx dac and 500Gb of music on a QNap NAS. Even so I just can't get into digital, apart from a few of my CDs which make me sit up and listen, the rest of the time my mind wanders when I'm using either source so this side of my system ends up being nothing more than a bloody expensive radio. I'm not even sure I could get the level of SQ from digital for 'sensible' money that my analogue gives or whether, having made the investment, it could change my mindset away from easily being distracted. As for 'better' speakers, think it would take some seriously expensive monkey coffins to beat stats, probably £10k+, I just love the way they sound in comparison to box speakers.
  10. Whilst I don't watch telly much now (19hrs a year = 1hr when it 4 runs MOTOGP highlights) a few years back I did and remember a program about domestic life through the ages. From what I saw we are way way behind the Victorians when it comes to domestic recycling. In the show the participants (a regular family) were told to deal with their waste as they would normally or believed the Victorians would. At the end of their week living like Victorians their 2 piles of discards were shown, the historian then went through them, all the Victorians pile was correct but moved to separate piles for retention & use or collection by regular waste trades people of the day. Additionally the other pile (what participants didn't think could be saved) which would have 1/2 filled a modern metal dustbin, but once separated out disappeared into the collection pile. Some items were returned to the house for re-use, such of small part burnt pieces of coal which were reserved for servants use or bedroom fires. It just shows you, whilst we've moved forwards in many areas, we've also gone backwards in others.
  11. Luckily the insurance company paid out the rebuild cost less my £100 excess so £2,485 + sold the cart on for someone else to rebuild, and ended up being £485 up on the experience as 'only' paid £3k for it as an NOS cart. If insurance hadn't paid out then would have pushed a court case against AS.
  12. LH 989 the 2 mid panels (of 5 replaced in July) had failed under warranty. Also the amp had done this twice during August though a single off & on sorted this + its also done it a couple of times in the last couple of years, hence never thought much about the issue until it died completely (though still lights up as though nothing wrong).
  13. When I was forced to use headphones, I had a CCA into a FiiO Taishan (matchbox) DAC plumbed into my HPA. I then simply cast everything to the CCA so my phone wasn't held captive by a physical connection. I now use the CCA & FiiO into my 2nd system powered by a twin usb output Chinese LPS, and its a stonking streaming solution for less than £75 all in.
  14. I have a pair of TFK 81s (Bought matched from Germany Nov 20) they have about 100 hrs on them from use in my Lector CDP7TL. £23 delivered, happy for you to try before you buy.
  15. I love my system, and so I should with the kit Ive gathered together over the last five years, however this year on several occasions I have got to the point of hating my system due to the constant knock backs I've received over the last 9 months. Very late last year my Bardo started producing a scrooping noise every 2 - 3 revolutions not every revolution WTF!! Anyway rang the importer and told Brinkmann is shut for Xmas so ring in New Year and he will sort sending it back. JANUARY: Mid Jan ring importer (Symmetry) sorry Germany shut for Covid, just carry on using tt it should be okay. FEBRUARY: The 9th to be exact TT becomes unusable due to serious speed issues from noisy bearing, Germany still shut. MARCH: Mid March finally get the all clear and send tt to Symmetry for forwarding to Brinkmann. ADDITIONALLY!! my LH monoblock starts having rustling noises, so 90 mile round trip to drop it with Henry (toprepairman) 10 days later another 90 mile trip to collect it. 3 days later I'm back at Henrys' coz its playing up again so that's another 90 miles, 2 weeks later another 90 mile trip to collect it. One good piece of news, YAY!!! Brinkmann have repaired the Bardo and are shipping it back in a day or two. APRIL:The Bardo has left Brinkmann Via UPS.................................. End of April and NO Bardo, and no tracking info/updates MAY: No Bardo and No Tracking JUNE: Still no sign of the Bardo............................. Middle of June, Brinkmann say enough is enough, declare my deck & around £80k of new decks, arms and electronics lost and put in an insurance claim against UPS + let the importer know they will re-manufacture my deck + the other missing kit to fulfill customer orders. One good bit of news, I have a windfall + sell a big ticket item so order a NOS Urushi Vermillion from Audio Emotion at a very very good price ready for the Bardos return. JULY: 5th of July HIP HIP HOOF$#KINGRAY!!!!!! I have my Bardo back, not only repaired but updated to 2021 spec FOC, result, Im a very happy bunny.........for 3 days. At which point the LH 989 decides it wants to play up, BOLLOX!!!!! why couldnt it have done it whilst tt was missing, so 320 mile round trip to OTA with the promise it will be sorted by the 21st so I can collect it in-time for the first of 2 BOs i've organised. another 320 mile round trip, 5 1/2 hours of my life and £500 wasted collecting it on the 20th. ADDITIONALLY I very very carefully fit the Vermillion and with wizmax & Speedracer sit back for a listen........ To 15 seconds ofthe most disgusting sound I've ever heard, after which the arm gently glides all the way across the record. Yep the Vermillion had shed its stylus and £3k has just gone down the toilet. Contact AE they say send back for inspection, they pass it on to Absolute Sounds who subsequently tell me Koetsus are very robust so it's my fault and not poor manufacture. I must have accidentally damaged it during fitting and the rebuild cost at Koetsu is £2,585 at which point I contact my insurance to put in a claim for accidental damage and forward the email stream I have between myself AS & AE. AUGUST: 1ST of August and the repaired 989 decides to go tits up in the middle of my 2nd BO, AaaaaRRRGGHH!!!! I ring Steve at OTA and let rip, also tell him Im not doing anymore driving and its for him to cover the cost of delivery to him and the return. After 2 weeks of trying to get a courier to accept the boxed 989 (its a frigging great big box) I finally get a mate who was doing a van run up that way to deliver it and OTA to pay for his time. Also during August I swapped from an Encounter 3C/ Koetsu Black to a 12" Enterprise/Koetsu RSP but couldn't get the full effect without the 989s working so initially heard the new combo via Kef 104ab. ALSO 1 week after putting in the insurance claim I get a call and the cheque issued to cover a rebuild less £100 excess. On getting the Vermillion back (had picked up a 600 hr Koetsu RSP for a silly price, so selling the shagged Vermillion) and having calmed down I examined it at 30x magnification, what I saw was a manufacturing defect. It was quite obvious that the tip of the cantalever had sheared off due to high frequency induced crack propogation where the drill hole for the stylus shank is, just a flattish rough end face remained (no angled chamfer, stylus plate or glue). I don't think AS actually looked at it properly, thinking I was just an average hifi muppet with more money than sense. SEPTEMBER: I finally got the 989 back 10 days ago and it's been bliss listening to my full tier 1 system in all its glory................. Until yesterday that is, when the LH Icon started sounding a bit rough, turning it off waiting 5 mins and putting back on seemed to sort it, it did it again an hour later so same again and all good for 30 mins at which point it stopped giving any output although the valves carried on glowing as though nothing was wrong. Looks like another trip to see Henry and surviving with an Arcam Alpha 8P on power amp duties. WTF did I do to deserve 9 months of Sh#t from my system????? In the last 18 months I've given this system some serious love and attention and still it kicks me in the nuts.
  16. Anything that takes the flavour out of brussel sprouts is good in my book. It's just a pity it can't make them taste like icecream, then I might reconsider and start eating them. Disgusting things. Vomit bombs as I used to call them as a kid (we'll that was the polite term I used in front of mother).
  17. I've just applied for Saturday tickets, and will probably be chauffeured to the show by wizmax.
  18. I had a Manticore Mantra as a 1st deck back in 87 with a Moth (rebadged RB250) then later 'upgraded' to an RB300, and swapped from an A&R P77Mg to AT OC3 and then an 95E and at no point did a bother with spacers. Mind you ignorance and naivety played a big part in my actions as I knew no better at the time, all sounded very good to me. Anyway over the 239mm (pivot to stylus) 2mm is only a 0.48 degree SRA difference from running dead level, something at this juncture that's not worth bothering with. To affect the SRA by 1 degree takes 4.18mm at the pivot point. If it really bothers you at some point then look at getting a thicker platter mat to remove the slightly nose down stance.
  19. Well Carl @Shakey_Studioincar you've answered one question that's been puzzling me................. Who ate all the pies
  20. I would say no from a sonic perspective, Goldring & DG in particular are quite anal when it comes to retips/rebuilds. DG checks the electrical output before strip down and matches it when rebuilding, also he's to the best of my knowledge the only UK rebuilder who uses the original Koetsu Ogura stylus profile. As for "devalue" some people are snobbish and say if Koetsu don't do the work then it's not a Koetsu, but the difference in rebuild costs between K & GR is £2k (cart rrp is £2.1k). Sonically there's no difference (to my ears) that I could ascertain between mine (original and 120 hrs) and Brooks retip.
  21. I'm one of the two friends mentioned above who went out and bought there own black. In my case I was running a Hana ML at the time, a cartridge that I was very very happy with after it dethroned an Axia S I had. The Koetsu BGL quite simply stomped all over the ML, a cart that I never saw as lacking in detail, richness, air, or bass. The BGL though was in a different league, add to this the timbral & tonal information coming from voices and instruments. The BGL may be at the bottom of the Koetsu tree but it's a superb thing to stick on your tonearm, and is a great introduction to the Koetsu sound, a sound that is definitely not pipe & slippers. I still have the BGL though dmittedly it's now in a drawer, but that's only because I grabbed a Rosewood Signature Platinum for a stonking price.
  22. Yep, +1 on ditching the Elys, they're the next step down from using a rusty nail (to my ears). Treat the tt to an Audiotechnica VMN 95 and the sound will improve significantly, the Goldring already mentioned is also a good option.
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