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  1. Lurch

    Valve info

    You had one go tits up Jayson? If so I have one going spare.
  2. Yes!!! Please PLEASE PLEASE Mr Rabski, Sir, put this thread out of its misery.
  3. Charity shops are usually a good source for these, especially their furniture sales offshoots.
  4. Nick DOES NOT sell ANY Dacs, electronics or Speakers. Nick makes a few select cables which he does not promote here in the none dealer area. Any mention of his cables outside the dealer area is due to normal members use/knowledge of said cables.
  5. Lurch

    Newbie Intro's

    Hi and welcome Simon, keep an eye on the Bake-off section for something happening near you, Newbies are always welcome to these events. Even more so if you mention bringing cake, wammers love cake, and pies, and pizza and.........
  6. Well considering I have 12 different in my current main rig & 6 in system 2 without spare kit or wires and PSUs then 17 makes you a lightweight MAIN RIG. (current) Brinkmann Origin Live Koetsu Docet Lector BigBottle MFA Nord Icon Audio BlueSound Audio-GD Black Ice Martin Logan (sold) Nagoka Hana Sumiko Townshend Linn Tag Maclaren Quad Usher Benedict Audio EEI Hifi News (Black box headamp) Musical fidelity Arcam Rotel SYSTEM 2 Manticore Ariston Garrard Rega Cambridge Audio Sony Marantz Sansui Celestion Goodmans Heybrook Kef 38 different brands owned, and that's just what I can remember
  7. Yes! Lurch had some mini Dancers didn't he? Maybe he sold them to someone else on here. Dancer Mini 2 DMDs, sold them to Audio AL.
  8. There's a Claymore currently on eBay.
  9. You have grandkids, your lucky. I have energy vampires.
  10. @Andrew_C My god, what a boring obnoxious oik your online persona is, so for your outstanding display of disregard for an established and well liked member you have earned yourself a place on my very exclusive ignore list.
  11. This was a stonking amp in its day and would think it would sound superb now, has mm & mc, price is good aswell.
  12. Because it takes away from the time I could use more profitably, squeezing zits and scratching my butt.
  13. Why apologise for the dust? We're men, we don't know how dusters work as they don't come with a 3 pin plug and a 50 page manual we'll never read.
  14. I have both ends as separate bits if you don't mind putting a couple of inches of wire in between to join them up.
  15. Who's trying to squeeze ya nuts for £600 to rewire an arm? You could probably get this done via AO or Phonomac for a lot less than that. I'm sure others on here can also suggest more cost effective Re-wirers. As for where your current arm sits within the hierarchy of arms I would say its on par with most £1k - £1.5k arms. Unless you plan on only using MMs then a 3009 would be a big downgrade even with the silicone trough fitted it's not that high up the tree for MC use.
  16. If you want it something could possibly be sorted. Speedracer and Ianb are Ferndown so may be willing to bring to my BO. Then Chris GLB could collect and bring back to your neck of the woods. A few PMs could sort a Wam shuttle service.
  17. I think I will go back to listening to what women say, atleast they talk sense some of the time, not often but occasionally. And you still haven't passed the Turing test You're now on ignore.
  18. Really! And there was me thinking it was a chimpanzee attempting to pass the Turing test.
  19. 14 months ago I bought an Arcam Alpha 8P power amp as a summer amp but had to use it recently when my Icons went down and the Nords were out on a possible purchase audition. I couldn't believe the level of performance I was getting from this 50wpc amp which happily drove my MLs in the most musical way, and had only cost me the princely sum of £109 Inc delivery. My CCA & FiiO Taishan DAC, both powered by a twin output £30 Chifi Lpsu has no right to sound as good as it does in my 2nd system, definitely £75 well spent.
  20. This is my very very early 401 (April 63) sounds great in its veneered mdf plinth. Will get round to selling it at some point as its not getting used.
  21. The VD XKE cables, whilst using a silver coated wire, in my experience have always produced an even handed yet detailed sound. Whilst some cables can aid in producing an overly bright sound they are not by and of themselves tone controls, the tonal balance of a system (to me) is a function of the whole system and any unwanted sound signature is the result of poor synergy.
  22. Van Damme xke is all you need for a non foo but excellent performance pair of leads. Made up ready to go they're usually <£30 for a metre pair on fleabay, if you have a dj/musician supply shop near you then can be picked up even cheaper.
  23. Lurch

    Overhang Question

    There are 2 main measurements, pivot to spindle distance and then overhang. Overhang is the distance past the record spindle, for your rega the P-S distance is 222mm (used for drilling the armboard hole) and the overhang is 17mm giving an overall effective length (pivot to stylus) of 239mm. When setting up a cart in the slots there is a permissable 2mm of error so it's not to critical, what is more critical is the Zenith (alignment of the cart with the protractor grid). Personally I ignore the cartridge sides and sight from the front along the centreline of the grid and up the cantalever to ensure its as straight as possible it looks like a stick in a bucket of water if misaligned (definite kink). Whereabouts in the country are you? I F near the Southcoast then I'd be happy to help you dial it in.
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