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  1. Don’t know if it has been suggested yet but I’ve got a nice Radford STA15 I’ll be listing soon This is the original ad I bought it from: https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?71058-FS-Radford-STA15-Series-III-Amplifier
  2. I'll take this, will PM to arrange payment.
  3. How is this still here? Got one of these a few weeks ago for the PT and it's fantastic. Despite the complicated looks it's incredibly simple and easy to setup.
  4. Cheers, guess it was almost free for a moment
  5. I'm the first owner and originally purchased it new in July 2020 from a dealer in Hong Kong, comes with the original box etc. £1500 inc postage to UK only
  6. Not much to say, a great DAC and so good I bought it twice. £800 + Postage, I don't have the original box but it does have the remote (no power cable)
  7. Only thing I can think of offhand that will do all of that is the Sonos Port (new name for the connect)
  8. Whoops, messages cleared so should be ok now.
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