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  1. I believe the increasing price range of Linn Speakers and overall Linn Gear and the competition also increasing in this current days more then earlier days with many new brands competing..
  2. Yes absoulutely, it would be sad to loose all the old discussions which were helpful during my many system building processes, if they are gone? then we are loosing so many people's precious invested time and efforts and knowledge which was built-up for so many years, Linn, earned reputation of supporting and suplying spares for their equipments old as 8+ years? and the same should be continued with the forum, its their customer support which is outstanding then some. and they should keep-up the same good work and get the old archives here. Regard MusicBee
  3. Hi, Will this forum will have all the old Linn forums info. here? (old archives) to search through? its very important to find the info. related to old Linn equipment, if it's migrated from there to here? then how can I search? Many Thanks in advance. MusicBee
  4. Hi, Is this still available? if so, then please let me know, Regards
  5. Yeah you are rite, it was a typo, Sorry, I meant CXN.. many thanks for the reply and clarification. Regards
  6. Hi, Would please tell me what is CSX? as I'm also in search and reading about streamers, hence the question. Regards Pramod.
  7. Many thanks for your reply & info, will do,
  8. Hi Sean, Sorry to digress, but can you please let me know how you find out the age of speakers by serial number? asking because I'm also after one pair, and I saw one in my local area for GBP-330/- but I don't know how old they are. Thanks in advance for your time Music Bee