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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. In the end I ran out of time to make a change and have stuck with the Linn K20 cable which has been largely hidden between the wooden floor and the skirting boards. Next step is to tweak the treble Klout to reduce the brightness, which is currently set at maximum.
  2. I’m having a wooden floor put in the lounge and the cable for one of the speakers will have to somehow go underneath the floor where the room adjoins the conservatory. The K20 is as you will know very chunky indeed and frankly a bit unsightly. Is there a recommended significantly thinner upgrade I could go for? The set up is LP12, Cyrus CDi, Kairn, 2 Aktiv Klouts, Aktiv Keilidhs. Thanks
  3. Disappointingly it sold for only £148 on eBay. My mistake I suspect to have the auction finish early on a Friday afternoon.
  4. Still available. I will list it on eBay.
  5. Rega Apollo MK 1 CD player in excellent condition with remote. Finished in black with original box etc lots of reviews on this player and superb sound. £250 plus shipping uk paypal ‘gift’ option preferred. I’m in Bracknell if you want to hear it first or collect it instead of posting. I bought this fine player from Radiant Red a few months ago. It has worked faultlessly but I have now upgraded to a Cyrus CDi so it is surplus to requirements.
  6. I’ve had the faulty Kairn preamp repaired by the excellent John Caswell and the upgraded Micromega Leader 2 repaired by Deco Audio in Aylesbury. We (my learned friend Simon and I) spent 3 hours ensuring the speakers were in the best position and properly adjusted to firmly grip the carpet without any movement. The system was sounding pretty good. We were going to tweak the Aktiv card in the treble Klout to provide more treble, but didn’t have the right screwdriver to get it open! So that didn’t happen. But we did replace the Rega Apollo with the MicroMega to see which sounds best. The impact was immediately obvious and the mended MicroMega was streets ahead in musicality. So I will keep both and will run the MicroMega until it breaks.
  7. Thanks but I’ve now had it repaired but as my preamp has a noisy channel haven’t actually listened to it to compare it to my “new” Rega Apollo since the repair.
  8. I bought the Kairn, Klouts and Keilidhs from a friend who was moving to streaming. His lounge was wooden floors, not much furniture and had been set up by Ronnie at Sound Gallery. My lounge is carpets and too many soft furnishings and has never sounded as he and I think it should. I think the Keilidhs are bi-active; there are 2 Klouts and only 2 of the speaker plugs are used. There is an issue with the Kairn (shushing noise on one channel) that I’m going to get resolved (waiting for John Caswell to have a look) before I get someone in.
  9. Pungent bass? The bass isn’t very noticeable. I do have the Kustone basses. Closed in higher ups? Maybe. The treble certainly lacks sparkle. The system sounds like it has a blanket over it, according to Radiant Red, hence my request for help. Thanks for taking the time, I will have a look at the drivers.
  10. If the MicroMega sounds better I might keep both until the MicroMega passes away. But I suspect the Rega is better, unless the performance of the MicroMega was compromised by the dirt in the motor. You’d be very welcome to come round and help me decide which sounds better! Turns out the buzzing in the right channel is caused by the Kairn preamp so I’m waiting for JC to have the bandwidth to look at it. I wasted his time getting him to look at the Klouts; he was very nice about it. I haven’t resolved the short uprights issue for the Quadrasoure rack yet either! I was going to rebuild it with the shelves the right way up, but life got in the way.
  11. Deco say they have fixed its dirty motor contacts (that caused the skipping) by blasting extra voltage through it so I’m getting it back tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if it sounds better or worse than the Rega Apollo I bought from Radiant Red. Do you think it will be better or worse?
  12. You probably know this already, but there are people who buy whole collections, eg The Sound Machine based in Reading, plus there’s a guy who runs Oneadayrecords on eBay who bought my friend’s entire vinyl collection for what he thought was a reasonable price.
  13. My system comprising LP12 / Ittok / DV20X2 / Rega Apollo, Kairn, Aktiv Klouts, Aktiv Keilidhs doesn’t sound anything like as good as it should. I’ve asked Ronnie from The Sound Gallery to visit and tweak the Klouts, but he doesn’t seem to have the time this side of the end of the world. Can anyone recommend anyone else from this neck of the woods (I’m in sunny Bracknell) who can do the necessary tweaks to make the system sing?
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