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  1. Over researching (and thinking) streamers at this price range. I almost bought the Volumio Primo but was frustrated with the fact you have to pay a monthly subscription to use all the features plus I had issues with the Volumio software when I had a Project streamer. Even the app has surprised me. Not the very best I have used but certainly good enough.
  2. I purchased a Node 2i today and I think that it is faulty. It really has no right to sound as good as it does out of the box. What a bargain.
  3. The drive is 256GB. Not sure how to test the battery. Any suggestions?
  4. Selliing my iPad Pro 12.9 2018 and type case. I have owned both from new and they will come with their original packaging. The iPad has always had a cover on it and so is in superb conditon. The screen and body of the iPad are virutally unmarked. There is a pin-prick sized mark on part of the case that I have tried to photograph. I was aware it was there but took me a good few minutes to locate it. It is that small. The Smart Keyboard case shows some signs of use on the keyboard but works perfectly and has done a sterling job protecting the iPad. Photo's below - very difficult to phothraph in light of the glossy screen. Any questions please ask. The iPad will naturally be reset to factory setting and my Apple ID removed. Looking for around £600 + postage for the iPad and type case. I am happy for collection subject to social distancing. I live near Chorley, Lancs. IMG_20201012_212702 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20201012_212629 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20201012_212548 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20201012_212908 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20201012_212839 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20201012_212851 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20201012_212830 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20201012_212230 by Rob Moores, on Flickr
  5. Bought this is June this year. It is pretty much as new. There is some slight creasing to the strap where I have worn it a couple of times but that is it. Comes in the original box, case and with warranty card and tags. Original receipt will be provided. The only reason I am selling is not long after buying the watch I bought a smartwatch which I where all the time now and so this is just sitting unused. Looking for £195 plus postage. IMG_20200907_102138 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20200907_102113 by Rob Moores, on Flickr IMG_20200907_102146 by Rob Moores, on Flickr
  6. I was the buyer of @TheFlash's IA4. Superb amplifier and this one is a stone cold bargain at that price.
  7. I had a Chord 2Qute when it first came out. Had it in my system around 3 months. Did not enjoy it all all but foolishly stuck with it because of it’s reputation. I assumed that there were other issues in the system making it less engaging until I removed the 2Qute and realised I was wrong. I now have an RME ADI-2 DAC which replaced a Schiit Bifrost 2. The Bifrost 2 was superb and I would recommend this if you were looking for something organic and slightly soft sounding. I, though, much prefer the RME. It is not quite as organic as the Bifrost (although in my system it is close) but what it brings is detail, structure and soundstage. It is unbelievably flexible too with bass and treble controls, parametric equaliser, loudness control and several filters to chose from. Each of these options is configurable too. I simply set mine to NOS mode and lowered the output to the “hi-if” setting and love it. I have not played with any of the other settings yet as it sounds great with the couple of tweaks I have made.
  8. Mark Cargill runs Elite and his brother Gary Cargill Audio Emotion. Have dealt with Audio Emotion a few times and have never been disappointed.
  9. I bought my Falcon’s used and realise now how lucky I was to pick up a s/h pair (especially for the price I paid). My musical tastes are quite varied and I am happy to dip my toe into most genres. The Falcon’s truly shine where you would probably expect them to classical, jazz, acoustic singer songwriter material, vocals. Some rock sounds amazing (Pink Floyd, Dire Straits) albeit appreciate this at the lighter end. As you would expect they struggle if you want lots of bass but it is enough for me.