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    Auralic Aries Mini
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    LAB12 DAC1 SE
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  1. It is excellent - a very well balanced DAC which is smooth and detailed with a wonderfully wide and deep soundstage. It is better than the Lab12 DAC1 SE I have in the above areas but the differences are subtle - I’ve never felt I was particularly missing out within a few seconds of putting the LAB12 back in my system. Where my current DAC beats the La Voce is in tone, texture and vocals. It is more organic and engaging. I’ll keep both in my system for the next couple of days but I suspect the La Voce will be making its way back to Elite Audio and I’ll have to save for the La Scala which, when I heard it a couple of weeks ago, combines the best of both DAC’s.
  2. Sounds very nice and a lovely set up. I think the Aries Mini is an under appreciated hifi gem that you would need to spend a great deal to better. I had an Aries G1 to try a while back and honestly preferred the Mini into the same DAC.
  3. Thanks for the offer. I managed to get to borrow one from Elite Audio.
  4. Err, agree with this.....not a good idea to stack on top of a Sugden.....
  5. Amazing DAC with a rich, textured and organic sound. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Has anyone used the internal storage or accessed their own music with one of these steamers? If so does the unit cache the music files or do you have to search through folders on the device or app?
  7. Really enjoying this - very chilled.
  8. I found the Audio Note much darker, more organic than the Sugden which was lighter and more open sounding.
  9. Just a quick aside - I have the Sugden DAC and the Audio Note 0.1x. If you can find a LAB12 for the right price I have found them to be superb. Superior to with the Audio Note or Sugden.
  10. HouseElf

    Time for a DAC?

    Something you might want to try... The 851n can be used as a pre-amp I think. Try activating the pre function can then turning the 851n a few notches and see if that helps.
  11. Excelllent price. If I didn’t have an A21a on order I would be sorely tempted.
  12. Pretty sure he's after a La Scala. Good points on making an offer though.
  13. Final bump before the towel gets thrown in.....
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