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  1. I bought my Falcon’s used and realise now how lucky I was to pick up a s/h pair (especially for the price I paid). My musical tastes are quite varied and I am happy to dip my toe into most genres. The Falcon’s truly shine where you would probably expect them to classical, jazz, acoustic singer songwriter material, vocals. Some rock sounds amazing (Pink Floyd, Dire Straits) albeit appreciate this at the lighter end. As you would expect they struggle if you want lots of bass but it is enough for me.
  2. Is the DAC UK sourced? Does it have any warranty left? Thanks.
  3. I am a Proac fan too - I have owned the 1SC’s, SM100’s and D2’s over the years and appreciate the skills of Mr Tyler in his designs. They have always been well built and have excellent sound quality. I guess the discussion around the relative value of both the T10’s and the LS3/5a’s against each other and other speakers could be had about any hi-fi equipment (or anything for that matter). What I would say is that Falcon have had to recreate something virtually from scratch with their LS3/5a in trying to get as close as possible to the originals. If you look into the effort made to get the right material for the grills for example - it had to to be just the right spec - it is an attention to detail that Proac don’t need. Also the drivers. Proac are using off the shelf (to a defined specification) bass and treble units. The Falcon’s are not. With regards to the BBC thing. It is obviously for marketing but clearly very effective and probably necessary I would suggest. For some people “the closest approach” won’t do and will only settle for a facsimile of the original (no matter how flawed the original may be).
  4. I think The Proacs are totally different in construction and when you see the level of detail that Falcon have gone to in order to reproduce the LS3/5a then the price difference seems reasonable to me. For example the Falcon crossover, I suspect, will be far more sophisticated than the Proacs.
  5. The Falcon’s are very special speakers. I love mine. They are idiosyncratic and certainly not all rounders. I think the P3ESR’s are a slightly more rounded as a speaker and can play more genres to a similar standard - they are, to my ears, consistent and competent which is certainly no bad thing. With a lot of music I listen to the Falcons are sit up and take notice breathtaking. Something I could never say about the Harbeths. As you say on the face of it they are expensive for small boxes but not out of step with similar high quality mini monitor speakers available at the moment.
  6. Sam - have sent you a private message. Thanks, Rob
  7. Selling my Schiit Bifrost 2. Bought brand new from Schiit UK in January this year it is unmarked and comes boxed with the remote (unused) and instructions. This is a superb organic sounding DAC that has been described as a baby Yggdrasil. It is also modular meaning any upgrades that Schiit come up with in the future can be implemented with ease. The only reason I am selling is the streamer I am getting has a built-in DAC otherwise I would keep this. Looking for £495 plus postage or happy for collection subject to social distancing. I am based near Chorley, Lancs Photos: Schiit Bifrost 2 Front by Rob Moores, on Flickr .Schiit Bifrost 2 Rear by Rob Moores, on Flickr
  8. Keith, Would you be able to articulate what you mean by “high fidelity” please? Thanks.
  9. It would seem the owner of Stirling recommends a cheap Marantz integrated with the LS3/5a’s:
  10. I am using a Sugden IA-4 with my Falcon LS3/5a’s. It is, to my ears, a wonderful combination.
  11. For me subwoofers require a lot of patience, management of expectations and a lot of patience. I spent many days a few years ago trying to integrate an REL subwoofer into my system when I had some Harbeth P3ESR's following lots of advice. After crawling around on my hands and knees moving the sub all over my lounge I ultimately found the best position for it was back at Richer Sounds where I bought it and got a refund. That experience scarred me for life with subwoofers. I envy those, who will surely be along shortly, who have been able to get a sub working to their liking. I ended up selling my Harbeth P3ESR's for the 30.1's to get more bass. Then eventually sold those to get more bass.
  12. I love mine - the best t/t I have owned. Looking at the photo's it looks like any other Technics deck you have seen. In the flesh though it is rock solid and superbly built. And very heavy. Whoever buys it will be getting a bargain at this price.