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  1. Selling my Leica Summicron 50mm F2. Bought in 2019 from Park Cameras (the documents state the lens was made 21/10/2019) and will come with the original receipt. I have examined the lens closely and cannot find a mark on it. No scratches, marks, dings etc. It really is in superb condition which I hope the following photos will demonstrate. As can be seen from the photos it comes boxed with manual and guarantee card, leather case (also unmarked), inner box and outer grey box. Current RRP seems to be between £2,050 and £2,100. Looking for around £1,400 plus postage or happy for the bu
  2. I have never really been into gambling myself. Been on a couple of race days with business. I always used to take £50 with me and had a small bet on each race. I would then ensure through the day I consumed more than £50's worth of the free beer, wine and food. Enjoyed the challenge.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/jul/11/my-son-would-be-shaking-trying-not-to-go-online-how-the-gambling-industry-got-its-claws-into-kids
  4. In superb condition the bag has never left the house. It comes with the laptop divider, three dividers and the (creased) cloth bag it came in. Looking for around £125 + postage. The craftsmanship on these bags is superb. I had a Billingham bag immediately before this one and the Wotancraft in my opinion is superior in every way. Link to product review: https://www.carryology.com/reviews-2/wotancraft-trooper-camera-bag-review/ Photos: https://flic.kr/p/2kREkgu
  5. May be worth a watch. The guys ramble a bit but it sounds pretty good through my headphones.....
  6. I think working from home has more advantages and really depends on the staff that you employ. The company I work for in London (a Lloyd's insurance syndicate) have had far greater success in the last 12 months than they could have imagined. But this is down to the dedicated staff who I suspect are mostly fed up with the typical London commute and have taken the opportunity to prove that working from home can work. In recent discussions it seemed clear to me that they are not looking to go back to how it was before and will probably meet as a team once a week and then leave it to each te
  7. I get where you are coming from but with your first point who decides on what neutral actually is? Can we measure neutrality? If we subjectively define what neutrality is this makes the definition virtually meaningless beyond the individual doing the defining? I think you have hit the nail on the head with the second point - for me it is about recognising what a reviewer/commentator means when they describe the attributes by listening yourself and then so long as they are consistent with their language it should be straightforward to discern what the mean when they describe something in
  8. All that reviewers are doing is giving an opinion on an item of audio equipment in the context of their system and room. As all opinions are subjective then all reviews are redundant? The fact they are struggling for the words that adequately articulate what they mean is another matter. If you want or value their opinion that is.
  9. Morning, The G1 is a fantastic streamer and really well built - better than I thought it would be. The dealer didn't know that the G1 couldn't take internal storage which surprised me. In retrospect comparing them side by side the G1 is "technically" better sounding than the Aries Mini - slightly cleaner sounding with more detail - and has far superior build, the front screen and is more versatile (parametric eq etc) however I do think I prefer the slightly warmer and organic sound of the Mini. I realised having tried a few streamers out over the years why I keep coming back to
  10. Withdrawn for the time being until I can work out if the Aries G1 can take internal storage.
  11. The Mini Thanks for this. The Mini really does punch above it's weight. Well above. I prefer it to the Bluesound Node that I had previously plus it is a lot more straightforward to add a linear power supply if you want to go down that route. It also does USB out which the Bluesound doesn't do.
  12. For sale is my Auralic Aries Mini. It is in superb condition and comes double boxed with the following: Aries Mini Quick Start Guide Internal Drive Installation Instructions Original RCA Cables UK/EU Plug Internal drive screws and Allen key All in perfect working order. Sounds great through its RCA's and as a streaming transport via USB, optical or coax. Looking for £350 +P&P Any questions please ask. Photos: Aries Mini 5 by Rob Moores, on Flickr Aries Mini 4 by Rob Moores, on Flickr Aries Mini 3 by Rob Moores,
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