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  1. It would take me hours to list all the gear I have bought blind. Not many decent dealers around where I live plus the one's I have visited (years ago) haven't been great to be honest - I always sensed an agenda in the products they push.
  2. I should absolutely matter morally where we source anything we buy. The issue we have is even products manufactured in the UK for example will have components made overseas - more than likely China - so I am not sure how you would ensure anything you buy is purely ethical. Maybe we should bring in laws similar to Italy that state if a product is said to be "Made In Italy" all manufacturing, assembly has to be totally produced there.
  3. As mentioned in the Living Voice thread I had the Art Audio Diavalo when I had my LV speakers. Great amps but at around £3,500 there are a few others I would want to listen to before settling. The latest Jadis integrated, for example, looks like stunning value to me for around £3,200 I believe.
  4. Great news with the R25a order. Do you mind me asking what the RRP is? I cannot find this on the Definitive Audio website. Incidentally, I had the Art Audio Diavalo with a pair of Living Voice speakers - very nice combination.
  5. I have had a couple of Chord DACs in different systems - the 2Qute and Qutest. Never got on with them personally. We are all different I guess. As for Goldensound and his thoughts on the Bartok a friend of mine had one on his system for a couple of weeks. Could not warm to it at all. I’ve heard several DAC’s in his system and we have always come to the same conclusion so from my perspective his ears aren’t broken. I doubt that there is anything in high end audio that could be universally loved. Even a Bartok.
  6. Amazing amplifier. If I hadn’t just bought a brand new A21a Signature I’d have been more than sorely tempted by this.
  7. I had a pair of Falcon Acoustic LS3/4 in my 19ft by 13ft lounge and the bass was superb. Obviously, they are never going to rattle the windows but I never felt short changed for the music I listen to. As others have mentioned it does depend on the genre of music you mainly listen to. The midrange was really where it was at and in this area I have not heard better. I recall listening to a track that started with some acoustic guitar in the left speaker and it really took me by surprise how natural and present it sounded. I was on the other side of the room and it was one of those rare double take moments in hifi.
  8. Sounds like you had a great time at Definitive. Not surprised as Kevin is a great host I believe - I have always enjoyed chatting to him on the phone with my wallet very much at arms length in the past! Will you get an opportunity to try the R25a's at home? I only ask this as, in my experience, the Living Voice speakers I've owned do need some careful setting up to sound their best. As with all speakers the room can be the key to getting great sound.
  9. It is odd in a way that they have been up for sale for a while. As with a lot of high end stuff they are one of those brands that are more "fringe" than others though. I suspect they are overpriced, too. Not in the context of the quality of the speaker more in that the stars would have to align for a buyer to want to buy them. Right system, right space and a knowledge of their capabilities. With no, as far as I can tell, UK retailer selling them other than Definitive themselves they are not a brand that you would ever stumble across at a local dealer. Over the years I have has the OBX-R2's and OBX-RW's. Both superb speakers that sounded incredible - at the time with a young child in the house I realised I couldn't really accommodate them. Now my daughter is older I could have a pair but I am more than happy with the Proac DB1's at the moment. If I was looking for an upgrade and funds allowed they would be on the shortlist.
  10. Why did you move then on though? I felt the sound lacked a little "sophistication" and I also wanted something smaller in my lounge.
  11. Had a pair for a few weeks. They were pretty good for the price - for which you got a lot of speaker. I used them relatively close to the back wall and they didn’t seem to be too bloated in the bass.
  12. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7627747?clickPR=plp:1:72 Don't mention it.
  13. Stunning pre-amp. Looks like something of a bargain.
  14. They are dreadful things (Tacima power strips). I’ve tried my Sugden A21a Signature with its own cable and an Atlas cable both into a half decent power strip and the wall. It seems happiest with the generic cable it came with straight into the wall. As have all the Sugden amps I’ve owned.
  15. I think we all need to appreciate that all reviews are fatally flawed in some way - primarilyy because it would not, in the long run, pay for a reviewer to consistently give bad (honest?) reviews of products as manufacturers and distributors would slowly but surely stop supplying equipment for review. As most reviewers rely on their YouTube channels as their main or secondary source of income then it pays for them to give positive reviews to keep the latest products flowing in for review. I personally think it is brave in some ways of Goldensound to release this against the grain review of the Bartok. He certainly isn't going to get anything else from DCS to review and I suspect many high end manufactures would be wary of sending him anything. As an aside a mate of mine recently had the Bartok in his system for a couple of weeks and really didn't gel with it and sent it back. But the point is we are all different and we all don't have to like the same thing. I am sure we have all heard products that the press, en masse, rave about that we dislike and wonder what all the fuss is about. I know I have.
  16. The Karan is a far better amp.
  17. I am really happy with my system at the moment and so any major upgrade would be a nice to have rather than an "essential" purchase and could easily be put on the back burner until the increased cost of utility bills et al is fully realised.
  18. I think I will be trying a few sub £2k streamers out to see if one can usurp the Aries Mini in the Spring plus pitting the internal phonostage in the Sugden against some stand alone ones.
  19. The E-480 is a superb amplifier and could slot into many systems with many different speakers and sound exceptional purely by virtue of the power it has and the supremely refined and "grown up" sound that it produces. It is one of the best I have had and heard. The Sugden on the other hand needs a more specific set of circumstances to sound its best - especially in the speaker department where the Proac DB1's allow it to shine I feel. The two amps are very different in design and approach and so really it very difficult to compare. Purely in terms of presentation, I would say the Accuphase is slightly "cooler" and matter of fact compared to the Sugden. I have not heard your Marantz or anything by the brand for a number of years so couldn't say how they would compare. It would be interesting to listen to them side by side though where my money would be on the Accuphase but this hobby always has a habit of throwing a spanner in the works when it comes to such expectations.
  20. Out: Dynaudio Special 40's Sugden ANV-50 In: Accuphase E-480 Dynaudio Heritage Special EAR Phonobox Out: Accuphase E-480 Dynaudio Heritage Special EAR Phonobox Audio Technica VM540ML In: Sugden A21a Signature Proac DB1 LAB12 DAC1 SE Hana SL Out: LAB12 DAC1 SE In: Aqua La Scala
  21. Thanks. It's one of these: https://www.sefour.com/store/products/vinyl-storage-unit-tobacco-walnut.html
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