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  1. Haven't compared the Mober to the Karousel, but did compare it to a new Cirkus and thought the Cirkus noticeably better. I suspect that the Mober bearing, being new, was replacing a worn Linn bearing (of whatever vintage) and that the "dramatic improvement" was more a case of new replacing worn. And having compared a new Cirkus to a Karousel, I have zero doubt the Karousel will klobber the Mober. I write that as a Mose/Herc2 owner, so I think I can safely say I'm not "biased" or "prejudiced" against Edmund.
  2. Just go visit the Naim forum, where several people are already willing to say it's better. Of course, most of them haven't heard it, but still . . . And the temper tantrums of a few as they await delivery are popcorn-worthy.
  3. Well. After finally getting an LP12, it's been fitted with a Karousel and Trampolin2, along with an AT OC9XML, which I like a lot - it's good enough that I've held off on an ART9 or similar. I was relieved when Rick said my Ekos1 had the best bearings he'd ever seen on one - whew! Now to not screw them up! Next will probably be a subchassis, and then probably a Lingo 3 or 4, depending on availability and price differential. After that, probably a cartridge - the way I'm playing records the OC9 might need to be replaced, and, even if not, it would make a GREAT backup.
  4. So you'd be OK with someone saying a LP12/LVX+/Basik is better than, say, an Akurate LP12? That's a completely relativistic argument, which is inherently self-defeating. And yes, "objectively." If it makes one feel better, substitute "observationally." @ThomasOK - Linn indeed experimented with machined plinths and top plates (along with hundreds of belts, mats, fasteners, armboards, etc.); and chose not to put it into production not because it wasn't better - they said it was - but because the retail pricing would have been prohibitive in their judgment. Too much overhead. I agree with you regarding many other "upgrades" offered for the LP12 by third parties (particularly the Origin Live DC motor system, which was laughably bad), but to dismiss them without an active comparison is disingenuous and counter to Linn's own ethos.
  5. Sorry, but no. The TA is inarguably better objectively. If I were still in retail, I'd have the same position you're taking - "they're both great, whichever you prefer - but please buy one of them." If you prefer blur and less information, go for the Klimax LP12 and keep money in your pocket. (And a Klimax LP12 is already far better than what I have.)
  6. Have you heard a full-on Tangerine Audio LP12? I had a chance to compare side by side with a full-on Klimax LP12; same arm (Ekos SE/2) and cartridge (Lyra Atlas). And while I'd long been on the Linn side of things, the Tangerine'd LP12 is simply better - it retrieves a lot more information in the same tuneful/musical way that a regular LP12 does.
  7. Yep, Karousel fits. Second hand Kores are not thick on the ground in the US . . .
  8. I'd love to, or even move to the Keel, but the Alto is 1/3 the price of the Kore and appears similar material and construction-wise. I may be off the ART9X path - the OC9XML is sounding terrific as it breaks in.
  9. Thanks - it's on a Target TT2sa stand, on top of a Auralex isolation platform. Spiked through carpet to whatever is underneath the carpet. Positioning isn't ideal - it's right behind a Monitor Audio GX300, but I'm space-limited. At least it isn't in a corner! I may get a couple pieces of tile to put under the TT2sa, to give it a better base until I replace the carpet with hardwood - hopefully next year. Table and platter/arm are as close to perfectly level as I can get them. Too bad you didn't have time to stop in - I worked at the local Linn dealer (Rick at Audio Alternative)from late 94 through 96. He's simply brilliant with LP12s, and I like to think I picked a few things up from him. Just took a friend of mine to introduce him, and my friend is now busily redoing his system . . .
  10. Well, I did both. At least sort of on the cartridge side. Karousel and Trampolin2 were installed by Rick at Audio Alternative in Ft. Collins, CO. And the table came back sounding remarkably better - no surprise, I'm sure to those who have jumped on the Karousel. And it underlined again just how valuable and what a big difference a gifted LP12 person can make to the table. I had started with an AT VM95E, and while it's remarkable for what it is, I wanted more. So I tried a AT VM95ML, which was noticeably better but still . . . So I ordered an OC9XML, which is now breaking in - it has about 4 hours on it at the moment. And it's a rather dramatic improvement over the VM95ML. Now actually thinking about either a Stack Audio Alto subchassis or going up to the ART9X. (Or other cartridge - not fixed on the ART9 - I just seem to like AT carts.) So thanks all - I've never had a better sounding/more musical LP12. And have the record buying binges to prove it!
  11. Alan Sircom (sort of) reviewed it in HiFi+ and thought it excellent. Of course, what else is he going to say? As for delivery, Clare Newsome said that the first set of tables is going out about now to distributors/dealers, and that it will take time for them to produce them for delivery to end users. No mention of Naim's envisioned timeframe for production of the entire run.
  12. It really was impressive, though in an understated way, if that makes sense. It simply sounded real. One of those systems where the recording quality is almost irrelevant if the music is great - my brain, at least, locked on the music-making and not the recording.
  13. All I dropped off my LP12 with Rick at Audio Alternative yesterday (Tuesday) for a Karousel, Trampolin2, new armboard, and rebuild. I get to pick it up Friday. While I was there, he played a few tracks for me on his "big" system. The speakers were YG Acoustics Sonja XVi speakers with a pair of their matching subs (!), VTL Siegfried monoblocks, a D'Agostino phono preamp, and a $46K USD LP12, which had the Tangerine plinth/top plate, base, and supporting feet, Klimax Radikal, Ekos SE, and a Lyra Atlas cartridge (whichever model is ~$13,500). The whole system, with cabling, etc., would retail for ~$750K USD. How did it sound? All I can think of is "Wow." It was unbelievably good (yeah, yeah - I know, it SHOULD be). Far and away the best I've ever heard. There was an incredible sense of ease - like nothing could fluster it. And it's information retrieval and presentation was sublime - on one track, you could hear the singer's clothes shifting as he moved. And it wasn't thrown at you or distracting - it was just there. Ditto for all the phase tricks/playing on the Jimi Hendrix record he played - it was almost like surround sound. Sonny Rollins was in the room (right after Peter Gabriel left). It just sounded real. No hype, no histrionics, no added sugar. I've heard a (very) few other similarly expensive systems. None of them did that. I'll never own a single piece of it (well, MAYBE an Ekos SE . . . ) but I'm very glad I got to hear it - I have a better sense of what's possible in this crazy and wonderful hobby of ours. And I hope everyone here has the chance to hear a system like it, set up as well as this one is.
  14. I can't say how much influence the British hifi press had on LP12 sales except to say it had nothing to do with my first LP12 experience. I went in to the local high-end store (Professional Audio Consultants in Millburn, NJ, who were nothing short of amazing) for a better cassette deck, as I wanted to make better tapes. And when the sales person I worked with asked about getting a better turntable, I asked "What difference could a turntable make?" He then gave me one of the very best demonstrations I've ever had. First was a NAD 5120 (all through Nait 1 and Kans). Best thing I'd ever heard - though short lived. Next was a Heybrook TT2 with an LVX+ and Basik. Significantly better (duh!). Finally, an LP12 with LVX+ and Basik. I was blown away. And as soon as I could afford one, I bought an LP12 from them. In the interim, I wound up with an Oracle Alexandria from them. Great store, great dem. It was only later that I started looking at magazines, and most of the US magazines focused on US gear. So in the US, at least, I don't think the British magazines had much of an effect at all - certainly all the people I knew who had LP12s bought them based on direct demonstration compared to other tables. Also, and incidentally, John Atkinson used Celestion SL600s for a while before switching to SL700s. The 700s remain one of my "love to live with them for a while" speakers.
  15. Nestor - I agree with you re Naim - I'm "de-Naimed" save for a nDAC with a Pardo T-XPS which does not buzz at all. Been there, done that, and have the t-shirt, as we Americans say.
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