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  1. Did this in a bright yellow Spitfire 1500 camping in September with my bride to be in 1982 by accident before it was officially called NC500, Again had done it by accident in 1980 in July when there was still a ferry at Kylesku B4 the bridge Retiring xmas eve so looking for projects for next year - I would be up for it - have a 2004 SLK now coming up for 100k. I would like to explore the Crinan canal too Andrew Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Driven to play golf for the sweet shot, sailing to plane, walking for that awesome view etc. Audio for dark background, soundstage, tonality, emotional connection. Found it at the start of lockdown with purchase from Sue Townshend of Seismic Platform which transformed not only the bass but everything in my 10yr old Linn Klimax 350A system - not cheap at £1600 but one of the best improvements! (In retrospect problem = Suspended floor over garage). Next up melco NAS with independent connection to streamer took away what must have been noise in the network! Certainly worth chasing these things down. Consequence - just love listening to streamed music through Roon (although the LP12 has a different emotional connection) and now an impending downsizing house move means I can at last let go of the “never previously traded in stuff”. Yeah it probably is a hobby for head cases! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I will PM/DM you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. What did you get in the end? Andrew
  5. Looks like it is a Linn Classic Movie 05 phono no SCART - silver version of the one on eBay for £699. Just got it down and will test if I have time today or tomorrow. Do I get the feeling you really just wanted the non-movie version? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Took my Linn Unidisk 1.1 to Darren at Class A in Sheffield who diagnosed dynamic power supply problem, back to Linn with a large cheque and unopened since it’s return - so, just a heads up for Class A but if all else fails and you fancy it it could be available for purchase?
  7. I will check in the loft tomorrow and take some pictures (sure it was silver and the later model) - any idea how much you are looking to pay? I also have 5 under-used Komponent centre speakers and the sub! Andrew
  8. Bought some size 4 just before lockdown before considering physical room correction to use with Linn K350A (after watching a YouTube video which I can no longer locate) as I have a suspended chipboard floor over a garage - can only say it has transformed my system. OK I was trying to tame the awesome bass from The Comet is Coming tracks “All that matters is the moment” and “Summon the fire” (which has a nice accompanying YouTube video) and found it not only did that but has improved all my music collections both NAS, streamed (OK the Melco helped there too), and LP12. Tazman46 - Worth giving Sue Townshend a ring and explaining what you need - I was looking on e-Bay etc but found she quoted a price that beat everything. Expensive, not really for how it met my need, transformed my listening experience and has stopped me looking for anything else (at present)(and after 20 weeks into lockdown!)
  9. Just before bidding on a "certain Auction site" I thought I ought to check where I keep my Vinyl stuff (not used for a long time but waking up to it now jobs are being completed in the lockdown) and what luck, found I already have one. Just like the post by General Factotum above " The Audio Technica AT-637 I found this the other day, a piece of kit that I had forgotten about so long ago I can't remember the last time I used it. It's an AT-637 as the title says and it's an electronic stylus cleaner," Also forgot I had bought an as yet unused just as I was thinking "how often should I use a stylus cleaner"?!
  10. Forgot about the “silly putty” which is such a neat idea and also the debates around but that is starting to move away from the really good value (cheaper) products which may benefit!
  11. I have loved this thread (which I only discovered yesterday) and can palpably feel the excitement which it recreates. A less wallet adjusting enhancement might be exploring Spider’s Velvet Vortex ultrasonic record cleaner. Happy if you live nearby to demo it. Really good value (compared to my Loricraft which I bought to manage charity shop vinyl purchases with some success). It reminds me of the first LP I bought by Martin Taylor after wondering if I had made the right decision listening to my record collection with my next LP12 with all it’s inherent surface noise (we are talking Osibisa’s first album here!) some 7 years ago and wondering why there was no record noise at all. So the source here is the record which needs to be loved and cared for! Spiked Lack Table great idea, but not so clever here with suspended floor over garage! Target (or other) wall shelf another value enhancer! Even better - green paper (does it still exist?). Seems like the Walnut issue has been relegated as ears dominate eyes! By the way it sounds like you really are having fun!
  12. How about getting up early to complete some work which I was unable to finish yesterday due to the VPN going down and ...... the VPN is down again! So off for my once a day walk a bit earlier than usual with no conscience!
  13. Right from the start the BBC had a page on it’s website related to this:- I thought this was an early recognition of how the situation was likely to affect most of us. Sadly I am in the “vulnerable” group and so have to stay away from the work place but am managing to remote in from my “man cave” - have never been busier! That does however mean breaks are sent tidying, proper listening and sorting out my kit!
  14. Tried a bit of home skiing? Last run of the day!