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  1. My friend who attended the show had a light bulb moment this morning. The Wam show, compared to trade hifi shows, had many, many more rooms where the systems were producing music rather than sounds. I know that this is subjective but like me he is a professional musician so I trust his opinion. This show for my friend had far, far more value than trade shows. There is obviously a difference in a well put together carefully chosen system than 'the latest' from a manufacturer. If this is true then there is an interesting opportunity here both for buyers and the trade. Sorry that he isn't on the forum but he doesn't even have a mobile phone. He was very happy in the nineteen a eventies and eighties and doesn't see why he should change any aspect of life from that period!!
  2. My friend loved your Garrard/Audiomods/AN and cant stop talking about your stunning wife!
  3. I couldn't make it but a friend (non-forum member) went. He said that Spider's Garrard was absolutely stunning as was Mrs Spider! Also Robin's Acoustic Solid/AN/Clearaudio sounded excellent as well as the AN digital gear in the same room. Everyone was welcoming and it was a well organised event. Really annoyed that I couldn't make it but my friend bought me a Yusef Lateef album as consolation. Hope to make it next year.
  4. An AN dealer told me that the key difference was the midrange response with snare drums sounding snappier on the non-hemp version and the sound being overall faster. Reading the other responses about hemp being richer makes sense. I am considering buying some to go with a Leben CS300. Any thoughts on this combo?
  5. Thinking about coming to listen to these cartridges especially as dealer demos are difficult. Nagaoka MP500 would also be a good listen. am also interested in listening to a Whest 30SE or similar thanks len
  6. LebenLenco

    Show Guide

    With so many rooms I would love to know who is demoing what in each room. There must be others who feel the same.
  7. I have a SilverCore 1:10 and it is very good. I compared it to a more expensive SUT from Intact Audio and preferred the SC because it was more balanced sounding. The Intact had a pronounced midrange. I also listened to the Audio Note S2/IO but decided that it was not worth changing. SC is a solid buy and as they are rare to find that secondhand one is worth trying out.
  8. LebenLenco

    More Bass ?

    I just remembered that when I lived in a Victorian house with this type of floor I had too much base and had to sell my floorstanders and get stand mounts. I think that someone else suggested changing speakers and maybe that's a good way to go if you can get them to work on that floor.
  9. Since post 91 there has been no discussion of toneams its been about sound reproduction. Anyway good to hear and feedback that you have.
  10. False because identical is the point and it can't be achieved for reasons that are obvious to all but you. I can't believe that you can't understand this. I commented again after a mellowing glass of wine but now I am out.
  11. I have had a nice glass of wine. Now where were we? I think that you think that 'very close' = 'identical' (am being generous to you with the very close because to my ears it's not very close at all) And I think that identical = identical. You dismiss the word identical so quickly that you are missing the point of the concept. Why do you think that I gave you the photocopy example and spelt it out and then Blood types example? It's because identical has a specific meaning. I agree with you that musical reproduction through hifi can be glorious. I learned many many years ago the difference between hearing an instrument and the recorded version that I just decided to get a system that I enjoyed listening too and forgot about realism and everything else. I only know one other musician who even has a decent hifi system and the rest use MP3s.
  12. A friend mentioned Watford Valves to me as I am also on the hunt for valves but I haven't bought any yet.
  13. You seriously don't know what identical means? I have focused on a simple concept - the word identical. Serge has given well written technical answers that further explains it. You still don't get it and I still can't find how to do 'ignore'.