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  1. I've just dropped the price a few hundred on the bay, it can go for 3500 no less.
  2. Hi cable monkey you can delete the lot I'll try next year people know I have it , I've tried to help someone to complete a dream but nobody is interested, if my marantz sells I'll also be keeping it which suits me, cheers mate
  3. How do I delete the vitus for sale ? Not going to bother now I've had several stupid offers below what I want for the marantz so will not advertise now until after brexit/ Christmas/ next year
  4. Start saving some cash it shouldn't be long before my NRG CONTROL 401S goes up for sale that will be fun 1650w into a 2ohm load 100w class A and 400w into 8 ohm all 170lb of her! The best amp I've ever heard full stop.
  5. Yes well I had a silly offer last night at £4500 well i didn't even reply lol
  6. That's a taking the piss price now! I really don't care if you want to buy to make several thousand next year I just want it gone ASAP!!!!
  7. Thank you so much for talking me though that omg I can relax now Nigel if the lotto drops the vitus is yours 😉
  8. Just take the £20 it's not worth the hassle it's easier I've tried everything else. Where do I sign up ? Geeeesss
  9. It will not send sadly still says to big I give up my ME is now giving me brain fog so nothing is working in my head so I've got to put this down now and come back to it before my head explodes
  10. Anyone wanting to email me be my guest I'll send a photo and see if you have any joy, before I smash my phone up!. I've absolutely no idea why I have this problem other photos on here look excellent and I'm not computer minded one little bit.
  11. I've just tried again sent it back to myself via email tried everything and just tried again now it says I cannot post as it's 1.87mb craziness!!! I'll try and send you a pic hifinut and thanks in advance matt
  12. If my marantz pm10 sells the vitus I'll keep as that will free up enough funds for me either amps are excellent so not fussed which 1 goes , I kind of hope the marantz goes keeping the vitus would be great
  13. Hi flash not sure what your saying would you like a demo comparison etc ?. I'm listening to my marantz pm10 only 3 months old, the vitus is boxed up ready to go but I'll put it back in the system for a demo no problem cheers matt
  14. I've tried to put pictures up of my gear but a cannot do it it's a brand new pm10 It looks brand new you mite find a spec of dust if you look close I suppose. Downgraded photos down to just 2meg my phone photos will not create. Email me for photos simple