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  1. I think you need a check up.
  2. I don't get Radiohead. I own and play occasionally OK C. Then I shake my head and put it away again.
  3. And me. I looked them up and got this.
  4. Probably at some point. By then I will be plucking my harp on a cloud.
  5. Below are the translated lyrics of a top 10 UK single from the late 70s. The song was not sung in English. Without cheating, can you spot it? My cat Splash is crashed out on my bed He's swallowed his tongue From drinking all my whisky Whereas me, not much sleep, drained, pissed off, I had to sleep in the gutter, Where I had a vision In four colours Come on, let's go! One morning, A chick came to my place Cellophane doll, (with) Chinese hair, A bandaid, a hangover, Drank my beer, from a big glass made of rubber like an Indian in his igloo Everything's awesome for me Off we go! That chick, What enthusiasm, what a buzz To hit the hay! Shagged, ruined, emptied, satiated, "You are the king of the divan" Is what she told me in passing I am the king of the divan Everything's awesome for me Come on! Butt out, back off, Don't touch my planet It's not today that the sky will fall on my head and that I will miss/run out of alcohol Everything's awesome for me On we go! My chick took off, shot through Finally had enough Broke everything the sink, the bar, leaving me alone like a big idiot I put my foot in it Everything's awesome for me
  6. Thank you for the reply, much appreciated. Your main thrust, I think , is that it is the design and manufacture of the cable which is the dominant factor. It is your first two sentences which puzzle me a bit. I think you are suggesting that equally designed and manufactured cables of varying conductor cross section/mass will sound the same/similar. That seems a bit counter intuitive to me. Does not a thicker gauge conductor have less resistance? Cheers
  7. Thanks for the replies, I am thinking of changing a couple, but not for sound quality reasons. My home made ones are so stiff they have broken the sockets at the back of one of my amps and although repaired, I don't want it to happen again. Too much Scottish Blood ( 50%), to buy cables for the sake of it. Not sure i have the patience to build my own again, but it is a minefield out there with price and performance not always going hand in hand.
  8. My first record player, I worked for 2 weeks in the summer holiday aged 14 to afford this stunning piece of equipment from Boots. £35, quite a lot of money then. Tracked at at least 5 grams, some of my records are still telling me about it. Made by Philips. Then realised I hadn't any money left to buy records, but bought Beatles Blue 67 to 70. Still have it.
  9. I've been thinking about this for a while and realise my understanding is limited and muddled. I do not wish to start WW3. I may need to replace a pair or two of interconnects soon, but my questions may apply to speaker cable as well. Back in the 90s I worked upwards through part of the Nordost range of interconnects. ( The bottom end of the range). I started with some Solar Wind , then Blue Heaven, then Red Dawn. Each change brought about a bigger, fuller sound with more bass response and subsequently, a less bright and better balanced sound. I noticed a similar pattern emerge years ago with speaker cable. As the cables were of a similar design the main thing that was changing was the amount and weight of metal in the cables, (silver plated copper.) The more expensive ones were much heavier. About 5 years later I bought, and still have, a Valve preamp, and my unscreened cables were picking up lots of interference and buzzing. So applying my possibly flawed logic I decided to make my own cables. I went to Maplins and bought the heaviest OFC coaxial cable they had, about £1.50 per metre, plus some phono plugs etc. Very time consuming for a novice but low and behold they sounded as good as the Red Dawns which cost about £300 20 yrs ago, from memory. No buzzing. So I'm thinking, up to a certain point, more copper is a good thing. I have noticed also with speaker cable, certainly at the low/medium sector of ranges, you get more metal as you pay more. I have one solid silver interconnect, which I bought years ago, which is incredibly detailed (and very Hi Fi) but lean sounding, but again clearly not much metal in it as it is incredibly light. However, there are some very expensive connectors and speaker cable which is surprisingly thin. So what is going on there? I have noticed that on some discussions, there is talk of capacitance, inductance, speed , as well as resistance. I would be interested in what ingredients make a good connector, I'm sure not necessarily related to price, and how much water my "more metal" theory holds? Simplistic logic suggests that a heavy silver cable would work best? I assume a cable should be "invisible" to the signal as much as possible. Before I make or buy some more, I would appreciate some more knowledge. Also are there any cheapish interconnects that have a decent amount of metal in them?
  10. You have obviously got a bigger one than me.
  11. Why would it not have a valve in it?
  12. Clearly related to HB1s