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    LP12, cirkus, Lingo
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    Naim Aro, Hana SL
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    Audio Note AN CD2.
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  1. Did the Mana cost more than the system??
  2. So you could sell the Phono stage and go on holiday??
  3. We have been worried about the number of Swallows returning to our courtyard this year although the odd one turned up about a month ago. We had a few more turn up about a week ago. Might be coincidence but today, as the temperature rose with southerly winds, the numbers more than doubled. They are all flying round and seem very excited. Great to see.
  4. Colinjg

    Formula 1 2021

    Sounds like a recipe for the top 2 teams to score more points.
  5. Paul Simon's career??
  6. We have a Dragon at work.
  7. Zep . Coda. CD. Bought this for chips on Amazon as I realised it was the only album I didn't have. Thought I was ordering the later version with the bonus tracks, but not to be. Collection of odds and sods and left overs. Sounds like it to be honest. Worth having though.
  8. That occurred to me as well today.
  9. Arsenal's announcement seems to be the most contrite and well worded to me.
  10. The Super League appears to have reached the Knock out stages.
  11. I see Woodward is leaving Man U.
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