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  1. Garry Christian has a fantastic voice imho. Great Singer. Seen them a number of times.
  2. Thought this might be of interest. A surprisingly wide range of new parts at sensible prices, including a Keel alternative. https://stackaudio.co.uk/serene/
  3. One is not amused!
  4. I've has a Rondo before, I might be interested, could you tell us why/how it has had virtually no usage please.
  5. Thunder. Back Street Symphony. Debut album on Vinyl.
  6. Linda Ronstadt. Greatest Hits 2. Vinyl.
  7. Is that a roundabout way of saying there are too many people??
  8. Took me an hour, but I got there!!!!
  9. I believe it was the start of Pino Palladino's brilliant bass playing career.
  10. Reminds me of: A person with a business degree says, "How can I get paid when it works?" A person with a finance degree says, "How much do you need to borrow to get it to work?" A person with a degree in science says, "How does it work?" A person with a degree in philosophy says, "Why does it work?" A person with a degree in theology says, "Who makes it work?" A person with a degree in mathematics says, "How many ways will it work?" A person with an Arts degree says, "Would you like fries with that?" A person with a psychology degree says, "Why
  11. Gabrielle. Rise. CD. Excellent and well recorded.
  12. Yes, I read that today. An interesting article.
  13. The Beatles. Probably the biggest driver of first Record Player sales for several years.
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