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  1. Thought this was brilliant, told it to several people at work, only one person got it. Then I couldn't stop singing it for two days.
  2. Colinjg


    I had a Hairdresser in Cheltenham about 10 yrs ago who had a "clockwork orange" TT from back in the day. Said he always played it wet. Never got it.
  3. If it is any help, I regard 66 to 76 as my golden period, even though I didn't start buying until 73. Later stuff that still ticks my boxes include: 80s and 90s Joni Mitchell John Mayer Ryan Adams Post 1990 A-Ha. Yes really, John Martyn. 2nd phase Steely Dan and Fagen solo stuff. Some later Clapton Thunder. if you like Bad Company etc. Try Classical, a whole universe to explore. I could go on, there is some great stuff, it's finding it.
  4. Maybe they did!!!!!!! 2 Million USD. Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is the seventh studio album by American hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. It was limited to a single copy sold in 2015, and is the most expensive work of music ever sold. The album was recorded in secret over six years. A single two-CD copy was pressed in 2014 and stored in a secured vault at the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco, then auctioned through auction house Paddle8 in 2015. A legal agreement with the purchaser stipulated that the album cannot be commercially exploited until 2103, although it can be played during listening parties.
  5. I don't think anyone will beat this 2015 purchase. "Ringo Starr's personal copy of the Beatles' The White Album, numbered No. 0000001, sold for a world record $790,000 Saturday at the Julien's Live auction"
  6. a-ha. Unplugged 2xCD 2017. Still an incredible voice. Mix of old and newer stuff.
  7. Gary Christian has a great voice imho. Seen them live a few times in the past.
  8. Is your Black Cube the SE version with the bigger power supply? It makes quite a difference.
  9. Any idea which village? I'm thinking of moving to a village and am doing research on it. Always good to check.
  10. Isley Brothers. 3+3. Vinyl. Good songs on here, including Summer Breeze.
  11. Ferry. CD. Smooth, Slick, well produced and perhaps boring?