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  1. Yes, very sad. I understand that Steve Jordan, ( John Mayer etc) was already lined up for the next tour.
  2. Don't like compression, but do like GVF.
  3. Some great stuff on here, imho. Possibly my fav TA album.
  4. Reminds me of a lot of the threads in the Public Bar and Car Park on this Forum.
  5. I was looking at the spelling.
  6. I suspect Linn has done well out of the LP12 in the last 12 months. Moved shed loads of Karousel linked to the spend £3K offer.
  7. Yes, we watched this, it was excellent and moving. Sad to see that his Father must have died between filming and screening.
  8. Perhaps you are right. I come on here because I own a Linn LP12, and I am interested in ways of improving it. It would be misleading if many good options were dismissed. imho.
  9. That is a very dismissive view of non Linn alternatives imho. Stack Audio's Alto and particularly Soprano Sub-chassis I suspect are serious products at price points that might appeal to many LP12 owners who do not wish to afford Linn upgrade prices. I can only offer my own experience on this. During the first lock down, as I was bored and wanted a project, I ordered Stack's previous subchassis, a £250 rigid, composite and well finished device. I felt it was not too much financial risk. I have watched my LP12 being serviced by several pros so I felt confident to give it a go. Out came my Cirkus chassis and I attached my Cirkus bearing to the Stack. I had little or no expectations as to how it would sound. Frankly, I was staggered by the increase in detail and low level information, and playing every record I knew really well threw up surprises. It was just better in every way. In the autumn I put the Cirkus chassis back in for half a day. Sounded terrible in comparison. I have heard a Kore and a Keel, but not in a comparison situation. I would be surprised if a Kore sounded as good, different, Yes, all products will sound slightly different. I would imagine the newer Stack products are better than my older one. I have probably played more vinyl in the last year than for years. Next stop, probably a Karousel. I have a Naim Aro arm, probable an LP12s most famous 3rd party upgrade/alternative, still many peoples first choice, if you can find one. I've never heard anyone dismiss that because it is not made by Linn. Just my thoughts.
  10. I've seen them live and on TV, and was suspicious, upon reading more, they apparently use samples, backing tracks and some vocals triggered by Frank Beard. Still great though.
  11. There is also a fair bit of debate about how much of their live performances were actually played live.
  12. Don't really know your arm or deck. However, Hana Carts are not harsh or analytical. imho.
  13. It doesn't say much at all, except peddling ill will and hatred. Common on social media, sadly.
  14. That is a very sad comment. Shows a little about human nature. And supported by a Forum moderator. Really??
  15. It does paint a different picture. But it is not a very nice one.
  16. Watch out for some England players in forthcoming Pizza ads. ( For those old enough to remember)
  17. Why a rocket?? Although I do /did like Dan Dare.
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