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  1. Grado Opus / Timbre or Nagaoka MP300/500 Grado Timbre Series, Opus3 - The Absolute Sound Nagaoka MP-500 Cartridge Review | StereoNET United Kingdom
  2. very , very good if you have £50k Mono & Stereo © 2021: Synästec Audio Origo ultimate SACD player (monoandstereo.com)
  3. Owned a croft for almost 30years & still used in 2nd system 1920/30s western electric amps are still going strong
  4. 4hour auto mix with a bit of Vangelis
  5. KC62 in this months Stereophile with LS3/5 no cables you could always use KW1 wireless connection Gramophone Dreams #49: KEF KC62 subwoofer | Stereophile.com
  6. triumph

    LOMC recs

    Few reports of these with design faults in the windings/generator Transfiguration founder Seiji Yoshioka died a few years ago . it's defunct as a company, so I dont believe there is a company called Transfiguration to take it up with, at least one capable of rebuilding a matched pair of coils.
  7. triumph

    LOMC recs

    Cadenza Black
  8. Not heard those monos from UN but best mate runs Unison Research Absolute 845 & would not part with it he just changed to the new reference UN pre + monos driving Klipsch La scala
  9. Pro unit resources.nortekcontrol.com/products/F1500-UPS-E/pdf_F1500-UPS-E_datasheet.pdf
  10. no pictures built my own control panel with inverter & gel batteries connect to mains to charge or solar panels much cheaper than buying pre-built you can buy loose components or kits
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