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  1. £60.00 inc shipping new & sealed analogue productions
  2. Project for offering every component in every colour at every price level Vertere for the radical wonderful sounding designs and showing the UK can still produce the best
  3. Vox olympian or Genesis dragons Adams OSS would have loved to hear a pair of those Adams designer Klaus Heinz started his own company & use Hedd main towers kind of like a small scale single box version version of the OSS but still pretty huge .
  4. for the wife on wall or in wall best L/C/R can be hidden behind a acoustic screen & with matching grilles almost invisible Marantz feed out 5.1 analogue outputs with current passive speakers & amps , Aoip ideal for digital I/O control Totaldac system is a bit mad .
  5. £1500 Marantz AV7705 11.2 pre amp control speakers via analogue or digital outputs great sound & built like a tank into active Heed monitors for 5.1 + extra 6 surrounds for full atmos 11.2 you can network these if required over Aoip speakers can be free standing or in wall flush if required same with pioneer UDP500 japanese battleship build & also serves as a very good CDs & sacd player 4k picture is stunning on sony laser projector Audio over IP – the bright future of multi-channel high resolution audio AoIP’ standards like Dante, Ravenna Network, and AVB have been designed with the fields of broadcasting and live performance events in mind, they have also paved the way for multi-channel setups and the distribution of real-time high resolution audio streams in recording and mix-down studios. It is, for instance, now possible to work with multiple loudspeaker setups like 5.1, Dolby Atmos, or Auro 3D simply by using a single Ethernet router to distribute audio material among several devices or, as in our case, several Hedd studio monitors. Marantz you could fit reclocker from totaldac .
  6. Recently bought a vertere MG 1 & well worth the outlay & new baby one under £3k
  8. Had a Okki until it broke made in china & replaced with a project actually cheaper & made in Europe & excellent value RCM Recently bought my last ever RCM a loricraft PRC6
  9. Transfiguration owner / builder passed away last year & think new ones are built by another Oem Lyra are very nice indeed but prices have almost doubled in last 3 years & had a titan but it fell apart after a few weeks suspension collapsed Tried most of them & bought a cracking Ortofon MC A95 Next one will probably be a Ortofon Anna or Grado Aeon Lineage ( low output MI/MM design )
  10. Covers with water damage make your own old school tip on jackets search online for artwork , resize to suit & print off plain record card jacket with no centre cut out & paste artwork on jacket What is a Tip-On Record Jacket? A tip-on record jacket involves printing the cover art on sheets of paper, then gluing those sheets to the board stock. The "tip" part of the name comes from how the paper was applied to the underlying board. By contrast, the direct-to-board method of printing directly onto the board stock is the current norm. Tip-on jacket suppliers don't all achieve the tip-on effect in precisely the same way. A major issue with the tip-on jackets from the 70s was they weren't of the highest quality, and hard to keep in good condition. Our classic old-style record jacket packaging maintains the authentic look but uses paper wraps laminated onto heavy board shell.