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    New Concino Concrete audio museum Korea western electric , Emt , Thorens Concino Concrete audio museum Korea - YouTube
  2. Tangent ampster well under 200quid & very compact Tangent Ampster BT II | Hi-Fi Choice (hifichoice.com)
  3. single layer is standard in japan only one record label to pay - universal , sony , warners own almost all music
  4. single layer SACD pay one licensing fee dual layer SACD pay two licensing fees
  5. universal player + break out box A. Universal player must output DSD64 and up to 24/192 PCM via HDMI. If there is only one HDMI output, use the HDMI OUT on the D.BOB to send video to a monitor or TV. B. External DAC must accept DSD via the DoP protocol through S/PDIF Coax (preferable) or Toslink inputs. The D.BOB does not have a USB output.
  6. VU Meters are a must on a 4K UHD Display HiFi ROSE
  7. Used BE20s for a few years with 8wpc SET monos , you only lots of power in a very big room or very loud
  8. Jon Devore thoughts or just get a pair of speakers like Klipsch & 1watt will fill a large room John DeVore goes on a rant about the High End Audio lie that inspired him to start his company - YouTube
  9. Have a IO with Elipson Prestige Facet 8B in bedroom & nice combo Elipson Prestige Facet 8B | The Ear (the-ear.net)
  10. 5x20mm or 6x32mm common sizes littelfuse_fuse_218_datasheet.pdf.pdf
  11. T4/250 time delay 250v F4/250 Fast blow 250v stamped on the end caps
  12. EAT designed by Jozefina Lichtenegger & built by her husband who owns Project
  13. Bought the coltrane not impressed at all duff digital scan cover & did not sound as good as the Kevin gray analogue productions @ 1/3rd of the price
  14. porcelain made in japan & cheaper JICO Seto Hori CartridgeJICO Seto Hori Cartridge - Positive Feedback (positive-feedback.com)
  15. Maastertapes lost years ago Mofi worked from a backup/safety master hence no OrIginal Master Recording banner
  16. triumph

    LP Gear

    LPgear usa agents for jico Special alloy tube cantilever for firm and sensitive response to grooves ● Made by Japanese shokunin creating perfection, one stylus at a time ● Each crafted stylus undergoes QC and listening test as final inspection ● LP GEAR® stylus - Above and beyond copies and generics RSZ – JICO (jico-stylus.com)
  17. Ortofon MC cutting heads cut most of the records ever made ortofon MC have always been great trackers I then read that the Hana SL, ( and the ML) have a tracking ability of 70um where as the Orto is quoted at 80um. ( higher is better). Concorde Serato S-120 can track @ 120um they also made the TC3000 test record & computer for testing (16) Tour Electric Mastering's Vintage Stereo Cutting System With Sean Davies - YouTube
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