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  1. Putting this back up for sale after buying it on here 1 month ago. Always wanted to try a sut, but the 1:14 ratio isn’t best suited to my phono stage mm gain options. I’ll probably try a headamp next. It made a big difference to the bass clarity and openness. Original sale thread with pics: Asking for same price of £380 delivered .
  2. Mand

    Willow tree audio

    I bought my Pontus from Willow tree audio. I paid in full upfront. Invoice came by email same day. Dac arrived bit earlier than expected.
  3. Got Audioquest Carbon usb A to usb B 0.75cm. £80ish posted ? No box though.
  4. SOLD, can mods please move to sold?
  5. Mand

    Topping E30

    I bought an E 30 to run my headphone amp. Plugged the usb lead into the front usb port on my Innuous Zen mk1 and it powers it nicely. Very decent sound quality for peanuts.
  6. I can offer Meze 99 classic in Walnut and white plus extra black brainwavz pads plus a short aftermarket balanced cable thrown in. Got original box and they’re in v good condition. £165 posted
  7. Sold, payment pending
  8. Still here with price drop to £160 plus postage
  9. You mean this actual sut that I’ve just bought? I’m using an Apheta 2, so that’s fab input.
  10. Thanks guys. I will buy this please. Can you pm me payment details.
  11. Seriously considering this as I’ve wanted to try a sut for ages. Due to lack of space on my rack I may need to place this near a power lead, would this cause hum? Could it be used on its side, any reason why not? Input appreciated before I go for it.
  12. Nope, But I own the sst soa2 power amp that they are selling. I’m using it with a w4s stp se stage 1 pre and have discussed trading up to the sst with the designer and he thinks it would be a big step up.( He was involved with both). The stp is awesome. I would have made an offer on eBay but then I’d need to sell my dacs, phono stage and headphone amp. Returns possible with online sales, so tnorvaisis could try it.