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  1. Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting.
  2. Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting.
  3. The Lickerish Quartet - Threesome Vol. 2
  4. The Lickerish Quartet - Threesome Vol. 1
  5. What do you make of it? I've not found it as immediate as Masseduction and I'm not yet convinced by anything beyond the singles.
  6. I have my doubts. The strangely roofed buildings look quite reminiscent of the Trulli houses of Alberobello in Italy.
  7. If it hadn't been for the love shown on here and To The Bone being a bit less prog than much of his output, I doubt that I'd ever have bothered with Steven Wilson (and associated acts). I can admire the musicianship on 8min (plus) prog epics, but I tend not to listen to them repeatedly. Give me a good hook and I'll pretty much ignore whatever label music wears. I suspect that I won't be listening to The Future Bites for that long, but it's certainly well recorded and produced. One fine day, SW will bring back the guitars and go power/alt pop (something along XTC/Tears For Fears lines).
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