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  1. In all other respects they look spot on but you are quite right rabski. Think I will pass on these.
  2. These are micro utopia be speakers. The seller had the boxes and serial numbers are on the boxes. From pictures of other micro,s on the net, the serial numbers seem to be attached via stickers just above the binding posts. The seller has told me in his opinion there has never been any sticker attached, no sticky residue. Speakers have been upgraded with new caps by Coherent, but would not expect them to remove serial numbers.
  3. Is there a legitimate reason why the serial number and quality control stickers would be missing from a pair of speakers? I particular Focal Utopia speakers. Could it indicate they were originally a demo pair?
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Analogue-Audio-Balanced-to-Unbalanced-Converter/254847057742?hash=item3b56117f4e:g:-AQAAOSwqrlgEYxO or use a DRV135 both of the above will solve your issue.
  5. Have you tried turning on the pre first,then turn the volume to zero,then turning on the power amp, Finally adjusting the volume as required.
  6. Thanks jamster,I was on 2.5,now upgraded to 3.5. Bass seems to the increased few dB,s. fed the audio out into a Denon Pma 30 amp and it sounded on a par with Qobuz via optical.very impressive. A great buy for someone.
  7. I was going to buy this but I saw an open box one on eBay and went for that.It arrived a few days back and would like to say it’s an extremely competent device. The mid range is very detailed with good sound stage. Treble is silky smooth with no harshness.Bass is well defined. It’s an extremely engaging listen, all the emotion of a vocal delivery is present. User interface is well designed and despite the small size easy to navigate. My field walks will be much brighter! Good luck with the sale.
  8. Too my mind Martin Carr is a master of thoughtful and intelligently executed pop/rock tunes. His new single Gold Lift is no exception. Listen here Martin Carr Gold Lift Ye Gods ( and little fishes) LP is also well worth a listen as is most of his catalogue.
  9. Have you got the connecting cable earth wire connected to the earth terminal of your preamp? There should be a single wire associated with the tonearm interconnect cable, this is the earth wire. Without a connection you will get hum.
  10. The amount of current an amp can source into the speakers is a function of the amplifiers power supply. The limiting factors of which are the amount of smoothing capacitance and the size of the transformer. The psu produces d.c to the amps output stage. Think of the smoothing caps as buckets of water, with the water being analogous to current. The more capacitance you have the more water you can supply to the output stage. But you have to keep the buckets filled up and this is where the physical size of the transformer comes into play. The bigger the transformer the more current it can supply
  11. It could be a component that has developed a temperature sensitive fault. Most often either a resistor or semiconductor. The usual fault finding method is to use an aerosol freezer spray directed at the suspected component. This operation needs to be performed in the operational mode so must be performed by a qualified tech. Probably not the answer you wanted under the circumstances.
  12. In that case you need to trade in your Node2 for a Panasonic ALL1C
  13. Try downloading C5 from the App Store. This app will stream via dnla direct to your Node.RP is available on C5.
  14. Would you have any objection to a courier collecting this rack? Is the packing good enough for shipping? tried sending you a PM but don’t think it was sent,inbox full? PM me if OK
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