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  1. Very underrated speakers
  2. I forgot to bid on the bloody thing too still kicking myself was a bloody steal at £3k
  3. Interested in the pair of Monarchy Audio SM70’s if / when you split
  4. Keep an eye on German eBay And I thought 25€ was expensive!
  5. Now that REALLY is a piss take
  6. Just for giggles how much did the dealer want
  7. Nice deck what cartridge are you using ?The belt should be available from the UK dealer I would have thought, though I’m sure the cost be breathtakingly expensive for what it is the effectively a silicone band.
  8. Tempted to give them a try in my audio research VS55
  9. So your seated approx 8ft from the quads on the edge of the alcove with rear wall close either side ?
  10. Can I ask what size is your room and seating position in relation to the 989’s
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