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  1. I’ll take it if it’s still available
  2. No glass is not covered
  3. There just labels for the Hifi snobs and golden eared audiophiles.
  4. Similar story with the the other RME haggle hard and get a brand new one for £800 delivered.
  5. Could be Interested in the CD8 can you pm history details And a price
  6. Killer amplifier ! always wondered just how it would Compare to the single box variant.
  7. Must less risky options out there. wouldn’t touch it,Probably been in a box unused for 20 years For a good reason even as a new unit the design pushed the original parts pretty close to spec limits, with the voltages involved unless you have Rabski Like technical skilz I’d pass.
  8. I have family close to you if your ever stuck and need to test a few I can always stick my 160 in the car
  9. IMHO I’d add calibrated to your Advert. A working Unit and a Fully calibrated working unit are Worlds apart. For starters check the Neg grid pot has been properly cleaned these are particularly prone to failure. good luck On your hunt the 160 is a great little unit.
  10. Vox Olympian the end game speakers Runner up TAD Reference 1
  11. Looking to swap for XLR equivalent. Happy to trade plus cash for a higher spec pair. not interested in any other brands and must be XLR.
  12. Don’t think they have the parts anymore
  13. Wonderfully presented room.Epic kit must sound amazing. As a 301 owner Id really like to listen to an SPU