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  1. Very underrated speakers
  2. I forgot to bid on the bloody thing too still kicking myself was a bloody steal at £3k
  3. Interested in the pair of Monarchy Audio SM70’s if / when you split
  4. Keep an eye on German eBay And I thought 25€ was expensive!
  5. Now that REALLY is a piss take
  6. Just for giggles how much did the dealer want
  7. Nice deck what cartridge are you using ?The belt should be available from the UK dealer I would have thought, though I’m sure the cost be breathtakingly expensive for what it is the effectively a silicone band.
  8. Tempted to give them a try in my audio research VS55
  9. So your seated approx 8ft from the quads on the edge of the alcove with rear wall close either side ?
  10. Can I ask what size is your room and seating position in relation to the 989’s
  11. As a user of the original LS50W’s only ever having used the Kef app I’d would like to understand in laymen’s terms what your post really means.
  12. Agreed.I previously owned a Mint KSA50 Around 15 years ago paired with an Arc SP9. KSA100 has kinda been on my radar off and on ever since.
  13. Do you have any pictures with the top case removed
  14. Could you post a picture of the album please R
  15. Have you got around to resurrecting your 300b Project yet
  16. I’ll take it if it’s still available
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