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  1. Unfair question, but I have to ask, how do they compare in sound?
  2. Hi All, Am currently seeking a pair of Something Solid XF speaker stands for Harbeth 30.1's if anyone has a pair for sale? I'm also interested in alternatives, but from what I can tell these are the gold standard for Harbeth's. Let me know if you know different! Many thanks...
  3. I agree, and getting a recommendation for the seller helps tremendously.
  4. Thank you, I think the difference now is the inclusion of the stands, which does indeed make them a bargain. I'll message him and see if we can work something out, I do feel strangely drawn to them
  5. Really? I really should join more forums, they are definitely of interest. What were they up at, if I may ask?
  6. Yes thanks I did, and they are indeed beautiful, but I fear might be a bit too big. If they were a bit closer to me I'd be tenpted to go and have a look though, just in case I was smitten, but I'm in London so it's a real slog.
  7. Thanks, yes I did see this pair and they look perfect. I can't get to him though unfortunately, it's too far away. Good to get the recommendation though, so I might message him and see if there's any flexibility.
  8. Hi All, Currently seeking a pair of Harbeth M30.1, with or without stands, not too fussy about finish but am looking for good condition. Few interesting pairs on eBay but I have trust issues with that site, so I thought I'd float it here and see what happens Might be interested in other models too, or a suitable alternative, perhaps ATC. You never know, something else might get my interest. Many thanks in advance...
  9. I don't know about suitability, but I have some Totem Rainmaker speakers in black that I'd let go for £300 plus delivery. No original packaging but in fantastic condition and an absolute steal at the price.
  10. I don't know anything about these speakers, what is the difference in the new drivers?
  11. Hi All, Bit of a long shot, but I fancy trying a pair of Totem Arro's if anyone has a pair they'd be interested in selling?
  12. Yes I've been having much the same thoughts, but then I read this and it seems intriguing.. https://us.kef.com/blog/a-quick-guide-to-bi-wiring Still not sure what to do, but it has occurred to me that I could simply try some new extra TQ's and just return them if it doesn't do anything.
  13. Yes I was admittedly very surprised by that cable, I bought it primarily because I switched to standmounts and I needed something more discreet than I had. Plus obviously loads of people rave about it so I gave it a go. It's really very good. The jumpers upgrade is a good suggestion, I hadn't thought about that but it makes sense.
  14. Hi All, Have recently bought some Totem Rainmakers to pit against my Sonus Faber Concertino's, and I'm using a Hegel H90 with Tellurium Q Black 2 cables. Have a couple of REL T-zero subs too, and they are run on high level via banana plugs whilst the main speakers are spades. The Totem's are bi wire capable (unlike the Sonus), so I feel I should probably do them the courtesy of trying it out. So as far as cable is concerned I'm looking for something that would be similar in quality/performance to the Tellurium Q Black 2, but obviously bi wire, and at least 2m long. As far as advice is concerned, I'm enthusiastic but not very knowledgeable, and one thought I had was just to buy another matching pair of the Q's with spades like I already have, and them sandwich them both together at the amp end. I can't get my head around if that's a good idea or not, if maybe it would hinder the signal somehow, so I was wondering anyone had any input on that? Many thanks in advance, quite happy to entertain suggestions as to whether even bothering with bi wire is worth the effort
  15. Yeah I did wonder about that, but Kimber themselves offer the same design in various forms and at different prices I think. They look exactly the same but different colours sleeves. Like the 8PR and 8VS, they say the 8TC is the best so I assumed there must be some differences like maybe grades of copper, possibly treated, I don't know. Admittedly I haven't researched this, it was just out of interest really
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