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  1. I don't know anything about these speakers, what is the difference in the new drivers?
  2. Hi All, Bit of a long shot, but I fancy trying a pair of Totem Arro's if anyone has a pair they'd be interested in selling?
  3. Yes I've been having much the same thoughts, but then I read this and it seems intriguing.. https://us.kef.com/blog/a-quick-guide-to-bi-wiring Still not sure what to do, but it has occurred to me that I could simply try some new extra TQ's and just return them if it doesn't do anything.
  4. Yes I was admittedly very surprised by that cable, I bought it primarily because I switched to standmounts and I needed something more discreet than I had. Plus obviously loads of people rave about it so I gave it a go. It's really very good. The jumpers upgrade is a good suggestion, I hadn't thought about that but it makes sense.
  5. Hi All, Have recently bought some Totem Rainmakers to pit against my Sonus Faber Concertino's, and I'm using a Hegel H90 with Tellurium Q Black 2 cables. Have a couple of REL T-zero subs too, and they are run on high level via banana plugs whilst the main speakers are spades. The Totem's are bi wire capable (unlike the Sonus), so I feel I should probably do them the courtesy of trying it out. So as far as cable is concerned I'm looking for something that would be similar in quality/performance to the Tellurium Q Black 2, but obviously bi wire, and at least 2m long. As far as advice is concerned, I'm enthusiastic but not very knowledgeable, and one thought I had was just to buy another matching pair of the Q's with spades like I already have, and them sandwich them both together at the amp end. I can't get my head around if that's a good idea or not, if maybe it would hinder the signal somehow, so I was wondering anyone had any input on that? Many thanks in advance, quite happy to entertain suggestions as to whether even bothering with bi wire is worth the effort
  6. Yeah I did wonder about that, but Kimber themselves offer the same design in various forms and at different prices I think. They look exactly the same but different colours sleeves. Like the 8PR and 8VS, they say the 8TC is the best so I assumed there must be some differences like maybe grades of copper, possibly treated, I don't know. Admittedly I haven't researched this, it was just out of interest really
  7. Cheers Bokke, I've seen that 8TC copy stuff (I assume that's what it is) floating around and often wonderd if it would match the performance of the Kimber branded. Is it basically the same or have Kimber done something else with it?
  8. May I ask what the provenence is for these and the Minstrels also please? As in how you came about them, little bit of history etc. Just that without any badges or Royd drivers it's hard for me to assess if I want them!
  9. Anyone know how these would compare to the Concertino's? They look to be a very similar configuration and that's what I have now so I'm curious if these would be a worthy upgrade.
  10. Great, thanks guys, lots to think over, very much appreciated
  11. That's very interesting thank you, I hadn't even considered that. Cheers.
  12. Hi Myles, that does appear to be a suitable contender thanks. Travelling is an issue for me though, so I'll need to give it some thought. What is the finish and price please? Are they in good condition?
  13. Hi All, Intriguing title I know Having recently suffered some immediate and permanent hearing damage, really bloody annoying and way too tragic to go into here, I now find myself looking for a new sound. So I'm looking for speakers that have a snappy musical midrange. Standard cone (or maybe horn loaded?) speakers as opposed to ribbons or panels, and not too bass heavy as the acoustics in my room are awful so I'm using twin REL subs to manage the bass. To be honest I don't really care what they are, it's about the music, and my budget would be in the region of £500 but would consider higher for the right speakers. That said I would also happily go lower, no snobbery here, I just want to enjoy music. So I'm open to both suggestions and offers, with an eye on musicality and midrange to die for. By the way, I currently have Magnepan LRS speakers and would consider a swap scenario if that helps, or I'm happy to take offers if anyone is interested.
  14. Bless her heart, you're doing the right thing and I wish you every sucess with the sales. Unfortunately I've recently sustained some hearing damage and am about to do a sell off myself otherwise I'd be all over this DAC.
  15. Thanks crxvtec, it's an odd situation I suppose but for some reason only the active Audioquest HDMI cables do the trick over that distance. I'm not sure why though. I've tried other cables supposedly high speed 4K jobbies, even a different brand active cable, but the projector screen kept going pink and the only way to reset was unplug and plug in again. The Audioquest active was the only cable to perform faultlessly. Ultimately it's only a Roku stick which technically could go right next to the projector but it runs to an AV splitter which then feeds a 9.1 headphones transmitter and the projector separately, plus my blu-ray also needs to be connected to that 9.1 transmitter and the projector too, and they're all on opposite sides of the room, which is confusing me just writing it down! Ultimately I have boiled it down to the need of one long active Audioquest cable which I know will solve all my problems so I was just trying to get a decent one without breaking the bank. Any changes in the distances of the other items will require several other new cables for the splitter, 9.1 transmitter, blu-ray etc etc so I'm just trying to stick to what I know before my head explodes
  16. Thank you, I've been giving it some thought and I think I'm probably better off sticking with the Audioquest now seeing as there are a few of their cables in the set up already and I know that I like what they do. Much appreciated though
  17. Hi All, I'm looking for a 10M Audioquest active HDMI cable, or a non-active but at least 8M, preferably higher up the scale than the Pearl. Currently using an active 10M Cinnamon between a Roku stick and projector and I really like that but I need to hook up a blu-ray player too so I'm certainly open to others like perhaps Chocolate, Forest, or Carbon or something along those lines. It can even have a sillier name, I don't mind I do like Audioquest AV cables but I'm equally open to other suggestions too if you have something that would suit a longer connection. Many thanks in advance.
  18. The Carbon is outstanding and it shocked me how much of a difference it made when swapping for a standard run of the mill USB cable. I bought one on the basis that I could return it if I wasn't impressed, and having read various forums regarding if it actually matters or not my hopes were not high, but within seconds I could hear a big step up. It makes me wonder how some can't hear the difference I have to say, so I can recommend the Carbon for sure.
  19. I can't access the website at the moment, they're preparing for Brexit. Can you tell me if this has any sonic advantages over a standard external hard drive?
  20. With thanks to familyguy I now have some Audioquest Rocket 44's on the way, however I am still open to some Kimber 8TC speaker cables if anyone has some to shift. Or something else for that matter, I'm always open to suggestion. With things as they are I can think of worse ways to spend an evening or two than playing with new cables over a glass of wine
  21. Hahaha yeah I know what you mean, still I can't help but fiddle with it
  22. Hi all, long time lurker here... I'm currently looking for an upgrade of my Audioquest Rocket 11 speaker cable and was thinking perhaps that Kimber 8TC or Rocket 44 might serve me well. Not fussy on length, in fact the shorter the better, and I'm also open to suggestions based on my modest little system of a Hegel H90 running Magnepan LRS. If anyone has anything suitable they're willing to sell, or even just a suggestion or two, I'd be very grateful to hear of it. Will it even make that much of a difference? Now there's a thorny subject but I'm equally eager to hear any thoughts on that too. Many thanks in advance...
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