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  1. Hello Unitra, I don't think it matters that much. Port placement is often determined by the layout of the drivers on the front panel ie how much space is left for them. The only way to definitively tell would be to make a pair with ports to the front and a pair to the back and have a listen. Troels Gravesen states that, on the Illuminator 4's, the ports can go to the front or the back so it can't make much, if any, difference to the sound. http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Illuminator-4.htm Regards GOrdon
  2. Hello Unitra, I have no issue with the bass at low volumes, I find it is still has a good presence. As with most speakers they really come to life when given some power. If you're near Bedford, you are welcome to listen to them Gordon
  3. Hello Mirek, thanks for your kind comments. Yes, it has been quite a journey, very satisfying and I have learned a lot. I like both the Fusion and the Illuminator 4. The Illuminator is excellent and definitely better then the Fusion, but it is about twice the price. I find the Fusion has a brighter top end and while the 12" bass driver goes deep it I find it not quite as punchy as the Illuminator. The Fusion has what I would call a 'live' feel to it, the Illuminator is a bit more refined. I'd be happy to have either though, should I only have one of the two speakers. I guess the big question is 'is the added cost of the Illuminator worth it?'. Tough to answer that question. If you have the cash, yes. I'd thoroughly recommend building a pair, you get a fantastic speaker for the price. I recently heard the Wilson Audio Yvette's (~ £20k) and the Illuminators are better. In a private communication with Troells, he said he thought the nearest equivalent was the WA Alexia......... I'll let you find the price! No doubt the WA speakers are beautifully built but it all about the sound quality. All the TG designed speakers I have made have been excellent. The Discovery 18 is astonishingly good for the cost. Regards Gordon
  4. Thanks Mark. IT's been an enjoyable two years building all the speakers, it's time to move on I think. After all, two pairs is enough to keep. Gordon
  5. Hello Carl, no, I don't document the speaker builds, the photos are the record of the build. The photos do a good job of telling the story I think. The Illuminator's are fabulous sounding. I have just added a Simaudio Moon Neomind 2 streamer to my system and the sound quality has taken a jump compared to the auralic Aries I was using. It would be interesting to hear some really high quality source material through them. One thing that has had a big impact on the sound is the MiniDsp Dirac room correction box DDRC 22D. In my opinion its the best upgrade step you can make. See this link: https://www.minidsp.com/ The effect is quite amazing, bass is really well controlled and some slight booming I have in my lounge was dealt with, the soundstage really opens up and the correction filters can be adjusted to get the sound you like. So, I'm now very happy with my setup and I doubt I'll be building anymore speakers soon, unless I can sell these MTM's. Time to listen to some music after all this woodwork! Regards Gordon
  6. Hello Steve, I saw your pictures on the builders response page of TG website, look very good. I have always gone for the level 1 kit. Having heard what a difference capacitors with a tight tolerance make to the sound I wouldn't now use anything less. Clarity is better and soundstage really opens up. Regards Gordon
  7. Hello Cosmo, don't be put off building a pair! You would end up with a speaker of way better quality than a similarly priced commercial speaker. I did my fist build 25 years ago and remember being apprehensive, but making the cabinets was relatively straightforward. Since then I have never considered buying from the speaker manufacturers. I've now made about 10 pairs. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. I have made 5 of TG's design and all were excellent. In terms of sound per £ I rate the Discovery 18 as outstanding value. It is also one of the cheapest kits to buy. The Illuminator 4's are superb but cost a lot more. Go on, build a pair. Regards GOrdon
  8. Hello Julian, I have finished building for myself. I made the Illuminator 4 by TG 12 months ago and they are fantastic. Having listened to Wilson Audio Yvette's I can say the Illuminator 4's are definitely better. In a private communication with TG it was his opinion that the best comparison is with the Alexia's (very expensive.....). The WA speakers are beautifully built though. The problem is that this speaker building gets addictive, and expensive! Hence, I need to sell some as I have 4 pairs at the moment. I'll be keeping the Illuminator 4 and Fusion. Gordon
  9. Good morning Carl, I've made a few speakers with SBA drivers and they are excellent. Over the last 2 years I've made 11 speaker pairs from Wilmslow Audio, IPL and those designed by Troels Gravesen. IMO the TG designs are way ahead of the others mainly due to the quality of the crossover components. Indeed, some of the TG designs have crossovers that cost more than the drivers. It makes a big difference. I have swapped out capacitors from WA kits for better ones and heard a huge difference to the detail and soundstage. Here is a link to my Flickr site where you can see the others I have done. The Discovery 18's will be for sale imminently - all so I can buy another kit! Just finished the TG passive Fusion - running in at the moment. Getting a good finish is the hard part, and I'm still learning. The high gloss black is very time consuming and it would be easier with professional facilities and tools, but I'm pleased with what I can do a t home. Veneering is very satisfying but much care is needed as the typical 0.6 mm veneers are very easy to split or chip during application. I used contact adhesive on the Fusion pair and that's what I'd always use in future. https://www.flickr.com/photos/74614447@N02/albums Let me know if you would like to hear them. I'm retired and around most of the time. Regards GOrdon
  10. I recently completed this pair of SB Acoustics 16 MTM speakers, from the kit available from Jantzen Audio in Denmark. The cabinets are made from 22 mm MDF, veneered with Birds Eye Maple, lacquered and polished. The footprint is 22 cm x 27 cm which is about the same a a stand mounted pai would be. They sound superb, deep tight bass, mid is very transparent and the tweeter is about as good as it gets - just my opinion, of course. HEre is a link to the Troels Gravesen web page: http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/SBA-16-MTM.htm I have measured the frequency response using REW and got the same result as Mr Gravesen so they work as expected. I have pictures of the build if prospective buyers are interested. I am happy to audition them, I live near Bedford. Price is £1850 and pick up only.
  11. Apologies, it is Auralic. Ive had both makes and forever confuse them. Cheers
  12. Auralic Aries streamer in very good condition and full working order. Comes with the Auralic linear power supply, remote and original packaging. Price includes shipping within UK. £875
  13. BB, thanks, I have to admit that they are growing on me more and more; they really do benefit from a good running in. I really ought to visit Scalford, it sounds great. REgards Gordon