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  1. Thanks for suggesting Yannis. He just replied saying the shield from each channel can be connected to each XLR pin 1, and the DIN centre pin if the mic pre is dual mono (which happily mine is). He says this does away with the need for a separate arm-to-preamp ground wire.
  2. Thanks - I've read through. Has prompted me to contact my intended cartridge manufacturer to check whether their carts are floating or grounded. Thanks - I'm wondering if the bottom picture on page 10 also matches to your comment? Though I'm slightly confused why one needs a separate ground wire. Could I just use one of the shields as a ground wire, connected to XLR pin 1 of one channel and the DIN middle pin? Then have the other channel's shield connected to pin 1 of the other XLR, and left unconnected at the other end? Or would that cause problems?
  3. Ok so now thanks to all of you I now think I have it. Sorry if it’s taken me a while to understand. So din left and right connections go to pins 2 and 3 on each XLR. Then each pin 1 connects to each shield, which then each connect to DIN middle pin AND TT chassis ground. So I don’t need an additional ground cable going from the preamp to the TT as this function is served by the pin 3/shield. Hmm actually one final thought. I connect both XLR pin ones/shields to the TT ground, does that create a ground loop?
  4. Thanks 13th Duke. I'm also wondering how the arm itself is grounded. Is there a cable that connects the DIN's middle pin to the arm tube?
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies - really appreciated. For those who were asking about my preamp, full disclosure, I said "phono pre" to save explanation. My new setup is actually an AEA TRP ribbon mic pre + AD converter + digital RIAA correction. I'm pretty sure the mic pre and AD converter are fully balanced. The mic pre is very high input impedance and my plan is to experiment with resistors across XLR pins 2+3 to present the correct load to the cartridge. I think this might be my best option, thanks. I have sent them an email. However, before I give up on the DIY idea, in case it's helpful here is a pic of the bottom of my turntable, showing the short and long ground cables seeming to go to the DIN plug. I also found this diagram, which seems to make sense for my situation (though resistor value is probably too low). Do you agree?
  6. Hi all, I wonder if you could help. I have an ageing LP12, currently with a Basik LVX arm. My new phono pre has balanced XLR inputs only so I need a new tonearm cable with 5 pin DIN to two male XLR plugs. I am also keen to use my MC phono cartridge's inherent balanced operation, as the arm cable needs to be longer than the usual 1.2m. I'd prefer to go the DIY cable route as pre-made Linn balanced cables are expensive, and I've found I can buy the required parts for about £40 total. But how do I wire this correctly for a Linn tonearm? I wrote to Linn, who told me the DIN's + and - for each channel go to pins 2 and 3 on each XLR plug, but they wouldn't tell me what to do with the cable shields or the DIN ground pin. My current (RCA terminated) Linn tonearm cable has two ground wires - one short one that's attached to the turntable, and one long one to attach to the phono pre. Should both of these be wired to the DIN ground pin? Or does the balanced cable shield negate the need for this? As you can probably tell, I'm at a loss... any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks, James
  7. Rich men buy all kinds of unnecessarily expensive trinkets - it’s part of the fun of being rich. @rabski I see you as one of the good guys. I might not always agree with you, but your replies are usually measured (ahem) and fair. I understand that as a hifi forum, ASR is a competitor to the Wam and having people constantly link to a competitor must be irritating. But there is an imbalance here. @PuritéAudio is routinely insulted for his contributions, often far more strongly than I have just rebuked @Fourlegs and I see no mods chastising those who insult Keith - except when they resort to profanity. I have now been ticked off by you and called Mr Tight Arse by another mod (though that might have been aimed at Keith, I’m not certain). I am not in the hi fi trade.
  8. I’m sure he is, though I don’t trust your subjective opinions. Sadly I see you as one of the bad guys. A dealer who comes here to talk up products that offer no measurable improvement in sound quality, instilling doubt in the minds of those who were previously happy with their systems and shouting down anyone who dares suggest they’re not worth the hundreds or thousands that they cost - and accusing Keith of doing what you’re doing yourself. I see ASR as a beacon of light fighting an industry that relies on people’s fallibility and creates an artificial mystique that parts believers with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. Finally we have a resource that calls out the bull****, and tells it like it actually is. ASR isn’t just about the reviews. Spend any time there and you will find many are engineers and music professionals. Many will spend large amounts of time helping others by explaining deeply technical aspects of audio - I have been on the receiving end of this several times. The clientele there is international and computer savvy. It is the future of hi fi. The reason you’re against ASR is because you’re rattled - because it undermines your business model. Now I’ve got that off my chest, I’ll chill out.
  9. Not sure that would achieve much. All the measurists would think it sounds great, while all the subjectivists who’ve clashed with Keith here would think it sounds awful due to confirmation bias.
  10. Out of interest, which other DACs did you compare it to?
  11. Is it possible that your brain tells you the Chord isn’t irritating because subconsciously your brain is justifying you owning two expensive DACs? 😘
  12. It was going well until this point. Not very moderate for a moderator?
  13. I had a valve preamp that I thought sounded terrific, but measured abysmally. I knew this, but was at that point firmly in the ‘measurements don’t matter’ camp. Then I tried going straight from my great-measuring RME dac (which I see you also use) to my power amp. At first I didn’t like it, feeling the soundstage had shrunk, so I put the pre back in. A couple of months later I had an extended listening session, and tried removing the pre again. This time, I realised the soundstage hadn’t shrunk, it had just become far more precise. Instruments were more separated. There was also a ton more detail, especially in higher frequencies. Reverb trails now seemed to go on for ever. Plucked instruments sounded as if they were right in front of me, rather than coming from inside a sleeping bag. Putting the pre back in, everything lost it’s focus. I sold it soon afterwards. Since then I have tried more and more products that have been shown to measure well, and have used EQ to fix issues with speakers and room. Each time, conforming to what research tells us sounds good has resulted in subjectively better sound. If you’re going to meet ups, bake offs and auditions, and enjoying that, then you’re clearly into this hobby in a big way and that’s great. Some of us don’t have the time or inclination to do that, and measurements are a great shortcut to high sound quality. We clearly have different approaches to music reproduction and it would be interesting to hear our systems side by side in our own listening spaces to see how they compared. Sadly hundreds of miles separate our listening rooms so this is impossible. If only there were a way to quantify how each sounded so we could compare them... oh wait!
  14. I already forgot her in my first post about things that improve my life. I’ll not insult her further by engaging with this kind of bawdiness.