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  1. ...and your little stick of Blackpool rock?
  2. It depends on the overall sensitivity...
  3. That's called interrogating your unauthorised emotional connections.
  4. They don't measure it, they interrogate it...
  5. Women prefer emotional connection to all things.
  6. Bless their little cotton socks There have always been impressive women musicians. There just haven't always been impressive opportunities for them.
  7. There is. But it is being done openly by the merchant.
  8. Anything in taupe. No good for my pale skin / grey hair / blue eyes. Just washes me out. I need block colours - greys and blacks. Plus what Phil said about tall, thin speakers...they draw attention to me belly.
  9. Great album. They don't seem to get mentioned very much. Definitely worth hearing. Country Soul...
  10. So the reviews are coming from people who have had freebies.
  11. Yep. Conservative governments have always privatised profits and nationalised losses. Then they claim to be the champions of the taxpayer. Doublespeak is all around us.
  12. Looking around, I see that Origin Live have a 'Cartridge Enabler' that decouples the cart from the headshell...£25. That also has rave reviews... “I would never have imagined that such a tiny piece of material could – albeit placed in a critical position – make so much difference” Hi Fi World “Origin Live’s Enabler is highly effective and makes a great deal of sense as a simple fit-and-forget upgrade” Hi Fi Choice “I couldn’t believe all the detail, clarity and timbre that I was hearing for the first time. Like looking at a street lamp in the dark with smudged specs, then cleaning them with a microfibre cloth and seeing the difference!