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  1. Should all be sorted soon enough...just after peace is declared in the Middle East.
  2. The plural of anecdote is 'data'?
  3. But not a deflection from the purpose of an audio system. You'll be chasing your own tail forever, mate, with graphs and formulas. Can't dance round the room or 'air conduct' the orchestra to pink noise. Let your senses, ears and heart, take over...and let someone else chase your tail for you. 👍
  4. I was too busy listening to music and making love...
  5. The system you want to switch on most often, to listen to as many different recordings as you want, without staring up your own backside to analyse the 'sound'...is the winner. It is a purely sensory experience. I don't care if anyone thinks it's accurate / realistic / transparent / distorted...whatevs. I know it's good for me. What's good for you...is good, too. Life is for living. I measure performance by how many hairs are standing up on my arms It's pretty difficult to buy a bad hifi these days. But a little more difficult to buy one that will stir your loins. Don't settle for less
  6. £950 less VAT is 791.67. 20% is added to the base price, not deducted from the inclusive price. Sorry, a mild interlude of pedantry. Please do carry on.
  7. I think we've moved on from 'silly' to 'oppressive'. It's a hi-fi forum, not a court of law.
  8. I bought it the week it came out. Complete with 3D glasses...
  9. Man, that comment is 'off the bone'..
  10. But how do they measure? I make interconnects up from railway signalling cables. Don't tell anyone, though.
  11. Nearly 50 pages and the OP still doesn't know what cable to get...
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