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  1. I remember Newcastle vs Man City a few years back - Benitez even told the substitutes not to go past the half way line when they were warming up!
  2. Southend Utd and Morecambe are both called 'The Shrimpers'. When we play each other, we call it 'El Gambero'.
  3. If it makes me a few degrees warmer... In fact, I think that so many people putting their lights up in November is what has caused the power cuts.
  4. And...our electric has been off since Friday. Be gutted if I'd spent all day Thursday putting the fairy lights up.
  5. I'd have Christmas in July or August. The weather is so much better.
  6. Christmas is in November, now? How did I miss that meeting?
  7. Dave is sound...and he makes a good cuppa.
  8. Threads are not data heavy...unless it's a Tugapedia post with lots of graphs and cut / paste articles. Re the OP, it depends on how the page length is specified. If it is by number of posts then that may be adjustable in the admin settings. If page length is specified by number of characters then the way to achieve your request is for everyone to write shorter posts. Speak to Tuga (again) and Klassik...
  9. Not a recommendation for a particular model, but for a particular person... ...Martin at Vortexbox Audiostore. Very knowledgeable about both software and hardware and what is possible. He has always been very helpful in working out what I need and what I don't need. Happy to talk at length over the phone about all options. A genuine enthusiast and customer service of the highest level, ime. https://vortexbox.co.uk/
  10. Innuos don't 'charge' VAT...they collect it on behalf of the government. If you want a more progressive tax policy, you will have to stop voting Tory. £20 plus VAT each way for one box might be a bit strong, though. Does the box have it's own LPSU?
  11. Chelsea are investigating whether it's possible for them to appeal Harry Maguire's sending off. They're desperate for him to play against them next week.
  12. About the same time they started selling mains cables in velvet purses...
  13. The view to the front... The view to the rear... The view to the left...
  14. I'm out of self-isolation, now, so it's a bump to celebrate. Happy to demo with klipsch Heresys.
  15. savvypaul


    Yeah...say that when she's back
  16. savvypaul


    Wait till Anne returns and starts streaming those hi-res Dreamboys vids. That's when you'll wish for more bandwidth...
  17. Hi-res streaming services would appear to have very simple and transparent pricing. If you've got a system that does justice to hi-res files, then you might conclude that the streaming services are very good value If I only had a sound bar, then YT would be enough. You pays your money (or you don't) and you makes your choices
  18. Being a consumer is different to being a hobbyist. I suspect that numbers of the latter have stayed fairly constant, possibly even increased slightly thanks to the internet.
  19. Stumble out of Bongos Bingo, get a deep fried, battered burger in a bun with chips and curry sauce (or gravy) on Clayton Street. Julio Geordio WAGS will be queuing round the block.
  20. With another 7 days self-isolation to go, I bagged a secondhand (current spec) Schiit Gumby DAC to try out. Kudos to the seller - I paid for it yesterday lunchtime and it landed with me less than 24 hours later, perfectly packed and in spot on condition. If I like it, Tomasz will get to take the RME back to Poland, between shows - I know he rates it highly (we bought it for the DSP facility, in case we need a 'last resort' to balance out the room at a show).
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