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  1. All being equal regarding quality of implementation, it is idlers and DDs that have really turned me on.
  2. I asked Tugapedia to draw me a Venn diagram showing the intersection of all the kit he's given opinions on vs all the kit he's actually heard. He ignored me - I guess that's where he draws the line
  3. I've happily used Klipsch Heresy with a 300b SET. You can add a sub - the Heresys are sealed box and integrate easily, ime.
  4. I don't promote my products here. I don't even link to them in my signature. The only time I talk about what I sell is if someone sends me a private message or tags me in a post. I don't comment my opinion on threads about the type of items that make. I don't make USB cables.
  5. How are you doing that with speakers and turntables?
  6. For me, the most reliable way to audition a new piece of kit is to listen to it in my system for a few weeks...then swap it out again. If I can live without it, I don't need to buy it. No blindfold required.
  7. You propose that members should be banned from making enthusiastic reports about items they have tried in their system? Unless they have an audition methodology that satisfies your requirements? I thought the WAM was supposed to be enjoyable.
  8. Expectation bias is not exclusive to any one belief. I might be keen to hear a difference, I might be keen to hear no difference. So, to me, that makes it a bit of a red herring. I can definitely come across as condescending (and patronising), at times. It's only very rarely that I intend to do so, but I try to understand why. I also try not to take anything too seriously, especially myself, but there are some comments, sometimes, where the only appropriate response would appear to involve sex and foreign travel. I do believe I hear differences between different USB cables, especially where care is taken to keep the power separated from the signal, but I also understand that many believe that the differences I might describe, cannot be. C'est la vie. PS. I can also seem a bit pompous.
  9. At the end of the day, no-one needs to die in a ditch over how people choose what to buy. It is tedious, though, when people tell others that they can't have heard what they heard, especially when it's done in a condescending, pejorative way (which it usually is).
  10. He once reversed his car into a boot sale, and sold the engine...
  11. I went off topics when I left a tooth in one...
  12. If you pronounce it in a German accent, it becomes a spa resort on the Baltic coast ..
  13. Ramones - It's Alive Crass - Stations of the Crass Not a keyboard solo in sight
  14. I'd much rather have bad taste than bad grace...
  15. PS. Beaumaris Gaol, on Anglesey, has Victorian punishment cells and an original tread wheel, which some believe to be the inspiration behind the ring DAC. It's a small world.
  16. Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Which reminds me of when Half Man Half Biscuit did a cover of Blondie's Dreaming, and changed the first line of the second verse to... I don't want to live on Anglesey
  17. Thanks be to God! (I'm not even religious) Don't call us...
  18. Zoom meeting? Sorry, you're breaking up. Could you check your settings? Maybe, reboot...
  19. That looks a hoot. Will there be cheese and wine?
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