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  1. Check out the Patti Smith live cover of Beds Are Burning. It's pretty special...on You Tube
  2. It does look nice... but I remember when IKEA first opened, you could have bought the whole shop for £399 I assume it assembles itself.
  3. Vinyl arrived today. These always make me smile...
  4. I watched a recent programme about social media by David Baddiel. He talked about (in this case, Twitter) posts triggering a 'flight or fight' reaction in the reader. The stories he related of online abuse, aimed at himself and others, were pretty depressing. So, sometimes, I'd be very happy to join you around the piano and live without online hassles. It's been a tough year for many people - illness, loss of loved ones, risk to income due to restrictions, risks to business through rising prices and shortages, the general stresses of living through a pandemic. A bit of kindness, thought for others (and even open-mindedness) wouldn't be unwelcome...but it's easy to quickly fire off something negative (or even abusive) without seeing or feeling the consequences. Maybe, social media will evolve into something more positive. Merry Christmas, fella
  5. savvypaul

    Price rises

    Yep. Supply and demand when it comes to used gear.
  6. savvypaul

    Price rises

    Used prices are going up, also.
  7. My last reply - we need to get the thread back on track for the OP. There's a review of our latest amps, here:
  8. We'll be at the shows - North West, Ascot, Daventry. Look forward to you bringing those along Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
  9. You'll be welcome to listen and decide, for yourself. Blindfold optional. Be a shame not to, now that we're on each other's Christmas card list
  10. You think that the better system could improve his bass playing without it being so, on the record?
  11. If you take it to that extreme, then how does anyone know what any record should sound like? I've heard that record on a great system, a very good system, an average system, and a poor system. Simonon is a better bass player on the first system than the second, he's better on the second system than the third, etc. He keeps perfect time with Topper on the first 2 systems, he sounds a bit lacklustre on the 3rd system, he sounds hopelessly stoned on the 4th. I've got a basic idea and aural memory of how a bass string sounds. I know that separately plucked strings should not sound like one mass.
  12. Thanks, Red. It's a game of opinions, and one man's meat is another man's Marmite, as they say . I didn't hear the then NVA speakers at Scalford - before my time. One of my daughters once told me that she didn't like strawberries - I used to dish up ice cream and strawberries for pudding, after Sunday lunch - but she never tried one. Every Sunday, I put a solitary strawberry beside her bowl of ice cream. Every Sunday for 18 months, she ignored the strawberry. No words were spoken. One Sunday she picked up the strawberry and ate it. The next Sunday, I put strawberries on her ice cream. No words were spoken... Thanks, again, for your kind wishes. All the best and Happy Christmas, Paul
  13. I will quickly say hello on this thread because my name has been mentioned. I own NVA Tuga won't be the only person to have ever given an opinion on something that they've never heard... .. and I can say with 100% certainly that he hasn't heard the speaker that antonio66 is speaking about, because it hasn't been launched yet. The only thing it has in common with the Allison design is an upward firing bass driver. Mods - please remove my post if it breaches the AUP regarding posting by those who are in the trade.
  14. A gift from a friend...a miniature of Cragganmore 12, circa 1990.
  15. Simonon was the bassist with The Clash, but you should choose a recording that you know well, yourself, Jerry. I know what Simonon's bass playing should sound like on Jimmy Jazz, for example, from the London Calling album. Given that very few people, even on this one thread, can seem to agree on what terms like warm and smooth actually mean, is it more helpful for me to describe a system as warm or is it more helpful for me to describe how Simonon's bass sounds compared to how I know it should sound?
  16. I'm all for sharing experiences but I never make recommendations to others about what they should buy. I stay off those threads, simply because the answers are always the same - everyone telling the OP they should buy what they've already bought, themselves. Describing what is happening in the music is more insightful, IME, because it talks of more than just frequency response. For example, there are many slimline ported floorstanding speakers that have had their crossover engineered to give a fairly even frequency response (as loudspeakers go), but they are dynamically dull as dishwater. If someone tells me that they found a system to be too warm, for example, I take it for what it is - too warm for them. But that doesn't mean much for me
  17. You might not see my point, but you're helping to prove it (as are most of the posts on this thread). Your idea of bright might be my idea of neutral. My idea of dark might be your idea of warm. However, if we describe what is happening with the music then we can be a little more precise and meaningful when it comes to trying to explain ourselves. If you tell me that the system sounds too warm, I don't know what your reference is for that compared to mine. It's personal preference. But, if you tell me that Paul Simonon's bass line sounds slow or lost or notes are merging into one, then I have a much better idea of what you mean (and not just about frequency response). Listening to the music will tell us all we need to know about the system. Describing what we hear when we listen to the music will be more useful to others than merely describing the sound.
  18. No, we don't. What we need to describe is what we hear in the music. Can you hear the full texture and impact of the note? Can you hear the opening strike? Can you hear the decay? Is the tone correct? On one system I heard, it sounded like Paul Simonon had taken too much weed before he played on the Clash' 1st album. In reality, however, I know that his drug of choice was cocaine. Subjective descriptions of sound - warm, smooth, detailed, cold, dark, thin etc, etc - are purely academic and mean different things to each of us. Tell me what it does to the music.
  19. Does it sound like music with nothing obviously added or taken away? That's all you need to ask when listening. If the music is smooth, it should sound smooth. If the music is warm in tone. .etc, etc. Trying to attach definitive meanings to subjective feedback is an OCD mug's game
  20. Goolies is an excellent word, though, even when viewed in isolation. I might be tempted to add CD players to your 'not goolies' list.
  21. Didn't 'ShortagesAbound' have a minor hit with 'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Please' ??
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