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  1. Your calculations and formulae have all been incorrect, and shown to be so. It is for you to prove that you are correct. You have not done so. Assumptions are worthless.
  2. If you're going to go out of your way to publicly accuse a manufacturer of hypocrisy then you ought to be able to come up with something stronger than 'lets assume'... Ah, OK. That makes sense now There are around 30 different sources of this cable IIRC, according to our friend, DSJR. Some are a good deal better than others. Do you know which of these is used?
  3. Here's what you said in June "I actually heard it from the horses mouth that it was a goretex silver alloy cable. I’m talking about TIS mk1 though, and I realise mk2 is hand made. The Black Slink Goretex was one of the most highly regarded cables ever made and also very expensive so there would be nothing wrong with any comparison if it were the same or similar cable anyway. I don’t know how much ten DPA was back in its day but it would be high end pricing today.
  4. OK. I was thinking of TIS
  5. On June 10 this year at Audio Addicts, cartman (aka westie), described the MK1 cable as... "the best cable I’ve ever come across and then some" He went on to say "Its very expensive stuff but sonically I’d say it’s worth it, from what I heard from TIS. I’m not usually an interconnect cable “believer” as the differences between decent cables aren’t usually game changers. TIS was the only cable I felt was worth changing for. "
  6. And...he is wrong, also.
  7. My question is whether cartman actually knows what the cable in question is made of. I can tell you that he doesn't, btw...
  8. Do you know the cable in question is actually made from RG316/u?
  9. NVA cables have a set price per 10cm, and a set price for termination. They also have a 100% trade in value against another cable 'up the range' within 2 years.
  10. The NVA cables have a set price per 10cm, and a set price for termination. They also have a 100% trade in value against another cable 'up the range' within 2 years.
  11. I think the manufacturer's ethos is to sell products at a fair mark up and without dealer margins. Regarding the cables, there is a set price per 10cm for the cable and a set price for termination.
  12. Also, factor in that the purchase can be traded in at 100% value (within 2 years) against another cable further up the range, if so desired.
  13. Depends on your idea of music...
  14. My purpose for listening to music is emotional connection and the joy that brings. I heard a £25k turntable on Saturday morning that left me cold. I also heard a £2k turntable that was far from perfect but definitely got me moving. I sing along to music in the car but if I brought my factory-fitted car stereo into my front room it wouldn't do much for me.
  15. I don't propose regulation, merely awareness. Which is why I bother to have discussions that some consider pointless
  16. If you consider hifi to be a luxury item...
  17. There is more than one way of doing business. One person's puritanical is another person's reasonable and sustainable. Life is full of choices. The argument that the triumph of marketing over material value is OK because it is widespread and accepted is not an argument that impresses me. Yes, I run my own business.
  18. I have no problem with you giving the correct answer , but I suspect that is not your point. On a personal level - I don't want the bulk of what I spend to be wasted on funding lavish marketing campaigns. On a wider level - I would like to see a society that more often values honesty and sustainability over opportunism and short term gain.
  19. Here's an easier (if somewhat polarising) example... In your opinion, do you think that the £130 price tag of a fuse is made up mostly of.. a) The material cost of the fuse plus a fair amount to cover basic marketing, reasonable dealer and distributor margins, a fair profit and some reinvestment in the business? or b) Large marketing spend, high margins?
  20. I did...but someone keeps arguing the toss
  21. Of course...and I'm able to work that out. I reckon you are, too
  22. No point interpreting opinions as absolutes...
  23. Of course you shouldn't spend your day researching that, but if it's a routine occurrence then you would name them off the top of your head...
  24. I've heard 3 systems with subs - they all timed badly. The advice to try it for yourself cannot be wrong, though, assuming you can borrow one or don't mind the s/h buying and selling process. My advice to the OP would be to also hear speakers with larger bass units - 12" or 15".
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