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  1. The 3 best home systems i have heard would all have been a long way over 30 K new, only 1 would be under 30 K used - Tnorvaisas 's 4 box ASR emitter, Tannoy Canterbury set up. The best sound at any Wig-wam show would have to be Steve 57's home brewed set up at Kegworth last year
  2. This is something i would like to investigate further, although i feel it's one of the last tweeks to try when a system is finalised. I have a couple of hi=fi friends that are adamant that fuses can make a big difference, and i trust the ears of at least one of them. I suppose i'm put off by the exorbitant cost of such a small component, but that having been said, if they work it may be money well spent...won't know for sure without listening..
  3. Hi Jack, As you know i'm a big PS Audio fanboy, being lucky enough to have a Directstream Dac for a few years now (this replaced a previous PS Audio Dac, that set me down this path). I've been subscribing to Paul's daily email blog for several years, somedays it's more interesting than others, i don't always agree with him, but it does give insight into the mark of the man. I can recommend his autobiography -99% True- to better understand where he has come from and what drives him, why he bought back the company he co-founded with Stan, and brought production back from China to the USA I think he's a very decent human being. I love that my Dac is upgradable for free, via a new firmware release every 12 months or so, to my ears the sound quality always improves on each release. i'm not saying it's the best Dac in the world, but it's definitely up there with the best. Big fan of the PS Audio philosophy, if they decide to build a piece of equipment and don't feel they have the necessary experience in-house, they employ the best expert in that field to prototype it. This is what happened with the valved BK pre-amplifier ('who designed the best preamplifier that i've ever heard' - Bascom King), their new phono stage designed by Darren Myers, and their new range of speakers (can't remember the chap's name, but recommended to Paul by his late friend and mentor Arnie Nudell, of Infinity speakers fame). On the question of American hi-fi in general, well i own or have owned pieces from Britain, Italy, France, Germany, China, Canada, USA, NZ, Oz. 30 odd years ago countries all seemed to have their own hi-fi 'sound', but i don't think that's true any longer. The world has become a much smaller place with the advent of the internet, you can buy anything from anywhere. I don't dismiss or recommend any equipment based on it's geographical location, just on how it sounds, and the MOST important thing, it's synergy with the other components in the chain.
  4. When i bought my house, i knew there was a dogging layby at the end of my woods. Didn't see it as a minus point until some 'users' broke into my sheds and stole my chainsaws and a mower. Tracks led back to the layby, so i had to fence the woods in..only had to eject about a dozen people after that....
  5. Must admit i have always been very happy with the ebay concierge team, always sorted out any problems i have had very fairly and competently.
  6. I'm running a Black Star RCA'd cable between my PS audio Directstream Dac and cd player, it's the most expensive, and best cable that i have tried there (out of many), this isn't often the case. I did try running a pair of interconnects, and they were very good, but not indistinguishable from some others that i already had, so didn't purchase them. I've got a few of the power cables and still need to do more testing with Solid state, but if you are running good valve equipment then probably don't bother, as the transformers will negate the difference. I think you really ought to be running at a pretty high level to justify the cost of these, even secondhand as i have bought them. There does seem to be something in running the same power cords to your equipment, a kind of cumulative effect if you will. YOMD System synchronicity is everything, and like most things hi-fi you really need to try for yourself in your own room, and satisfy yourself that they can be justified. Sorry if this doesn't help you make up your mind, but it is honest. Best, Joolz
  7. Nigel, Haven't heard several of the preamps mentioned, but the best i've had in my system is a Herron VT2, that i bought from Jerry a while ago. It's not in your face at all, in fact you don't notice how good it is immediately, it kind of washes over you and you find yourself relaxing into the music. Not a lot of them around, about 5K new and around 1k used if you can find one. I've also got a modified (by Alan/Firebottle on AOS - to battery power) Stereo Coffee LDR preamp, that i use all the time to great effect. Doesn't have any gain, but just gets out of the way and lets you hear whatever the power amp is producing. Cost was a few hundred used, and i think might be very suitable with your 300B. I think potentially the best preamp i've heard is Manny's 2 box Croft Charisma, but you know all about the difficulties of listening to that properly (unless he would lend it to you ?) Best, Joolz
  8. As a very happy Stack owner, the op has missed a trick, and i prefer the term 'unobtrusive'
  9. How long ago did you purchase this kit - do you have any recourse to go back to the dealer to exchange it ?
  10. I had a pair of those that i stupidly sold last year. They didn't do everything well, but there was a magic on certain types of music that i miss..
  11. +1 for the Stack Audio Link Streamer - with optional linear PSU (currently out of stock after a revision, and awaiting anodising - in the queue behind some ventilators). I was doing a lot of testing with this ready for Kegworth. Best sound i've ever got out of my system by quite some way. I've even put my money where my mouth is and purchased one for myself ! The OP is welcome to come and have a listen once the current issues have abated, he will be surprised...
  12. I've heard some of the Temple audio stuff a few times, it really is very good for what it is, especially when running from a car battery.
  13. joolz

    New Streamer

    Best streamer I have heard, and by a good margin is the Stack audio, add their power supply for a night/day increase in sound quality. I was going to be demonstrating this at Kegworth, but hey ho.