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  1. I did it when i built an extension to my house, and knew where i was going to put the negligible extra cost involved. I think the thing with mains is that unless you try these things out, you are very often unaware that you have a problem - and of you don't think you have a problem you won't be trying to fix it.....
  2. Hard to prove one way or another as the mains is different for all of us, but it can't hurt..
  3. As an owner of one of these for the last couple of years, i can unreservedly recommend it. I've heard some very good 'cheap' dacs, but these are just better. given that they are upgradable free for life via a firmware download to an SD card they will continue to sound, IMHO, among the very best. I thought the Denafrips was slightly better when i heard it at Cranage last year, but then 'windom' was released and i think the PS leap-frogged it. You get the picture.. Ted Smith, PS audio's DAC designer is putting the finishing touches to the new 2 -box- in- one- box upgraded machine, but that is rumored to be hitting the market at 20K.... This is the cheapest one i've seen for sale in a long time, and John is right that they are not thick on the ground over here. If you are in the market for a dac, and with this sort of money burning a hole in your pocket you won't go far wrong. PS - i haven't heard anything, but we're about due for a new firmware release. GLWS, Joolz
  4. Hi Richard, You could try tacking a blanket, or probably better bubble-wrap, but not sure what the effect would be as technically they would both be too thin...Only one way to find out. If i remember correctly, your ceiling is quite heigh (8ft +), so the effect may be limited. I've got a spare 'proper' acoustic panel here 1.8 metres by 1 metre by 105mm thick - you are welcome to borrow and experiment with. Best, Joolz
  5. So are these David's (Tom's old ones) ? or have you bought them and need to move them on ? Or are these like busses - nothing, then 2 come at once.....
  6. Yes, best to get someone that knows what they are doing to take some proper're not helping yourself. GLWS
  7. joolz

    USB cable

    Sorry Bob, but you've failing to understand that although it might be just 1's and 0's, the 'ramp' between them is most important -all the 0.** were the vast majority of information sits. i didn't want to spend lots of money on digital cables, but once you have some decent kit and start doing some critical listening the differences are no less pronounced than in the analogue domain. I do agree that you should spend the bulk of the money on the equipment first before splashing out on expensive cables, but sometimes.......
  8. I don't see that your speakers need to be 3 metres apart, and unless they are rear ported should not need to be to far away from the wall. The only way to tell for sure will be to listen, and settle on what you are happy with. Remember you may change speakers or components at some stage and everything will change again... Before committing to anything you could temporarily block the other portion of the room with a big mattress, play with position and see how it works - not 100 percent ideal, but should be good enough to give you an idea before building work starts. As Richard said, Timber stud wall would make most sense, using quality or sound absorbing insulation will help. If you could engineer a slightly sloping ceiling this might be another option rather than ceiling sound absorbers/diffusers - again use insulation (rockwool will suffice) in the void. Ideally walls should not be parallel (doesn't have to be much to make a difference), and ceilings should be heigh or slopped. Main thing is not to get too hung up about it.
  9. Quite agree Nick, it does seem churlish to rely on a single static measurement....
  10. Jamie, It's sort of like 'field of dreams' without the baseball.......
  11. I read Paul McGowan's autobiography a while back, you may find him annoying, but he's one of the good guys. It gave quite a lot of insight into the background and ethos that PS audio strive towards. If you read it, i would hope that you would feel the same..
  12. I've had 3 PS audio dacs now, first one bought unheard on a whim, the others with the benefit of my ears...not heard anything since that has changed my mind.
  13. Just FYI - there is a bit of 'needle' between Amir and Ted Smith - PS audio's directstream dac designer - think they both worked for Microsoft at the same time and Ted spilt Amir's pint or something...., don't think he's ever got over it, and always reviews PS audio stuff badly.... Perhaps he should review with his ears......