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  1. got a PS audio Directstream & powerbase, would be interested to see how it fares in this company. I still need to update the firmware (it's had a least two revisions since the article that prompted this thread, so would hope it would leap-frog a few of those above it in the list). Melton is doable for me depending on dates.
  2. Thanks John for another very enjoyable bake-off. Good to meet faces old and new, and Ian's Simon York didn't disappoint. Shame that my first foray into the play room was just after Jessica's phono stage volume pot had decided it had had enough, but Jamie's Kt88 and paradise were very good. The quads were very decent to start with, but were playing up more frequently as the day went on, the replacement Kef's were good, but after the scale of the quads lost something in translation. Hope you got home ok Dave.
  3. +1 for what Nopiano & uzzy said. A receptive mood and a general feeling of all is well can go a long way to helping everything sound better, and this can become a cumulative effect. Also i do think that speaker material is affected by temperature, and you may be experiencing a sweet spot. Whatever it is, enjoy.
  4. Hii John, Anything in particular that you would like me to bring (apart from cake) ?
  5. Have you heard one ? i know Amir 'says' it measures badly, but he seems to have a personal beef with Ted Smith (the designer), and wouldn't recommend it even if it was the best he had 'heard'....
  6. surprised no one has mentioned the PS Audio player, they spent some considerable years developing the SACD handshake, long after most had given up on it - look it up. I must mention for clarity that i have not heard one, but as a long time adoptee of their Directstream dac i doubt it's anything other than excellent. Coupled to the dac via the I2S connection it should output DSD.
  7. If it's in the system you're listening to it..
  8. Shadders, How about you actually try listening to some of this stuff, and hear (or not) the differences for yourself - before you next trot out the same trite response that you seem to revel in (HINT - no one is interested in your purely hypothetical ramblings, get off the keyboard and actually listen to something). It's not just ones and zeroes, it's the 'ramps' between...
  9. Tnorvaisas has a rather special one for sale in the classifieds - i don't think you will find better
  10. I agree with everything Uzzy has just written, and if i was in the market for a new phono stage at your price point i would be auditioning the PS audio Stellar. I don't tend to bother to much with reviews (as they are nearly all positive, or at worst very veiled with caveats), but it has been described as a must audition 'at any pricepoint' by some reviews i respect. Best, Joolz
  11. excellent work, how do they sound ?
  12. I think the point of the experiment was not to do with the cost of the power supply, but to see how a more modest component could be coupled to it, and see what difference it could make. Good left field thinking...
  13. A little Stereo Coffee Light Dependant Resister pre-amp, converted to battery power by Alan/Firebottle - that i bought out of the AOS classifieds a few years ago...sold my Herron VT2 pre as it was as good but not better, trialled a Puresound L300 and didn't buy that either !
  14. I remember someone making reinforced concrete fronts for their speakers (John Espley ?), after they had done some experiments and stating that the stiffness of the front panel was as important as the speaker selection itself. I have noticed that at least one speaker builder that i respect is now using a 38mm plywood front panel. However i don't think these cinder blocks will have the same effect (not a fan of small enclosures)....but you could use a nice thick ply for the front... only one way to find out..
  15. I've seen and heard this - if a Michell turntable is your bag then this is something quite special (especially the motor) GLWS
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