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  1. The room should be considered as important as any other piece of equipment, more so in certain settings....
  2. The owner makes some valid points, but just not in budget for all but a few of us (not me). Besides, i like the pick and chose approach.
  3. Directstream Dac, and to preempt you -if you're going to say it doesn't measure well then you've obviously never put aside your prejudices and actually listened to one...
  4. Not Bought his set-up guide, but i have read his autobiography. an interesting read, and confirmation that he does things for the right reasons and is a decent human being. It's a bit like Field of Dreams but without the baseball. I think Tuga is being rather disingenuous to say that Paul makes things up, I think he has forgotten more than tuga actually knows (or for that matter the rest of us..) I bought Jim Smith's 'Get better sound' some years ago, and although long winded in places, most of the advice is accurate, and a good reference to save a lot of time. I would expect this to be very much along the same lines.
  5. Hi Richard, lowering the noise floor means removal of the usual background noise - believe me you'll know it when you hear it. This allows you to hear 'more' of the music, again this might sound strange but is obvious when you hear it. In my experience it is achieved via power supplies and grounding boxes, sometimes mains conditioners or moving to a balanced system. Depending on what achieves the lowering, this can be system wide or not. Hope that helps, Best, Joolz
  6. Hi Jack, thanks for an enjoyable evening last night, and i am glad that i was able to identify a problem with such an easy solution - i wasn't convinced that the cable was entirely the culprit (although i have heard big differences in cables and KNOW that they can make the difference) - you should have let me change it last night as i had only consumed a 'driving' amount of alcohol . Glad to be of help, onwards and upwards, i look forward to the next chance to hear the horns.
  7. Hi Andy, Unable to pm you - i'll take this if not already spoken for - i can collect one evening next week kind regards, Julian
  8. He lost me at 'i don't know if it's audible'......nuff said
  9. joolz

    Sean Lock

    Been watching some of his comedy since i heard the news on Thursday, most i've seen before, but very worthwhile reminding yourself how funny he was - his arse of the year skit always floors me. loved his off-kilter take on things. Thought he looked gaunt last time i saw him on telly, hoped it was just a temporary thing.....
  10. In my experimentation i have also found little difference in mains cables at around the £100 mark (new), but have heard quite a difference with much more expensive cables (certainly not all). Actually the same for interconnects - although some of the ones i now use were well north of that price-point when new (and do make a very worthwhile improvement). Plugs can make a difference, and let's not forget schuko or USA type do not use a fuse (another can of worms).....
  11. Only valves in the pre and power amps in the current system, but as the power uses 833's and are audio jewellery all is well...
  12. Which Line Magnetic did you go for Robin ?
  13. got a PS audio Directstream & powerbase, would be interested to see how it fares in this company. I still need to update the firmware (it's had a least two revisions since the article that prompted this thread, so would hope it would leap-frog a few of those above it in the list). Melton is doable for me depending on dates.
  14. Thanks John for another very enjoyable bake-off. Good to meet faces old and new, and Ian's Simon York didn't disappoint. Shame that my first foray into the play room was just after Jessica's phono stage volume pot had decided it had had enough, but Jamie's Kt88 and paradise were very good. The quads were very decent to start with, but were playing up more frequently as the day went on, the replacement Kef's were good, but after the scale of the quads lost something in translation. Hope you got home ok Dave.
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