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  1. A little Stereo Coffee Light Dependant Resister pre-amp, converted to battery power by Alan/Firebottle - that i bought out of the AOS classifieds a few years ago...sold my Herron VT2 pre as it was as good but not better, trialled a Puresound L300 and didn't buy that either !
  2. I remember someone making reinforced concrete fronts for their speakers (John Espley ?), after they had done some experiments and stating that the stiffness of the front panel was as important as the speaker selection itself. I have noticed that at least one speaker builder that i respect is now using a 38mm plywood front panel. However i don't think these cinder blocks will have the same effect (not a fan of small enclosures)....but you could use a nice thick ply for the front... only one way to find out..
  3. I've seen and heard this - if a Michell turntable is your bag then this is something quite special (especially the motor) GLWS
  4. Hi Triumph, Interested in what you have built, any more details or pictures ? You mention that 5K is crazy expensive (it is for most of us) but link to the definitave audio battery system above. I spoke to Kevin just before the postponed Kegworth show, and this was much dearer and not exactly portable, so am wondering why you included the link. Best, Julian
  5. Congratulations Simon, looking forward to more progress on this thread..it's been a long wait..
  6. I have generally found that the best speaker cable for any type of amplifier, remains the best speaker cable when i change drivers..Your opinion of course may differ....
  7. Thanks Richard, If i hadn't bought the 833's these wouldn't be available now.
  8. You could call them whatever you like if you buy them Al... I assume the Cat's Whiskers name derives from those old time diy radio's ?
  9. 300B SET Mono Block amplifiers. 11 watts per Mono. Binding post taps allowing connection of 16, 8 & 4 ohm speakers. The amps come with a full compliment of valves - JJ GZ34 rectifier, Psvane mesh plate 300B and 6SL7 drivers Absolutely superb condition, not having had a lot of use. The nicest 300B monoblocks i have heard. One of the unusual things about these is that they are 'handed' ie: a mirror image, please study the pictures for yourself £3250- What the manufacturer says: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Cat's Whiskers 300B mono-block amplifier (pair) Reference grade 300B mono-block power amplifiers for the discerning audiophile! This is our own designed and built 300B mono-block power amplifier providing true reference quality sound. You will not find any amplifier as good as this unless spending considerably more. Cats Whiskers 300B mono-block amplifiers are from of our highest end range of power amplifier. The amplifiers are hand made using the finest components and materials available. The circuit is hard wired using silver wire. Even the solder is the highest grade silver solder available. The circuit has been designed in-house and is built using electrical components that are the finest money can buy. The capacitors are sourced from Germany and Denmark and are highest audio grade. The power transformers and chokes are built exclusively for this particular circuit to ensure the internal voltages are exactly per specification. The output transformers are potted units and, again, are built for us specifically for this amplifier. The top plate and bottom plate are made out of 3mm stainless steel set within solid oak frames. The amplifier uses fixed bias circuitry to provide the optimum sonic experience and, unlike cathode bias amplifiers, provides a tight bass response. Bias can be adjusted using the built in controls and bias meters. The amplifier is supplied with volume pots and is designed to be used direct from a source such as CD, DAC or can be connected to a preamplifier. The amplifier is designed to be used with 4 ohm, 8 ohm or 16 ohm speakers and has taps for each option. This amplifier is a no compromise amplifier and surpasses amplifiers costing considerably more. Features: Bespoke design Hard wired throughout Hand made Fixed bias circuit Bias adjustment via control knob and built in meters 4, 8 or 16 Ohm operation Premium components throughout Stainless steel top plate and bottom plate Solid oak frame RRP was nearly 10K, Audio Emotion have a (not so nice and earlier) pair for sale at £3990-, there are another pair for sale on here at £3750 (again earlier type - mine were an improved development of this design).
  10. Myles - when you say the floor is solid, do you mean it's stone. or concrete and you will have carpet ? If carpet, you might get away with a thicker underlay (will make the floor feel much plusher, your wife will thank you), and losing the cables underneath ?
  11. Bought these from Tim tail end of last year, as had an older pair without the supercharger power supplies and was curious. However, having recently acquired some Silvercore 833 monoblocks these (and a lot of my other surplus toys) need to go. Pictures only show one - but they are both the same. Asking what i paid, a bargain at the price £625 inc delivery Link to Tim's sale thread :
  12. Anything at least 92 db efficient, preferably higher should work well.
  13. what point would measurement of output into a variety of loads prove ? or have any relevance to ?, surely only that they work or don't work.....nothing to do with sound. If it was that easy.....
  14. Hi Tom, +1 for the Stack audio Link 2 and power supply - I think it's one of the only audio components that i've bought new in the last 20 years. Best wishes, Julian
  15. joolz

    cd transports

    Hi Gaz, How do you rate the Audiolab compared to your old Oppo - from memory didn't you have that changed to I2s ? Best, Joolz
  16. I'm not so sure that Directstream prices will tumble when the Mk 2 is introduced, i thought the new price touted for it was eye-watering ? At the end of the day the existing DAC is a very good performer, and as good as any others i have heard (and i haven't upgraded to the latest firmware yet - doing some system changes and don't want to confuse any issues).
  17. Yes, they sold for more money before, then were re-listed a few weeks later, and i got lucky...
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