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  1. Good to see you Jack, and many thanks for doing the transportation duties.
  2. The Silvercore's have landed ! Many thanks to my wam taxi of Brook/Speedracer & Jack/Non smoking man. These arrived yesterday, and after a run through with my 6V6, then the 300B mono's these were pressed into service. Audio jewellery before they even uttered a note, if an amp can look fast standing still... Took a little while for both them and the preamp to warm up (had to change preamp as i didn't realise these only have a balanced feed) as they have not been used for a while, but boy oh boy after half an hour these were singing, and continued to get better and better as the day drew on. I must get some of my other speakers in the fray, as the Fostek horns, while lovely with some of the smaller powered stuff, are now letting the side down a little with the big 833. Never though i'ld have the chance to own some of these...very happy, anybody want to buy some 300B's ?
  3. Thanks Nigel, and here endeth the lesson....
  4. Hi Kevin, What's the difference between this and the other £360 cable that you have for sale ? Best, Joolz
  5. Just a thought - while in no way could i afford/justify/be allowed to purchase the Shunyata mains cable. If all the cable doubters heard it and it did make a difference, would this resolve the argument once and for all ?
  6. I have heard big differences in speaker cables, and currently use some aftermarket Deep cryoed Mogami 3104, as it's the best i have heard in my system. I agree with previous comments about the problem with a fixed impedance being used to do the comparison..just don't think it represents the true spectrum of music. Synergy is key.. I also agree that good cables shouldn't be telephone number prices..
  7. If it was easy to differentiate cables etc. by measurements it would have been done by now and be mainstream. Surely the very fact that measurements don't yet work for this task means those measurements aren't fit for purpose....? I have heard big differences in cables, no differences in cables, and many flavours in-between (this applies to power, interconnect and USB). Please don't be so disingenuous as to suggest i don't know my system well enough to disseminate differences, or am just fooling myself. Isolation supports can make a difference as well, you really have to try for yourself and trust your ears, many make next to no difference. We all have our own acceptable budget limits, but if you find you are not seeing any positive changes, sometimes it's worth stepping outside of this limit - buying second-hand at market rate usually means that you can re-sell at next to no loss if it doesn't work out for you.
  8. Hi Jerry, How do you rate these compared to the temple audio class D monoblocks ? kind regards, Joolz
  9. Hi Chaps, I've got a broken Purepower 2000 regenerator that i'm trying to get fixed. Apart from some obviously burnt caps that have been replaced, it seems to be missing some bits on at least one of the boards. This is probably a long shot, but wondered if anyone had one or a schematic to enable this to be fixed. Have tried the UK importer, but purepower in Canada are not responding, and they are also unable to get any response from them (i presume covid related, but....)
  10. Only just seen this John, I guess please add me to the subs bench. cheers, Joolz
  11. & paid for - moderators please move to 'Sold' many thanks
  12. Thanks everyone for the pm's. These sold very quickly - subject to payment. I have a list of prospective buyers should that sale not happen for any reason, and will contact you in the order received (the only fair way) if necessary.
  13. These mono hybrid amplifiers combine the best of both valve and solid state. They use a regulated high tension supply powering a super linear triode gain stage. This drives a high power low impedance MOSFET output stage providing very low distortion and a natural transparent sound. When switching on there is a short delay to allow the valve to reach operating temperature. PC88 triode valves Input imp. 60K ohm Sensitivity 0.7 volt rms for full output Output power 65 watts into 8 ohms These amps were designed and built by Alan Kendal 'Firebottle', a well known, respected AoS figure - If you are reading this then you probably already know that. I bought these a year or so ago as i was curious about them, they are very good, but i prefer some of the other amps that i rotate (an Aloia 6L6 prototype and a rather special pair of 300B Cat's whiskers Autumn Leaves mono's) - these both have a considerably higher price point. nice compact units that don't take up too much space. Looking to get back what they owe me, and as i got them at something of a bargain price and haven't used them that much £425- Collection from near Maidstone in Kent. Valves are i think Telefunken PC88 as recommended by the previous owner.
  14. I've heard this, and was hoping to buy it, but finances are just a little too tight at present. if that changes i'll be all over this. Taut is a top bloke to deal with and knows his hi-fi onions. Buy with confidence
  15. Hi Peter, Very nice, how are you finding the stello's and what did they replace ? kind regards, Joolz
  16. Just to throw a spanner in the works, i have compared the same album on different cd's and found large differences in quality (O by Damian Rice). No special edition, or SACD or enhanced anything - just two different timed pressings of the same thing... Generally Quboz hi-res streaming seems to have the 'best' versions, but certainly not always. I was using Tidal one time, and played Take 5 by Brubeck - sounded awful, put the old vinyl on = much, much better. You pay your money, you make your choice. So, as usual on this merry-go-round there are few absolutes. your opinion may of course differ from mine..
  17. In an ideal world solar or geothermal energy would be used for heating - the ancient Greeks sited their houses to take advantage of passive solar gain (something that it seems only self-builders do these days - a subject i am passionate about). But 5 to 10 years....no, not in my lifetime i suspect. FYI i think electric vehicles are a case of slight of hand, and the true costs are obfuscated. Once or if many people move towards then, they will be taxed out of context. The current greenest solution is to buy a car and keep it until you are no longer able to keep it running. Look towards H2o engines driving electric motors on each wheel
  18. Thanks Richard, Hope you and the family are all well in these troubled times. Yes an early Xmas present to myself, couldn't resist. Bake off due when everything has settled down a bit i think. Best, Joolz
  19. Not the owners intention Keith, but after a house move and a change in lifestyle these things sometime happen, and before you know it time has gone by...
  20. That was the first pair Colin, never met Simon, but the current owner bought them directly from him and mentioned first floor flat and no lift....
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