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  1. I believe we need to blind test this to ensure you are at the level that deserves such a esteemed title.
  2. Gonna have to get you trying ethernet cables soon
  3. Yes. Cause they havent figured it all out yet. Nature is infinite and not definable in a lab. See mu earlier/first post regarding resonances and harmonics. Easy.
  4. If they released their financial figures, then I may agree, if they don't, I don't believe them. Much like banks and politicians.
  5. I wasn't actually referring to the 'right' to lifetime membership at a set cost persay. Not at all. I agree with you in the honesty - most corporate greed businesses that have grown outside the remit of a startup (normally at the financial backing of their customers) do exactly the same, Roon just haven't sugar coated or dressed it up in another way to make it seem more palatable, which yes could be refreshing, like a cold but sour citrus spitz on a hot day. Damned if you do, damned if you don't! I do feel though, because I believe in ethics, that offering existing monthly subscribers the option to purchase full fat for a set time, would have been the better thing to do as an ethical, less 'money grabbing whore' approach. Those monthly customers are and have been a huge part of Roon's sustainability and have funded their development and no doubt profit, without them, they may not have made it. This is where my arrogance comment lays, not about changing a pricing structure. I have no feelings towards people who havent signed up to the service at all though, their position merely is, you missed out, when the rest of us committed our dollars to helping the project grow.
  6. Not accurate. Can you provide citation for this please.
  7. It actually can distort perceptions and senses to quite an extremely, especially when said person is not blind etc in the first place. So 'unsighted' actually can be far more unreliable in test circumstances when dealing with audio based information and perception. (not an area I am qualified in, but coming from a person who is)
  8. When you say these things, do you actually understand what they mean? Whats your qualifications in this field? My pal, a clinical pyschologist believes you have no real understanding of these things based on your comments (shes thread through this thread and is becoming quite the HiFi spectator)
  9. Of course he was, it's sad to even bring something like that into the conversation, but then the telling sign is the response to reaction that shows the goading as clear as it was intended by the poster.
  10. I did, and I hope he did! Good ol' Frank. I'm glad his thoughts supported my own or rather my own supported his, albeit indirectly, good times.
  11. Are you a psychologist? What are you Keith? What is your education? Your skill set? Your qualifications?