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  1. You will need two cables. Have a look at these. DMX Lead, 5 Pin XLR Male to Female (2 Pair+Screen), 5m Black - Pulse | CPC UK (farnell.com)
  2. Amazon's description of this lead is incorrect. The appliance end has a C13 socket connector which does not fit a kettle. You need a C15 for that. This is NOT a kettle lead.
  3. Whatever you do don't use anything other than a Kairn to switch on your Klouts remotely. You will end up with an expensive repair bill.
  4. Buy a record cleaner and clean your records. The dust problem will disappear.
  5. For a start you don't want a kettle lead. Kettle leads have an IEC C15 connector at the appliance end. It will fit but it will be loose. You want a lead with an IEC C13 connector at the appliance end.
  6. My report is underneath the sentence written by Lindsayt. The switch was not second hand. It was new old stock. Cisco WS-C2940-8TF-S 8-Port Fast Ethernet 10/100 Switch BRAND NEW SEALED QUIET | eBay It works for me. Like I said, YMMV.
  7. Having bought one of the Cisco switches mentioned elsewhere from the ebay seller, just for giggles because I was bored, I concur with the above. Of course, YMMV.
  8. Avoid PVC outer sleeves. In addition to the above, the PVC sleeve laminates to the LP cover.
  9. I like to keep my records in plastic outer sleeves. It keeps the covers like new. However, I use polyethylene sleeves not PVC. PVC will eventually laminate itself to the LP cover. You have been warned.
  10. I can offer a view on SQ when using balanced v unbalanced inputs. I preferred to use unbalanced connections from my Klimax Kontrol with the selector switch on the Twin in the appropriate position.. Others may have a different opinion.
  11. Scammer = Robin Bastard
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