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  1. If it's a Cayin product that you're interested in, there is a UK importer. I've not used them myself.
  2. Try this.
  3. Linn started to fit metal corner bracing to comply with Canadian regulations I believe.
  4. Item location - Isleworth UK. Collection from San Francisco. How's that work?
  5. I used a Karik, Numerik, Kairn and Linto stacked in that order from the bottom for many years with no problems at all.
  6. ACS


    Plum Porter is like drinking Christmas pudding. Definitely not a session ale,. A half or a pint is nice to try though.
  7. Will someone correct the spelling in the thread title. Please. It's doing my head in.
  8. I did try with the OP a few posts in. Maybe we need a recount.
  9. Gaz, check the thread title. I think that you meant to say remuneration.
  10. MW, have a look at this youtube video. The section on setting the Ekos bearings is very informative.
  11. So's this.|pcrid|224645161149|kword||match||plid||slid||product|CN04114|pgrid|45968746254|ptaid|pla-835871440988|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&gclid=Cj0KCQiA1-3yBRCmARIsAN7B4H0ezr_ih2YLVoogNGI9s33pRrAga4pQ3KWQYJGkyBchIlZnm28xMYQaAjo9EALw_wcB
  12. You'll be wanting a C20 male connector that goes into a C19 female connector.