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  1. It's a new SI unit. It's replaced the metre.
  2. I too prefer Kinsky to Kazoo. If you're an Android user give Bubble DS a try. Very inexpensive for the registered version.
  3. ACS

    Which format?

    I know but they don't. YMMV.
  4. ACS

    Which format?

    I use DB Poweramp Asset for ripping software. When I ripped to .wav the tags were always found and included with the rip.
  5. ACS

    Which format?

    I use a Linn Klimax DS3 for playback hardware. I use Linn Kinsky, Linn Kazoo, or Bubble DS for playback software.
  6. ACS

    Which format?

    Many others think differently but I am of the opinion that .wav sounds more musical. However, after experimenting I now download in .flac format and transcode to .wav on playback. I cannot tell any difference between a native .wav file playback and a file transcoded from .flac to .wav. Try both and stick with the way that you are happiest. FWIW I've never had a problem with tagging .wav files.
  7. I've been in touch with the seller. It appears that he's dyslexic. He mistook the word "electroacoustics" on the terminal panel for "electrostatics".
  8. I had a wobbly platter once. It was poorly machined such that the thickness of the rim was not constant all the way round, which caused it to be unbalanced. The armboard moved in sympathy with it. A properly machined platter cured the problem. Linn did have a bad batch of platters some years ago. See if you can borrow a Vernier caliper and measure your rim at several points.
  9. Your friendly local Linn dealer should be able to do this for you. I had mine done in the past. I cannot see your location in your profile so am unable to point you anywhere.
  10. Just keep the cat out of the listening room. Zero risk of the cat sitting on it then. Why spend a lot of money on an LP12 just to have it ruined by a cat? Cacti have to be watered. Not a good idea to put them on top of the turntable. Free advice just in case you're not taking the piss.