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  1. I use Solos now but can attest that a Dynamiked Klimax Twin can comfortably drive 350Ps very nicely and to unsociable levels. That's if you find yourself in the position to grab one. I know of one Linn employee who prefers the Twin's tune playing ability over the Solos.
  2. That's not quite correct. It's the British Standard for the 13A plug that specifies that the plug must be designed to accept a three core flex of max size 1.5mm2. There is nothing to stop you wiring it with 2.5mm2 if it will fit. It does fit in some makes of plug. BS 1363 if you want to look it up.
  3. I've had an LP12 of one form or another since 1978. I've tried all sorts of top plates, the best being plywood. This concurs with the recommendation in the original LP12 set up manual. YMMV.
  4. Just don't water the plants though.
  5. On many Panasonic TVs the Toslink connector doubles up as a fixed level analogue out. Have you checked yours?
  6. Have a look at this.
  7. On Ebay. Is this of any interest?
  8. Two fish in a tank. One says to the other, "Can you drive this?"