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  1. Yes it is very easy to use pop record in press button take out put on turntable and play no need for zerostat which I always needed with the loricraft the Audiodesk was a pain as it was difficult to remove record without smearing it. also it grips record and you need to tug it out
  2. Don’t quite know what you are suggesting as your info says you are not in the Hi-Fi trade a bit like Paul
  3. Interesting view point I know that from my experience my first dealer didn’t spend that sort of time setting up my system and it took over a day to get my system to sing with my mates working out the ideal position then Paul came and stayed and spent two days setting up space optimization 1 I had to supply bed and chocolate and cherrios and I had a great time showing him around London so yes Paul wasn’t paid
  4. I have the loricraft and the degritter and had the Audiodesk i would go with the degritter every time after cleaning have no problems with static which I used to have with Loricraft
  5. it definitely did with the Klimax when I ask if Linn could have an option of turning off hdmi without having to reboot was told no one else had asked and they didn’t see the need
  6. In this months Gramophone there is an essay about people having home demo of equipment then saying they don’t want it to then go and buy it cheaper on the internet
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