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  1. When you select device an option of MinimServer comes up you can press on that and it gives you option to rescan
  2. Said they were working on it and would rectify as soon as possible
  3. Have spoken apparently Qobuz changed their software over the weekend Linn are going to release new software to rectify
  4. Yes there is lots on the lenjonku forum discussing the benefits of torquing the screws on dam speakers etc
  5. Late starter originally had gerrard with lateral tracking arm then thorens Tdl 150 with sme arm through luxe an and imf speakers eventually went to surround system tag McLaren AV 32 r then 192r with tag speakers for 5.1 and a sme 30 then got Neil from rip caster to home trial the accurate he also had a Klimax kdsm conveniently in his car so tried that at the same time and was hooked went for the Kalimax tag closed at the time the exakt system came out and went to the Linn launch so went to 350 ekakt then later lp12 klimax and akudorik for surround kept with Linn because of dealer have been a bit disappointed by Linn who have shipped brand new products that needed to go back for replacement with no apology from Linn the light on the 350s didn’t work and the arm on lp12 faulty as sound cut out half way through record
  6. My frustrations have continued with trying to record have attached computer to a switch with only the dsm and melco but still have been unable to record whole side of an lp without it timing out also attempts to use the toslink have failed I have an old mini Mac with a toslink input but doesn’t seem to work is the output from the Urika to high res also tried with an old box that converted digital to usb again no luck begining to think the piracy police are trying to stop me recording